The Ultimate Love of God

Friday of the 7th Week of Easter
May 29, 2020

Today’s Readings:Acts 25:13b-21
Ps 103:1-2, 11-12, 19-20ab
John 21:15-19
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

The Holy Spirit will teach you everything
and remind you of all I told you.

The definition of love is the most misinterpreted word in this World. Love and Charity are the call and purpose of human existence on this Earth. If we do not understand the real meaning of love then it will be very difficult to implement that love in our lives. The simple meaning of Christian love is Sacrifice. If we do not sacrifice or serve or give in our act of love then it does not become love . Love is giving and forgiving , if someone lives to gather and  does not  give then he lives in selfishness.

Love of God has been revealed to man in different levels in his faith journey. If we see in the discipleship of Peter ,in his first calling Jesus calls him Peter the  Rock, and promises to build his Church on him.  In Today’s reading Peter was called second time for a deeper relation with the love of God. This time the love was tested in  second level of faith.  Jesus commissioned Peter to Shepherd the Church. The third calling of Peter was on the day of Pentecost , the love of God poured out in to him to witness Jesus and Peter was prompted to Witness the love of God.

In our faith journey , we have a journey of a Lamb, Adult sheep and old Sheep and God feeds us like Lambs with his Knowledge at the beginning of our Christian faith and tends us with guidance and growth in our ministry and finally  feeds us with ultimate truth the servant love of God to die for others. The ultimate love of God is to die for others and do the will of others.

Christian leader is a servant leader , servant Parent, servant Manager, servant teacher or Doctor. The title pope means Servants of servant which Peter was entitled  to in today’s Gospel. All Clergy and religious are servants of the Lambs and Sheep and not the bosses of them or a Judge . Though Jesus had a right to Judge , he did not judge anyone or Condemn but    loved every one by servant love.

If we live a life of love and service , we may have many sufferings but the Holy-spirit the ultimate love of God is with us until our death.  Let us reflect our life , which level of Faith we live in our life or we do not have any experience of the Love of God at all and still in the rate race of Success and prosperity.


Lord Jesus reveal me the true meaning of Love. Give me the sense of servant hood  in my life. Teach me the joy of giving and serving others. Anoint me with the Love of God the Holy-spirit in my life. Hold me and take me to those places where you want me to go in our lives. Teach me to feed and Tend my subordinates and lead me to die for the others the ultimate love of God. Amen

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