Saint of the Day: St.Ambrose- December 7

† Saint of the Day †
(December 7)

✠ St. Ambrose ✠

Archbishop of Milan and Doctor of the Church:

Born: 337-340 AD
Augusta Treverorum, Gallia Belgica, Roman Empire (Modern Trier, Germany)

Died: April 4, 397 (Aged 56 or 57)
Mediolanum, Roman Italy, Roman Empire (Modern Milan, Italy)

Venerated in:
Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Oriental Orthodoxy
Anglican Communion

Shrines: Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio

Feast: December 7

Beekeepers; Bees; Bishops; Candlemakers; Domestic Animals; French Commissariat; Geese; Learning; Livestock; Milan; Police Officers; Students; Wax refiners

Saint Aurelius Ambrosius, better known in English as Ambrose was a bishop of Milan who became one of the most influential ecclesiastical figures of the 4th century. He was the Roman governor of Liguria and Emilia, headquartered in Milan, before being made bishop of Milan by popular acclamation in 374. Ambrose was a staunch opponent of Arianism.

Ambrose was one of the four original Doctors of the Church and is the patron saint of Milan. He is notable for his influence on Augustine of Hippo.

Traditionally, Ambrose is credited with promoting “antiphonal chant”, a style of chanting in which one side of the choir responds alternately to the other, as well as with composing Veni redemptor gentium, an Advent hymn.

Early life:
Ambrose was born into a Roman Christian family about 340 and was raised in Gallia Belgica, the capital of which was Augusta Treverorum. His father is sometimes identified with Aurelius Ambrosius, a praetorian prefect of Gaul; but some scholars identify his father as an official named Uranius who received an imperial constitution dated 3 February 339.

His mother was a woman of intellect and piety and a member of the Roman family, Aurelii Symmachi and thus Ambrose was a cousin of the orator Q. Aurelius Symmachus. He was the youngest of three children, who included Marcellina and Satyrus (who is the subject of Ambrose’s De excessu fratris Satyri), also venerated as saints. There is a legend that as an infant, a swarm of bees settled on his face while he lay in his cradle, leaving behind a drop of honey. His father considered this a sign of his future eloquence and honeyed tongue. For this reason, bees and beehives often appear in the saint’s symbology.

After the early death of his father, Ambrose went to Rome, where he studied literature, law, and rhetoric. He then followed in his father’s footsteps and entered public service. Praetorian Prefect Sextus Claudius Petronius Probus first gave him a place in the council and then in about 372 made him governor of Liguria and Emilia, with headquarters at Milan. In 286 Diocletian had moved the capital of the Western Roman Empire from Rome to Mediolanum (Milan).

Ambrose was the Governor of Aemilia-Liguria in northern Italy until 374 when he became the Bishop of Milan. He was a very popular political figure, and since he was the Governor in the effective capital in the Roman West, he was a recognizable figure in the court of Valentinian I.

Bishop of Milan:
In the late 4th century there was a deep conflict in the diocese of Milan between the Nicene Church and Arians. In 374 the bishop of Milan, Auxentius, an Arian, died, and the Arians challenged the succession. Ambrose went to the church where the election was to take place, to prevent an uproar, which was probable in this crisis. His address was interrupted by a call, “Ambrose, bishop!”, which was taken up by the whole assembly.

St. Ambrose left us with two great examples from his life.

The first was what he did with St. Augustine.

St. Ambrose was a man of enormous talent, one of the Doctors of the Church, famous for his works and actions throughout both Christendom and the Roman Empire of his time. In his memoirs, St. Augustine wrote that he converted because of St. Ambrose. He described the true fascination he had for the great saint. Once in a while, St. Augustine used to visit the episcopal house of St. Ambrose in Milan. He would sit in the same room with St. Ambrose just to watch him write and work. Many times, Ambrose did not have time to give to St. Augustine. But Augustine remained simply because he wanted to be in St. Ambrose’s presence, taking advantage of the atmosphere created by him. It was mainly because of that atmosphere and some few conversations they had that St. Augustine converted.

One of the most important things St. Ambrose did was the conversion of St. Augustine, who, in turn, was one of the foremost lights of the Catholic Church. God asked St. Ambrose to write in defence of the Church, which did not permit him much time to dedicate to St. Augustine. Notwithstanding, in the silence and atmosphere of graces created by St. Ambrose, God converted Augustine, without interrupting the work of Ambrose. Here you have proof of the importance of the apostolate of presence.

Many people think that what counts the most is to work, talk and act. Of course, these things matter, but there is an apostolate of presence that can be more important. The silent apostolate that St. Ambrose made with St. Augustine is an eloquent proof of this.

According to the modern revolutionary mentality, St. Ambrose should have stopped his work and dedicated his time to Augustine. But this was not what he did. He trusted Divine Providence. It was the will of God for him to write, and so he wrote. He trusted that God would provide for the good of that soul – Augustine – who was seeking orientation. And God provided it.

The second example was what he did in face of the Emperor Theodosius in 390.

The episode of St. Ambrose standing in the way of Theodosius on the porch of the Cathedral of Milan is one of the most glorious symbolic acts in the History of the Church.

Theodosius was the most powerful man of his time. St. Ambrose took issue with him because the Emperor had ordered an indiscriminate massacre of Thessalonian men, women and children after promising to show clemency. The Emperor tried to enter the Milan Cathedral but was confronted at the door by St. Ambrose, solemnly dressed in his episcopal vestments and followed by his clergy. St. Ambrose refused to permit the Emperor to enter until he repented and made public penance. Theodosius humiliated himself and asked forgiveness. Only then did Ambrose permit him to enter the Cathedral.

This example of the spiritual power in face of the temporal power recalls a principle we should admire very much. That is, that human grandeur, even the highest, the noblest and the most glorified, should submit to the spiritual power. If a ruler does something wrong, he should be confronted by the spiritual power and made to submit because the highest human is nothing before God. In face of eternity, human grandeur fades away and becomes nothing. The only thing with permanence on this earth is the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Bossuet said that the mission of the Church is to hold in check the earthly powers. The clergy and the Hierarchy should be able to humble the political and economic powers when they do not obey the decrees of God. The nobles, aristocrats, and plutocrats should be humiliated when they do not follow the laws of God.

How far we are from this ideal today! We witness the opposite: the spiritual power standing silent and humble before all kinds of politicians and businessmen, or even worse, trying to adapt the Church to the world.

Let us pray to St. Ambrose to give us the conviction he had of the supremacy of the spiritual power over the temporal so that we might become the builders of the new Christendom, the Reign of Mary that will be installed on earth.

Saint of the Day: St Nicholas, December 6

† Saint of the Day †
(December 6)

✠ St. Nicholas ✠

Defender of Orthodoxy, Wonderworker, Holy Hierarch, Bishop of Myra:

Born: Traditionally, March 15, 270
Patara, Roman Empire

Died: Traditionally, December 6, 343 (Aged 73)
Myra, Roman Empire

Venerated in:
Eastern Orthodoxy
Oriental Orthodoxy

Major shrine: Basilica di San Nicola, Bari, Italy

Feast: December 6

Children, Coopers, Sailors, Fishermen, Merchants, Broadcasters, The Falsely Accused, Repentant Thieves, Brewers, Pharmacists, Archers, Pawnbrokers, Aberdeen, Galway, Russia, Greece, Hellenic Navy, Liverpool, Bari, Siggiewi, Moscow, Amsterdam, Lorraine and Duchy of Lorraine

Saint Nicholas of Myra, also known as Nicholas of Bari, was an early Christian bishop of the ancient Greek city of Myra in Asia Minor (modern-day Demre, Turkey) during the time of the Roman Empire. He is revered by many Christians as a saint. Because of the many miracles attributed to his intercession, he is also known as Nicholas the Wonderworker. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, merchants, archers, repentant thieves, children, brewers, pawnbrokers, and students in various cities and countries around Europe. His reputation evolved among the faithful, as was common for early Christian saints, and his legendary habit of secret gift-giving gave rise to the traditional model of Santa Claus (“Saint Nick”) through Sinterklaas.

Biographical selection:
St. Nicholas is said to have been born at Patara in Lycia, a province of Asia Minor, in the 4th century of wealthy parents. He was named Bishop of Myra and became famous for his holiness, charity and miracles. He was imprisoned for his faith during the persecution under Diocletian. He was present at the Council of Nicaea, at which he denounced Arianism. He died at Myra in 350. In 1087 some of his relics were transferred to Bari, Italy, and many miracles were worked through his intercession, which was the cause of his extraordinary popularity in the West.

Taking advantage of the wealth of his parents, St. Nicholas would give gifts to those who are called the ’embarrassed poor,’ that is, persons of a good social level who cannot beg on the streets for help but lack financial means to live. St. Nicholas used to find different ways to favour such impoverished persons, leaving gifts anonymously via a window, chimney or various other means.

A characteristic case is that of the father with three daughters who could not provide them with dowries and arrange decent marriages for them. In despair, the man was thinking that their only recourse was to lead lives of shame. On three different occasions, St. Nicholas threw bags of gold into his house, thus enabling him to provide each daughter with a dowry so she could marry well.

From this and his many other charitable works came the general idea that he would come from Heaven on Christmas Eve and give presents to well-behaved children. This was a good legend that was widely spread in Catholic countries and quickly caught on in other countries as well. It was a stimulus for children to be Catholic, to be good and, at the same time, it nourished their innocence and sense of the marvellous.

The enemies of the Church, however, could not support the popular fame of St. Nicholas among children and invented another figure to divert their attention.

In France, the secret forces created the figure of Père Noel. The title of père (father) is a vide spread title given to older men who have a kind of patriarchal role among the simple people. The word Noel is an exclamation of joy, similar to Alleluia, normally reserved for the festivities of Christmas. Thus, they invented the figure of Père Noel, who would do precisely the same as St. Nicholas, but who was no longer a reflection of Catholic charity and sanctity.

Instead, he represented a kind of philanthropy without a religious foundation, without the highest cause. This was the way the religious legend of St. Nicholas became a profane, or secular, legend in France.

The Protestants, who hated the cult of the saints, substituted the legend of St. Nicholas or St. Claus with the legend of a Nordic magician. Then they mixed many characteristics of the magician – the sleigh, reindeer, etc. – together with the life of St. Nicholas to deviate the admiration of the children from a religious figure to a phantasy.

It was an intelligent way the Revolution used to eliminate the Catholic character of this legend that was a most charming Catholic tradition.

It is useful for us to learn how evil works against Catholic traditions even in details that can appear insignificant. Then, with vigilance, we should discern its advance and oppose it.

Saint of the Day: St.Sabbas, December 5

† Saint of the Day †
(December 5)

Venerable Father; Abbot:

✠ St. Sabbas the Sanctified ✠

Born: 439 AD
Caesarea Mazaca, Cappadocia

Died: December 5, 532
Jerusalem, Palaestina Prima

Venerated in:
Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Eastern Catholic Churches

Major shrine:
Saint Sabbas Monastery, Kidron Valley

Feast: December 5

Saint Sabbas the Sanctified, a Cappadocian-Syrian monk, priest and saint, lived mainly in Palaestina Prima. He was the founder of several convents, most notably the one known as Mar Saba. The saint’s name is derived from Aramaic: “Old man”.

St. Sabbas was born the son of John, a military commander, and Sophia, at Mutalaska near Caesarea of Cappadocia. The name of the village has no known meaning in Greek, but the Aramaic “Mata la zkha” translates as “Village of Victory”.

Born in Cappadocia, Sabas is one of the most highly regarded patriarchs among the monks of Palestine and is considered one of the founders of Eastern monasticism.

After an unhappy childhood in which he was abused and ran away several times, Sabas finally sought refuge in a monastery. While family members tried to persuade him to return home, the young boy felt drawn to monastic life. Although the youngest monk in the house, he excelled in virtue.

At age 18 he travelled to Jerusalem, seeking to learn more about living in solitude. Soon he asked to be accepted as a disciple of a well-known local solitary, though initially he was regarded as too young to live completely as a hermit. Initially, Sabas lived in a monastery, where he worked during the day and spent much of the night in prayer. At the age of 30, he was given permission to spend five days each week in a nearby remote cave, engaging in prayer and manual labour in the form of weaving baskets. Following the death of his mentor, Saint Euthymius, Sabas moved farther into the desert near Jericho. There he lived for several years in a cave near the brook Cedron. A rope was his means of access. Wild herbs among the rocks were his food. Occasionally men brought him other food and items, while he had to go a distance for his water.

Some of these men came to him desiring to join him in his solitude. At first, he refused. But not long after relenting, his followers swelled to more than 150, all of them living in individual huts grouped around a church, called a laura.

The bishop persuaded a reluctant Sabas, then in his early 50s, to prepare for the priesthood so that he could better serve his monastic community in leadership. While functioning as abbot among a large community of monks, he felt ever called to live the life of a hermit. Throughout each year—consistently in Lent—he left his monks for long periods of time, often to their distress. A group of 60 men left the monastery, settling at a nearby ruined facility. When Sabas learned of the difficulties they were facing, he generously gave them supplies and assisted in the repair of their church.

Over the years Sabas travelled throughout Palestine, preaching the true faith and successfully bringing back many to the Church. At the age of 91, in response to a plea from the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Sabas undertook a journey to Constantinople in conjunction with the Samaritan revolt and its violent repression. He fell ill and soon after his return, died at the monastery at Mar Saba. Today the monastery is still inhabited by monks of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and Saint Sabas is regarded as one of the most noteworthy figures of early monasticism.

The Online Church

If we look at the Contemporary World,most of activities are going online from the Offline World. Morning Milk, Grocery, Marriage Bureau and even undertakers are operating online. Funeral and Marriage online streaming has become common after the Pandemic. As per Goldman Sachs report Europe has turned to online by almost 50% of the buying and selling. Offline traditional Travelling Agents or Offline Food joints are vanishing completely due to the infrastructure cost or the online competition. Technology has become the medium of communication after the mobile revolution. At this time how does faith activities have impacted by the online revolution.

After the Pandemic the Church has introduced online Mass and Communion by Faith. There is online Counseling and Prayer Tower for intercessory Prayers. The Christian movies and Virtual Faith transformation testimonies on Whatsup, Facebook and Instagram are a daily faith formation builders in today’s date specialy among the youth. Most of the Christian resources and libraries are online and available ready to download. It is not very difficult to study Scriptures and Theology through online 3 month Courses or to do a Diploma.

At this time what does the Spirit talk to the People of God. The Church is from the Beginning is Communion of Spirits and does not limit to a physical Community. Early Christians gathered together in person , when it was possible, but got connected with each other in letters of encouragement and intercessory Prayers. Evangelisation was done more on Intercession and Witness. Preaching was done through medium of language and charity.

The Physical Community gathers in a Liturgical celebrations of Sacraments are slowly sliding away from Physical gathering to Online Teams. The lifestyle of E Church is galloping in our Communities today. Why does this change coming in the Church? Church is the Body of Christ, the Body of Christ is not a Physical Body but the Spirit of Christ dwelling among the faithfull. The Physical Church busy in building physical Churches like Buildings, Institutions, Physical People , Physical preaching so on and in the bargain the Spirit of Christ is missing in these places. The more importance has been given to outward celebrations like grand celebrations. The rich liturgy without the presence of the spirit of God will remain only a rich reception of our Worldly celebrations.

Probably the Spirit of God is breaking our outwardly celebrations and inviting God’s people to have a personal one to one encounter through online celebrations where there is no compulsion, domination or manipulation of the Law but a pure Worship.

God is Spirit and wants his Children to Worship him in Spirit and truth. The Honouring of the Sabbath day is a obligation set by the Magestarium. All the Laws and obligations set by the Church admin are the signs or pointers or reminders for a faithful to follow the Commands of love , by attending a Mass on Sunday’s does not fulfil the obligation of Sabbath. Sabbath is a day exclusively set apart to rest in the Spirit of God. The Sunday Liturgy is a strategy or a driver which drives us to the Spirit of God to Worship. This is not only the way but if these liturgies are obligatory or namesake then even these Sunday Liturgy can be void in the Spirit of God.

The Holy Communion is not a magic but it is a bread of life and the real body of Christ,who is present in body and blood and soul and divinity. If we do not get union with Christ in the Liturgy of Spirit then consuming mere the host does not make any sense. But still the Church encourages us to take part in the Sunday Liturgy so that we may not lose the touch of the body of Christ.This kind of practice is not a healthy kind because some people do not change through out their life and die in this state. Instead the leaders must change the liturgy which suits people according to their needs and state of life.

I remember a Parish where youth were not taking part in the Sunday Liturgy, later when a young leader came in to that Parish, he introduced a youth Mass in the evening with lots of music and movements, skits and interactive discussion of the Word of God. In no time the church was full , not to watch the outwardly celebration but to give their life to Jesus.

I have seen the same Church going people attend a different Liturgy filled with love and truth , they transform. I met a person who listened a testimony of faith on a Audio and got transformed when he was traveling by train. We can not bottle the Spirit of God in our Church Buildings but we are the day today pilgrim People of God , living and walking with him in every stage of life. Abraham walked with God and every place he met him , he built an alter. The online encounter with God helps us to build our own alters in our bedroom, in offices, in our Computers, Mobiles and moreover in our own hearts.

Prayer: Lord reveal us in truth and Spirit.Amen.

Fears of Life.

The Definition of F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real. False Complexes control our life just like a mental sickness. There is no activity called FEAR, what we experience Fear is an assumption of our version or someone’s Version or cultural Version. Fear has so much enrouted in our Culture and Families that each and every decision and activity based on Fear.

There are various kind of fears like fear of our relatives, fear of Society, Fear of Family, Fear of our Teachers, Parents, Managers, Priests so on. We can number them one by one , there are thousands of fears in our life.

Due to the Fear life, we compromise our life accordingly and become a victim of that particular Fear. The Fear of that particular area rules our life. For Example a Common Employee has a fear of losing their Job. Now this fear culture may not exist with that particular Employer but Whatever that Employee does the duty ,not to exhibit his or her talents but to protect their Job. In this bargain the Employee can not perform their duty efficiently because they cover up or act as an employee to protect their job and not perform their given duty efficiently.

Moral Warning is not Fear but love. A Parent disciplines his Child because he loves his Child. Fear is not coming from God, the Spirit of God reminds us repeatedly “do not be afraid” or “fear not” from Genesis to Revelation. A little Child has no fear because the Child knows it’s Father is there to protect. A perfect love drives out all fear.

A complete transformation of heart brings fullness of Spirit in our life. This fullness removes every fear. The waiting on the Lord and living in his Providence is a sign of reliance God’s source of life. Most of the Jewish People still rely on God for everything in their life.

Christian life has drawn more on love and a perfect love renounces all fears of life including fear of death. A perfect love is to give their life for someone in need.Jesus did not have fear of Death and gave his life for the redemption of the Whole World. If we see the life of saints, each and every saint renounced the World of fear and instead embraced love and sacrifice in their life.

A Christian or a Believer is Fathered with the Spirit of God. If a Christian gives complete control of his life to the Spirit of God, the Spirit fully takes over his spirit and controls his life. A Christian is Fathered by the Spirit of God and not an Orphan.

An Orphan has many fears in his life because he or she does not have a guardian in their life. If some one fears in their life, it means they do not have enough trust or faith in their Father. A true Christian is liberated from all fears of life including the fear of death which is the ultimate fear in once life. This is the reason as Christian believes in the resurrection and eternal life and physical death becomes a transitional or transformation of our Worldly life in to Spiritual Divine life.

Bible reminds in every Word not to fear and depend completely upon God. The more we read and live the Word of God and the real way of life is opened without any fear.This is real Christian life. Jesus Christ came to this World to redeem us from the clutches of fear and bring freedom of Life.The true freedom is complete reliance on God alone.

Prayer: Lird Jesus Christ redeem us from all fear.Amen

God’s Grace is Sufficient for Humans on this Earth.

November 26, 2022

For you this week:

  • Reflection for Saturday: 

Saturday November 26, 2022

ScripturesRevelation 22:1-7
Psalm 95:1-7
Luke 21:34-36

I see in today’s Contemporary World there are three Kingdoms operating , one is the Kingdom of God in which God is the King, second one is Worldly Kingdom in which Worldly wealth and power are the King, the third one is Evil Kingdom in which the Satan is the King.

Human has a free will and choice to choose either of the one. They can not be in two Kingdoms at a time. It is not possible because these Kingdoms are opposite to each other and the values of these Kingdoms do not match with each other. They hv to love one and hate other.

If we are in the Kingdom of God, today’s first reading reminds us that God is enough for us. We need not to chase the Worldly wealth and power or be part of the Evil Kingdom. To realise this we hv to experience the Providence, Healing power of God in our life.We see a large number of people in this World in the second category i.e. in the Worldly Kingdom of collecting wealth and power. If we try to make ourselves God’s then we renounce the Creator and try to create ourselves as per the Worldly values. This kind of life is not OK and acceptable in the Kingdom of God.

If we are looking for life which gives us a lifestyle of the God’s Kingdom then we must try that lifestyle. The entire human beings are evolving but the point is on which values we evolve. Man is getting evolved in human knowledge and inteligence but there are greater values than the World. Many study these values but do not live by them.If we do not live these values then we can not grow in that area.

If we believe in the resurrection then we have to stand before the Creator who has put his spirit in us. The Spirit of God is Holy and without any blemish , if we are pure and Holy then we can stand before the Spirit of God otherwise by default we are tilted towards the values we believed and lived upon.

Today the Body of Christ reminds us through the Word of God that God is enough for us. We need not do many things in our life but walk in the presence of God in our life.Those who read this reflection , atleast give one chance to Lord Jesus Christ in ur life. Try him to give you peace of Mind and satisfaction of your heart.

Let us follow the Gospel as it is, let us not twist and turn the meaning of the Gospel because if we follow the Gospel in our own understanding we do not follow Christ but ourselves, there is no God’s presence and Grace there. Many get tricked in these situation , they think they follow Christ but the Spirit of Christ is absent in their life, families, parishes, Diocese and Nations.

To keep a check in our life daily Personal prayer and examination of our Conscience everyday or atleast once in a month with the Gospel reflections is must in our life. The Worldly life carries us away from God’s spirit and if we hv to meet God in our last hour of our death then we will not be able stand before the presence of God because we do not possess his Spirit .

Prayer: Lord Come in my life.Amen

Jesus is the King of the poor in Spirit

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King
November 20, 2022

Today’s Readings:

2 Samuel 5:1-3Ps 122:1-5Colossians 1:12-20Luke 23:35-43
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

I was pondering on the Kingship of Jesus in our life. Theologically Kings were Fatherly figures or Good Shepherds of their flock or Children. In Biblical figure of speech the King means a person who has complete authority over his subordinates. King is responsible for all the activities in his Kingdom. The King is a Provider, Healer , Protector, Guide and a great fighter over his Enemies.

Jesus Christ was a Spiritual King , Jesus is not a King in the Visible World or in simple he was not a Worldly King. Jesus is King of truth ,Justice and Peace.

When we reflect on Christ the King, we immediately think Jesus Christ must rule all over the World or all human beings must follow Jesus Christ. The truth,Justice, Peace, forgiveness, love are the qualities of Christ’s Kingdom on this Earth. The people who do not have these qualities in them are cut off from his Kingdom and thrown in the corruption of greed, Anger, Pride, jealousy, Drunkenness, Gossip, Lust, hatred, revenge and all possible evil of this World.

When we live in Truth and Peace, Jesus Christ automatically become the King of our life. When we work for peace, truth, love,charity we are working for the Kingdom of God on this Earth. So it is more important to call oneself Christian to work for the Kingdom of God. The Kingship of Jesus is not related with the things of this World like numbers , quantity, name,power, miracles, healing, denominations, education, descipline, money prosperity . It has nothing to do with the Kingdom of Jesus.

When a person suffers for any of the qualities of Jesus, he or she is in the Kingdom of Christ, it can be sickness, persecution, prison or poverty. The sacrificial life is the model of the Kingdom of God. Jesus works very powerfully when we work for Charity and Peace. This is the Evangelisation which Jesus preached and practised in his life.

The greatest love one can have to give his own life for his people. A Father or Mother do this for their Children. A Priest must do for their Parish. A Manager must do for his team. A entrepreneur must do for his staff.

Jesus must become the King of our heart first. When we have a relationship with him , it is easier to recognise him in the field. There are two kinds of journey of truth . One starts with our transformation of heart like the good thief in the Gospel reading and the second one is through our actions and then we meet the author of those actions. If we are transformed or made Jesus Christ our King then the action of self Sacrifice must follow , if it doesn’t, then the our depending upon our King is not full or partial. This is a very dangerous spiritual area where Hypocrisy comes in to picture. In this category people recognise Jesus but do not follow him in actions. The actions are confirmation or manifestation of God’s love in our life. If there is unforgiveness in our heart then there is no Compassion and sympathy.

St.Thomas lived with Jesus but could not accept him as Lord and Master. When Jesus confirmed his sacrifice to him, he accepted him with a acclamation ” My Lord and my God.” The transformation of Thomas came with a commitment to give his life for his Master. Jesus directed him to come to India and represent the love of God.St.Thomas gave his life for the King.

If we make Jesus our King, then we must give our life for his Kingdom of love, Justice. Peace, forgiveness, Charity. If we are busy in collecting and building more and more then we are not in the Kingdom of God though we are baptised Christians. The Baptism of Jesus is manifested with it’s Fruites of love , if utdoesn’t bear fruite, it will be cut off and thrown in the fire. If we become richest person or President of a richest nation but if we do not have love and charity then whatever has been gained in this World is a big waste and it is a collection of rubbish.

Prayer: Lord remember me when you come in glory.Amen

Spiritual Junk Food.

All of us know the food prepared at our houses is hygienic, healthy and economical. The outside food from the food joints and restaurants is more tasty but not hygienic and brings obesity and sickness. The Spiritual food the Word of God reflected, meditated, studied and implemented in our life is the best and real way of life. We have lots of junk resources available online and offline. Every next door we have a preacher and a Christian ministry preaching their ideological views of the Word of God. They preach what we want hear from our itchy ears. The hate preaching , gossip preaching , preaching of power of Superman, preaching of miracles and healing is what we get from our ministries. The good ministries are totaly working like good Corporates with all secular values

When we do not read the word of God by ourselves and have personal prayer where we communicate with our Provider and share that grace and love with our family and friends, We can experience God’s grace in our life. The preacher shares his experience , his experience not necessary it is divine but definitely very interesting and well presented in Worldly parameters. We hear the Word of God like in the parable of the Sower but the seed of the Word of God does not stay for a long time, when trials and temptation come they dry and die without Water.

Word of God cleanses us and makes us Holy.

Friday of the 33rd Week of Ordinary Time
Memorial of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, Virgin
November 18, 2022

Today’s Readings:

Revelation 10:8-11
Ps 119:14,24,72,103,111,131
Luke 19:45-48
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

One of the virtue of the Word of God is sanctity , the devotion for the House of God must be pure and Holy. It can not be of double standard. The Jerusalem temple was representing the Heavenly Temple so there was only Praise,Worship, Sin Offering, prayer and Scriptures Reading. All these ways to approach God are holy and pure.There is no selfishness in these ways.

When People lost the essence of these ways and used these ways for selfishness and greed , the sanctity of the place is deviated and corrupted the rituals. The expensive rituals were made for Pride and Show Off. The word of God cleanses our corrupt consumed things in our life.

When I met the Lord for the first time the first thing happened was cleansing of my bad habits. The cancer patients go fatigue when they take medicines, this is the sign that the medicines are working in their Body. The Word of God also cleanses us in various ways, sometime even in prolonged sickness or sudden loss of things in our life. The only purpose of these things are our Salvation.

It is better to lose one hand or eye in this World than go to eternal Hell. Some people lose their jobs, some people are disturbed from their comfort zone.This is a clear sign that the things that they are holding on to as their security will betray them and will not help them to bring happyness or peace in their life.

The oil and water can not get mixed when boiling so if there is no Holyspirit or love in any activity in our families or in our parishes will not remain longer but will dry up soon. This is the reason we see people who do not have love and forgiveness do not remain in ministries for long, even these kind of ministries colapse with no time.

I have seen many Leaders preachers blooming like Mushrooms and perishing with no time. The much cleansing is needed in our families because the purpose of life has been diverted from love and forgiveness.The Church requiresThe cleansing because corruption has diverted our purpose of love and Salvation. The Missionary activities have commercialised and the vision and mission is missing in our Parishes and Priests.

The calamities are one of the reminders that the things we have used to defile our life are temporary and Weak.Let us look at the signs and correct our ways according to the Word of God. Finally there will be only Word of God which will remain and every one will be hanging on to the Word of God which is the only truth and Salvation on this World.

Prayer: Lord cleanse us and make us like you.Amen.

A Perfect Church

Tuesday of the 33rd Week of Ordinary Time
Memorial of Saint Albert the Great, bishop and doctor of the Church
November 15, 2022

Today’s Readings:

Revelation 3:1-6, 14-22
Ps 15:2-5 (with Rev. 3:21)
Luke 19:1-10
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

“‘The Amen, the faithful and true witness,
the source of God’s creation, says this:
“I know your works;
I know that you are neither cold nor hot.
I wish you were either cold or hot.
So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold,
I will spit you out of my mouth.
For you say, ‘I am rich and affluent and have no need of anything,’
and yet do not realize that you are wretched,
pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.
I advise you to buy from me gold refined by fire so that you may be rich,
and white garments to put on
so that your shameful nakedness may not be exposed,
and buy ointment to smear on your eyes so that you may see.
Those whom I love, I reprove and chastise.
Be earnest, therefore, and repent.


Blessed are poor in Spirit and theirs is the Kingdom of God. Following the Lord or being a Christian must be genuine , there are no two ways. What we think in terms of our understanding and what the spirit of the Gospel says must match our lived life.

We see in today’s Readings they talk about our actions. If our actions are according to the Gospel of truth then the reward is the sharing of the Throne with our Master.There is no half truth or double standards but there is only one Gospel of truth.

Many a time we make our own Churches and our own Gospel according to our conveniences but in these Churches the spirit of God is completely missing, there is Worldly prosperity like good appearance, best of the seatings with modern decoram.There is so much of descipline and outward cleanliness but no love and forgiveness. They are successful in terms of Worldly standard but in terms of Gospel standards , they are empty and lost the Gospel Values in the rat race of success.

Preaching and studies has been done for appreciation and for a good piece of thesis and for a phd work but core value of the Gospel of forgiveness and compassion which is a simple truth is foolishness in our high profile preaching houses. The likes are what counted on the online platform but not the transformation of hearts. Churches look for big crowds but do not bother to enquire about a poor family.

The families can not call themselves Christians. The children education and carreer has become idol of the modern family. There is no Compassion and sharing among our children. What would the spirit speak about our churches and families of today. Unless a mass repentance of our attitude the communities will not be Christian in nature. What is the difference between Christian Schools and other schools or Christian Hospitals and other Hospitals.Today Christian names or symbols make our institutions or families Christian for name sake. We must take the warning of the Spirit in the first reading , a complete u turn in our approach is required where loss and profit is not the end result but saving souls and nourishing the poor in Spirit.

Zacheus was a Sinner but he repented his way of life and made a u turn in his life which saved his soul. There was no half way but a full Conversion. Let us read the readings of today again and again and ask ourselves what the spirit of God reminds us through readings to us families, leaders,priests and as Children.

Repentance is offensive and not defensive, we must defeat the World and Sin through examination of our Conscience with Gospel truths and not deviate any of the truth for our likes and conveniences but Gospel of love as it is, as it has been inspired and written in the light of truth. If we walk in this light we will see God and eternity while living on this Earth, otherwise we live just like any other animal like cat and dog on this Earth which reproduce, teach, educate , provide, protect, build their families, love their families. What is the difference if we human beings and as Christians do the same thing as them.What makes us Humans and Christians is what the Spirit of God asks us a question to reflect our life on this Earth.

Prayer: Lord make us true Christians in the Gospel of Truth.Amen