Prayer Reflections is a site to reach out the love of Jesus Christ to the Whole no matter your religion , race, colour, nationality, gender or geographical locations. This site has also been designed  with the resources to strengthen the journey of faith for every Christian. The resources  used are not limited to one single way of life but contempory in nature . God’s goodness can be seen and identified in each and every person or creature of this World and projected as witnesses or testimonies to help our next generation. Most of the teachings and reflections are based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  The Word of God is the backbone of all our reflections and resources.The site leads an individual into ministries of charity , love and dignity. The vision is not limited only with spiritual dimensions, but to help and support you in the love of Christ. It has ministries for children , youth, adults, couples and elderly. The ministries care for the poor and destitute with awareness programmes and Charity Sponsoring Ministries anywhere in the World. Please register yourself  for any type of assistance and to meet one of your mentor or sponsor in your locality . The ministries care for you because you are unique in the eyes of God and Jesus Christ has ransomed you with his death on the Cross.  Please visit our site everyday for daily reflections on the readings and prayer requests. God speaks to his people every moment of their life.