A Follower of Jesus by default Consecrated through the Spirit of truth by Jesus Prayer and Sacrifice. By: Ivan Rodrigues

Wednesday of the 7th Week of Easter
May 27, 2020

Today’s Readings:Acts 20:28-38
Ps 68:29-30, 33-36ab
John 17:11b-19
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Consecrate them in the truth.
Your word is truth.
As you sent me into the world,
so I sent them into the world.
And I consecrate myself for them,
so that they also may be consecrated in truth.

When we reflect the word Consecrate , there is a vast journey of reflection involved in the act of Consecration.  Consecration is the solemn dedication to a special purpose or service. In the readings today , Jesus makes a prayer of  Consecration same as Paul in the first reading. Christian life is a consecrated life of truth   and service.

When we talk about truth , how to test or define the truth. There is only one person in this World who testified the truth, lived the truth and witnessed the truth that is Jesus. Jesus is the only true truth in this World because the true truth can come only from above and not from this World. The  World lost the truth from the Beginning and the truth of the world , how truthful or refined it may look like , it is half truth or counterfeit  or manipulation of truth. If we see in today’s World , the people live on this manipulated truth or counterfeit or  half truth. To understand the real truth , we must know Jesus , we must understand him and we must know his teachings and  his life while he was on this Earth. The Gospel introduces the truth to the World but the Gospel of truth needs to be understood by the Spirit of truth and witnessed through his actions. If we do not have truth or live in truth , we can not understand or witness Jesus in our lives. The spirit of truth reveals the whole truth of the Gospel.

We see two kind of people in the World , the First  one’s are very religious and prayerful and try to know Jesus through the Word of  God and follow him. The second one’s are from the field , they are not very religious or know much about the Word of  God or person of Jesus but their witness to the truth is more than the religious minded people. Christian life is the combination of these both types of people , we need to know Jesus in person and through the Word and then walk through this Word hand in hand with Jesus .with the power of the Spirit of truth. If we take the example of Mahatma Gandhi , he had a strong conviction to the truth but did not know Jesus, when he encountered the Spirit of truth by witnessing , he got exposed to the person of Jesus and his Word. Though he lived a religious Hindu life and died chanting the Word of Ram , his  understanding of Jesus and witnessing to his teaching and dying as a Martyr unites him to the eternal truth Jesus , because Jesus lived his life and witnessed to the truth on this Earth in this manner.

To consecrate ourselves to the truth , we must experience the spirit of truth in our life. The word of God and the spirit of truth are one and the same if we reflect and walk upon in the inspiration and guidance of the Word of God.  When Jesus made this prayer of Consecration , he made this Prayer on behalf of every follower of truth. Jesus consecrated himself  for every Christian and sent them to witness him in the World. when we think about consecrated life, we think of religious or clergy , every Baptized Christian is  Consecrated in the spirit of truth to witness  the truth in this World. The Parents are consecrated to witness the truth in their family and consecrate themselves through dedicated and sacrificial life to build their children   in the values of Christ and truth and not the world. It is difficult to live in this Half truth World  and  uplift the fullness of truth. Thomas Kempis in the imitation of Christ says, when we live on this earth, we must keep one eye on Jesus and another on this World.

All  seven Sacraments reveal the mysteries of the Consecration life  of the Spirit of truth.  If we do not live these sacraments in consecrated life then these very sacraments  become merely a Worldly signs and grace is completely missing in these sacraments. For example Holy Order or Marriage or Baptism or Eucharist  is not lived in the Spirit of truth by witnessing Jesus in our lives then these Acts become like any other orders of this World. There has to be a difference between a Christian  institution and Worldly  institution. If we follow the Worldly standards we leave behind the Christian standards.

Consecration in truth is nothing but Baptism in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy-spirit. In the process of Baptism we die for ourselves and reborn in the person of Jesus, who consecrates us in the Spirit of truth the Holy-spirit. We are suppose to witness the World through his spirit by forgiving , protesting the lies of the World, by not compromising the truth for the benefit of World, Flesh or Evil. We must start this witnessing in our own families, by witnessing to our Spouses, Children and Neighborhood . We must also lead our Children to the spirit of truth by teaching them the word of God and building them in the Spirit of truth. If we do not do this and if we make them Doctors or engineers in this World then we will be responsible for their Salvation. They will accuse us saying my Parents did not encourage us to become Christians and  made us people of the World on the day of Judgement and we will see our Children going to hell in front of our eyes. We have to make them Doctors and Engineers but let us make them Christian Doctors and Christian Engineers.

God called Israelite’s and set them apart to live a Holy  and Consecrated life. God has called us Christians to live life of truth . God accompanied Israelite’s at every stage of their life by  doing wonders and miracles. God has accompanied all consecrated Christians  through the Holy-spirit by doing mighty miracles at step of their life. Jesus has consecrated  himself  to us through his death and resurrection and calls every Christian to Consecrate themselves for building of his Church upon this Earth by witnessing him in words and Action.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus I invite you in my life , I am living a moderate life of a Christian but I do not know whether I have consecrated  my life fully to you. I have compromised with the World  due to lack  of my faith.  Almighty Father  Consecrate me with the Spirit of truth. Lord Jesus Consecrate yourselves  for me so that I am convicted by the Spirit the lies of this World. Holy-spirit , Spirit of truth reveal me the whole truth by reading, reflecting and witnessing to the Word of God.



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