Fighting for God’s Rights on our Heart.

Saturday November 30, 2019
Romans 10:9-18
Ps 19:8-11
Matthew 4:18-22
How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!

The true follower of Christ engages in Lord’s Business. If someone says I am follower Christ but does not engages in God’s Business then there is a doubt in his beliefe because when a person experiences God’s love then he must be a witness in Words and deeds. The persons transformation can be evaluated only through his witness and not through any other means. Once a person comes in to light, he becomes a channel of light to other people who are living in darkness , infact he automaticaly illuminates in the darkness in the light if Christ. This light is contageous , every person he touches turns in to the light of Christ , just like radium quoted items spread its element to another element in the darkness.

The Evangelisation is not learnt in lessons or trained in Workshops but a automatic process which comes spontaneously from the spirit if God. The Apostles were with Jesus for three years fully trained by Jesus himself but could not witness him in Words or actions until they were transformed on the day of Pentecost.

Evangelisation is purely an inspiration and working of the Holyspirit. If any ministry is not inspired or guided by the Holyspirit , it is just a good ministry of the World but not of the Lord. The main sign of the Holyspirit is love and sacrifice. If any person possess Christ love, Sacrifice and charity then he pours out that love to others.

Christian call is to be a King , Priest and Prophet. The Prophetic ministry is to proclaim the good news. We must imitate Jesus with his three fold ministry otherwise we must conclude that we are not in fullness of his Spirit

True evangelists are saints on this Earth because they have believed in Jesus and accepted him as the Lord and Master of their life and engaged in his Business on this Earth. There is no other ministry which is more holy or angelic than spreading the good news of our Lord to others. We can not be selfish in God’s love, once we experience and saved from the oppression of the Evil, we must feel our other brothers and sisters who live in the oppression to be saved by Jesus and come in to the true knowledge of Christ. If we do not feel this necesity then we must come in to a conclusion that we have not come in to the true Knowledge of God.

Evangelisation is a ministry of love and pity. When we feel people live in the trap of Evil, we must make all our efforts to release them from the hands of Evil and bring them in to light of Christ. We may do it in various ways. The best way to do it through a ministry of Intercession. St.Theresa Child Jesus chose this ministry and has become the Patron saint of missionaries. All Saints, Mother Mary and Jesus himself engaged in this ministry, this is a heavenly ministry to hasten the Salvation in this Earth.When we partake in this ministry we become copartners in the Salvation Work.

Evangelisation is witnessing to Christ in our life, Mother Theresa reflected Jesus and she saw Jesus in every poor person. This kind of ministry require a servant love, today’s world is lacking this servant love and busy in the limelight of preaching and Healing ministries. We must know the burdens of our heart and move according to the Spirit but not imitate other people who are successful in their ministry. We must always listen to the Spirit and not the mind or body which wanders in feelings , emotions and Worldly values.

The most common ministry given to us is the area we were saved from the Evil. For example an alchoholic saved by the Lord must try to save other alchoholics. When we are saved we get equipments of the Holyspirit to save others, it is a package or passing on faith. Every parent by default a witness of God’s love to their Spouse and Children. This is the first responsibilty of every Christian to witness their own family first along with their freinds and Neighbours.If our spouse or Children are still in darkness then it is a indication that we must witness them in to fullness of God’s love and forgiveness than running from one preacher to another to pray over them and expect a miracle. We must pray for our families and Witness Jesus love to them. They must see our actions and be transformed in God’s love.

We must fight for God’s right on every heart first than fighting for other rights, when God is in our heart all the other systems of this earth and Heaven fall in place automaticaly.

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