Meeting God in our daily life.

No person has seen God face to face because God is a Spirit. Moses is the only person who visited Yahweh on Mount Sinai and spoke to him face to face. We do not have any reference , how God looked like or his shape, height, weight , sex so on. All Prophets , Scripture Writers , Kings , saints saw God in visions or in imagination. The Word of God communicated to humans either through an inspiration or through a supernatural imagination. Prayer or talking to God is the only way of communication between Man and God. The Ten Commandments written on the stone tablets were written by a finger of God. God spoke either through a cloud or through a pillar of fire or through a dove. God uses various natural signs and symbols to communicate with Man.

Relationship with God’s Spirit is possible only through talking to God in Spirit. Moses must have met God in Mount Sinai in Spirit and not in a Human form because God did not reveal himself until God became man in the human form of Jesus. When Jesus resurected in a Divine Human Body, Jesus did not remain in this World but ascended in to Heaven in his Divine Human Body. Jesus is seated at the right hand of God in the glorified divine human body.

Jesus is consumed in the form of Eucharist is again is a form of unification in talking to God. When we communicate with his Spirit we unite ourselves with him in Spirit. We can see God only through talking to him through our Spirit. The spirit of God can be communicated only through our Spirit . Jesus ascended in to Heaven and formed his mystical body on this Earth the Church through descending the Holyspirit.

The people of God or the Church or the people who possess the Holyspirit is the visible face of God on this Earth. The people who believe in Jesus Christ is the mystical body of Christ on this Earth. Jesus came in to this World to create a channel of Communication between Man and God. This reconciliation or Cavanent united Man with God through his cross and resurection.

1.We can meet God through praying in Spirit.

Praying in Spirit does not mean praying in tongues. Praying in Tongues connects us to God’s Spirit but we need to go further in communication with the Spirit. The Human Spirit starts communicating with the inspiration of the Holyspirit to the Spirit of God and God’s Spirit responds to the Human Spirit . This entire communication is mediated by the Holyspirit either to communicate or to receive or understand. This is an art of communication with God. This is called Prayer in general terms in Catechism but Prayer does not mean one way communication but it is a dialogue. We must talk to him in spirit and God talks to us in Spirit. God spoke to the Prophets and saints but God speaks to us daily in our communication with him for our life and life of others. This communication is called our daily relationship with him in talking and listening to him. In this communication we can pour our love and concerns to him and he will pour his love and his plans and solutions to us. If we are a good listener, God reveals great mysteries of the Kingdom of God which we are not able to understand unless we are in the inluence of the Holyspirit. Holyspirit makes our communication easy to undedstand and apply in our lives

2.We can meet God through the Scriptures.

Scriptures are the Word of God spoken to people of God.

When we reflect upon the Word of God spoken to various people in the History , the Word of God becomes alive in it’s message and merit but we must understand it and reflect through the inspiration of the Holyspirit .The normal reflection give us only literary and Intellectual insights but when reflected through the Holyspirit , it takes us to the same insights of the writer who had received this Word of God in his encounter with God. Meeting God with Scriptures is the best connectivity to begin our communication but we can not stuck to the original message of the Word of God but must go beyond the message .Once we encounter God’s spirit we must communicate with him for fresh insights. In this case the written Scriptures become the signs or lighthouse to show the direction and not the Word of God in it’s written form.

3.We can meet God through Eucharist.Though Eucharist is a Sacrament, it has been instituted mainly to comminicate and get united sacramentaly. The unique nature of the Eucharist which is getting united with the Lord in his Body and Blood in the Eucharist and adoration takes us in to the mighty presence of God. This is the best way of communicating with our God without any confusion or art of communication. This is a great gift of Jesus given to his followers to get united with him in his Body and Blood. This is to show that Jesus not only living in Spirit but also in his mystical Body and Blood. Also to show that he is a living and Resurected God who lives among us in our daily Banquets and thanksgiving, sharing his Body and Blood which he offered on the Cross.

4.We can meet God in the Community. Jesus has formed the Church by the descending of the Holyspirit upon the Church. We must communicate with the mystical body of Christ as Christ himself. The fellowship with the people of God is fellowship with Jesus himself. When we communicate with the body of Christ we get united to Christ himself and we are connected or united through out the time with Christ himself and filled with the Holyspirit. Again when we are with our Brothers and Sisters, we must be spiritual beings or spirit led people otherwise our interaction remains mere human and does not connect with Christ. We must ask the Holyspirit to connect us to the spirit of our Brother and Sister in our daily interaction and activity. When we live in these Communities on this Earth, God becomes our everything and rest all becomes secondory.

Emmanuel God us with us…


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