The Word of God was not spoken directly by God to people but a written text in human language about God’s intervention and his works . The Works of God has been written in human language. The Spirit of God inspired some spirit filled people to write the works of God.

We call these works of God as Word of God. These works of God can be a life story of a righteous man or a poetry of God’s love to his people or a miracle narrated or a Prophesy of a Prophet or a History of the People of God.

Bible is the library of such books compiled as one whole Book. Bible has been divided by two Testaments , the testament of the old before Jesus was born and new testament after Jesus was born. The old testament has 46 books and the new testament has 27 books in total. There are four Gospels in the New Testament which is the heart of the Bible which has been taken from the life and words of Jesus himself. Jesus did not write any of the Gospels but his followers wrote these Gospels after his resurection and ascention in to heaven.

Though there are 73 books in total in the Bible which talk about the works of God in various time , people, place,incidents, from the Creation till the present age ,but entire works of God which has been potrayed in hundreds of thousands of words, sentences in the Bible has been taken as one single Word of God written repeated under separate time, space and circumstances.

As per the Scriptures in Genesis all things were created by the same Word of God who is God himself. There is no beginning to the Word of God and there is no end. The Word of God travels with his creation like a Father with a child to guide, provide,protect,love,heal , deliver,console ,comfort and make them holy children of God. This love story of the Word of God has been compiled in to one Book called Bible.

The Word of God has been written in different languages , time,people, culture, style,traditions so on from one generation to the next, so every time a same story or same Word of God or works of God or love of God repeated in different circumsatances.These works of God have been written by simple People but through their God Experience. These people write their God experience in their human understanding in their own language and script. So when we read these God experiences in the Bible to absorb the substance of the written story we need to understand the culture, time, written style, people, curcumstances, History ,purpose and writer himself so that the Precious divine Word which has been bundled in many Human ways may be revealed to the reader. The Word of God is an inspiration or a revelation given to the author or the writer by the Spirit of God so when we read the word of God we need to read in the same spirit it was written at that time.The Word of God is God himself and alive and active, when we try to understand the written Word of God by ways of human understanding as it was written and by the spirit it was inspired as a divine revelation, we ourselves meet the hidden mystery behind these letters the God himself.The purposes of God’s Word become our purpose and the virtue of God’s Word become active in our lives. The Written dead text becomes alive through our true understanding of the Scriptures. If we read the Bible like any Novel, the Bible letters remain dead in our lives because the substance of these story is not in the leterary meaning but overall understanding of the purpose of the wtiting or story.

So the written Words of the Bible are like a Sign on our journey of life , when we follow these signs by walking towards those direction in divine or true understanding can reach us to those destinations. If we understand the Sign in Divine Human way we can reach the purpose of the Word immediately because when we meet God, human works do not have any value or meaning because all good works are done to meet God or to reach God. A person who has met God through the right understanding of the Word can not live in darkness or SIN because he knows the truth of life and experience him by encountering him face to face. This is Spirituality.

So the study of Scriptures are paramount importance to understand the Scripures in the human understanding and we need the Holyspirit to spread light on our minds to understand the divine inspiration. The Word of God is more precious and powerful than any element of this Earth or Heaven so it has to be preserved in its original nature. The materialism and the Evil of this World manipulate the meaning of the Word of God and use them for their selfish desires and trick the People for better life. There is no better life than from the Word of God. It is a lie from the wrong interpretations or translating the meaning of the Word of God in human understanding. It is like living with the packaging of the Wrapped gift of God, missing out the real joy and excitement of the real gift of God , the Word of God.

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