Jesus 33 Encounter Retreat Day 29 Peter & Paul

Peter & Paul:

Peter & Paul are the two Christian Pillars on which the foundation of the Kingdom of God was established on Earth. We can call them as pioneers of the Christisn Faith. God had a plan for both of them and it was not their goodness or works made them the pillars but God revealed them the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. If we see their basic qualities , both of them were devout Jews waiting for the Kingdom of God. But both of them had wrong ideas about the Messiah and restoration . Peter thought of a Worldly powerful Kingship and Paul thought to be through following the Law of his ancestors. Both were wrong and Worldly and very Violent people who believed in force and Violence. Jesus chooses these two violent men who were just opposite to the Gospel of Peace as his followers. Jesus does not look at their Violent nature but the zeal for God. Though their thoughts and actions were wrong but both of their intentions were to serve the Lord. In this situation Jesus reveals through these people a extreme level of Wisdom of Faith to Acknowledge as ” Jesus as the Messiah , the Christ” . This level of faith in the Lord can not be from Human Origin but only can be possible through divine intervention of God himself. God the Father introduces his own Son’s identity through these two zealous people to the entire mankind. Paul immediately after his convertion started preaching boldly and challenging Jews that Jesus is the Messiah.

God looks at the intentions or zeal of our heart towards him. The revelations of God can transform any individual of this World. We see most of the modern anointed preachers are not traditional Christians but either from non believers background or of sinful background. Zeal or good intentions are thirst for God’s search and Jesus came in to this World look for the lost Sheep. When he looks at the thirsting Spirits of Human beings he fills them with heavenly Water the Holyspirit abundantly. Same things happened with Peter and Paul. Though Peter was with Jesus for all three years he did not understand Jesus in his human understanding but once Jesus was glorified Peter was filled with Holyspirit and converted 3000 people in one day. Paul the prosecutor gets converted in three days and immediately starts preaching in the Synagogue that Jesus is Lord.

The Revelations or anointing or Divine intervention is the key for God’s Work on this Earth. All of Paul’s epistles were the revelations of Jesus. The letters of St. Paul reveal the hidden meaning of the Words of Jesus in the Gospel, though he has not met Jesus or studied Jesus in his human life. Thus Saul becomes Paul & chosen Apostle by resurected Jesus.

Holyspirit had his own way of building the Church through Jesus, Peter becomes Apostle of Jews where as Paul becomes Apostle of Gentiles.Jesus appoints Peter to lead the Church not because he was holy or obedient than other Apostles but he recognised Jesus in his human nature in a divine understanding. Though Saul was a Scholar and a Pharisee of the Old Testament ,but his transformation experience to the grace of God was greater than of his human knowledge of the Law.

All Holy Saints had the same experiences of these two men of God.They believed less in their understsnding than on the God’s wisdom and revelation and guidence.We see the ministries who rely on God’s prividence flourish like the Early Church with powerful working of the Holyspirit.

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