The Real Truth is Revealed only through the light of the Gospel

The Lord said to her in reply,
“Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things.
There is need of only one thing.
Mary has chosen the better part
and it will not be taken from her.”

Sunday Readings tell us the Story of Mary and Martha. Both the sisters followed Christ in their own understanding but one of the sisters could find the treasure hidden in the Word of God. Many people run the Race but only one person wins the race. Many ways of life or Religions run the Race of life in this World but there is only one person called Jesus has the full truth or real way to lead our life. Jesus visited Abraham in the old testament and because of Abraham’s Hospitality and waiting upon the Lord the Salvation to the Whole World was granted by a blessing through Isaac and his descendants Jesus born to Mary and Joseph.

The hidden mysteries of the Word of God are revealed to the people who wait upon the Lord. These mysteries are the ways of real happiness and joy on this World. We do many things in this world but there is no real peace and joy at the end of our achievements. If we wait upon the Lord and follow Christ in our life, we may or may not be successful in our Worldly structures or Towers but definitely receive the satisfaction of Love , joy and peace in our heart. I have seen people seeking better life of Peace and migrating to Prosperous Countries or pursuing a difficult task or successful in this World but at the bargain lost the complete Love .Joy and Peace in their life. Some people realize halfway but some people it is too late in their life.

Prosperity and Poverty have been redefined in the Gospel of today.Abraham had to go through many troubles in his life but God protected him and Blessed him in every situation. Mary and Martha had similar kind of experiences in their life but Jesus gave Mary the best part of his resurrection experience.

The half truth is a lie which the World and Evil present to confuse God’s People but Jesus presents Complete truth through the Gospel, this Gospel of complete truth tell us how we must go about in our life and if we sit and listen to the Gospel of the living God who is and forever we will receive the treasure of eternal life on this Earth itself. I can testify thousands of testimonies in my day today life .Personal Prayer or Quiet Time or Quality Time time with Our Lord on day today life is one of the best of the strategy to sit at the feet of Jesus in this busy and contemporary World but we must listen to him.Jesus speaks to each one of us in our one to one time and if we cultivate a habit to listen to him we will be blessed in our day today work with full of Love..Joy and Peace Which Jesus came in to this Earth to give us.

To Do Today: To sit for 10 mts.alone with Jesus and write down in a Diary What Jesus said to you today.

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