Doing the Will of God in our life like St.Joseph.

December 18 2020- Friday of the Third Week of Advent

When Joseph awoke,
he did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him
and took his wife into his home. 

St. Joseph did the complete will of God though he had many doubts and challenges to accept Mary and Jesus in his life. The Gospel does not give us the complete records of his struggle so that we reflect upon the struggle of Joseph to join our struggles and challenges to do and sacrifice our own agendas to accomplish the Will of God in our life. Doing the will of the Father is an art of living or a lifestyle routed in faith. The Word of God and working of the Holy spirit are the main attractions of this lifestyle. There are Roller Coasters in this lifestyle like in the life of St. Joseph , Roller-coasters are always make people alive and thrills them, Children like to sit on the Roller Coasters because they know the thrill. St.Joseph had many up and downs in his life but in his entire life he sought the will of God in his life. The Angel of God started to guide him at every point in his dream and he obeyed the Angel of God.

We the Children of God must adopt this lifestyle of faith and not the lifestyle of Kitty Party and Gated Community. When we depend upon the mighty power of God we will be elevated to the mountain of God’s Holiness. Gated Communities witness many Suicides from the high rise Buildings but people who believe and content with God’s Blessing can accept all things from the hands of God. Jesus Christ only can teach people the real lifestyle and as Christians we must adopt this lifestyle. In the old testament when Israelite’s ,the chosen people of God started living on their own lifestyle by depending upon the Material things and Material Gods they lost the protection and providence of God but when they realized their mistake and came back to God with repentance God showed great love and mercy by punishing their enemy and miraculously saving them from the Enemies.

Friends believe me there is no life other than Jesus, I have experienced in my own life trying to experience best things and places of this World but at every better lifestyle there is a cliff, a dead end to remind us that this World is the dead end and there a life of faith beyond it. St. Joseph could have become a richest Carpenter of this World by introducing his Furniture to the end of the World because he had good skills of a Carpenter but he chose rather to accept Jesus and Mary the plan of salvation and earn his daily bread as a daily Wage Worker or a Village Carpenter. We must ask ourselves today , are we giving more priorities over our profession than our Christian calling to be a Christian Parent or Christian Child. Prosperity and better Worldly lifestyle is not the goal of a Christian but to become a loving , caring, forgiving, sharing, sacrificing person by trusting in Jesus mercy and love.

Prayer : Lord Jesus, bring me in to my senses. Amen

We will celebrate the Year of Saint Joseph with a Novena of Prayers for Consecration to Saint Joseph.

It was a joy to include you in our first Consecration to Saint Joseph last April. Consecrations should be renewed annually, and this year there will be special blessings attached to it because it’s the Year of Saint Joseph!

It begins January 16 and will end with a consecration on January 24, the Feast Day of Saint Francis de Sales who had a fervent devotion to Saint Joseph and avidly encouraged others to rely on Saint Joseph. With this novena, we seal ourselves as children of Saint Joseph, placing into his fatherly protection ourselves, our families, our jobs and ministries, and the Church. We also consecrate to his fatherhood those who are not following Christ, especially our own family members, because Joseph’s desire in heaven is that all of his children love his son, Jesus, and follow him to everlasting life.

If you would like to join us for this novena, simply remain subscribed to this elist. Otherwise, please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.

Meanwhile, read “Saint Joseph as the Image of God’s Fatherhood” from the book “30 Days to the Father’s Heart“. If this chapter ministers to you, go to the home page of the book’s website and read it from the beginning. It’s a journey of healing from wrong images of God as Our Father.

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