Holy Spirit is love , gifts & fruits of the Holy spirit without love do not come from God.

Sixth Sunday of Easter
May 6, 2018

Today’s Readings:

Acts 10:25-26, 34-35, 44-48
Ps 98:1-4
1 John 4:7-10
John 15:9-17
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Whoever loves me will keep my word, says the Lord,
and my Father will love him, and we will come to him.

Last Sunday’s readings introduce us to the Holy spirit who was promised by Jesus. During the life of Jesus on this earth, Jesus was challenged by the World to transform the World in to the Kingdom of God through miracles, debates, signs, judgement, Scriptures so on. Even on the Cross the Jewish leaders challenge Jesus saying if you are the Messiah, come down from the Cross and we will worship you.  After the resurrection and the defeating the Devil by dying on the Cross, Jesus could have very well restored the Kingdom by showing his power of resurrection to the Jews and rest of the World. I was wondering why Jesus did not do it immediately after his resurrection.

To answer to my question, the Lord revealed me todays scriptures:

Beloved, let us love one another,
because love is of God;
everyone who loves is begotten by God and knows God.

In the journey of life, man lost the relationship with God and lost love of God and of each other. Jesus was sent in to this World to restore this love and establish a new covenant of love by offering his Body and Blood on the Cross which we call act of Salvation. The Salvation is to restore the love of God and rekindle the lost love in others life.  The Salvation is the Master plan of the trinity to defeat the Devil, World and the flesh. The Victory has been achieved but this Victory is not applied in our life through the act of love.  Jesus after his resurrection establishes his organisation of love the Church to restore the love of God and of each other and introduces the third person of the Trinity the Holy spirit. The Salvation was attained for all the people who had died and the people who are living and for the next generation. God’s Salvation plan was to restore the love in each and every person of this World of past , present and the future.

Every person who loves God will keep the Commandments. What are the Commandments or beatitudes of Jesus? All Commandments and Word of God or beatitudes can be summarised to love of God and each other. God is the author of love and he has written the book of love his people on this earth. If we say we love the Author of the Book of love but do not love the people of that book, then we manipulate the love of God in to our selfish nature. This is the reason Jesus wanted us to experience the Salvation  in our own personal life through the transformation of our life to the love of God and of each other.  This transformation  takes place by experiencing the love of God the Holy spirit, when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Master, the Holy spirit the God’s love , enters in our life and this relationship stirs  our life and produces the love of our neighbour in the form of the gifts of the Holy spirit.

How a big tree produce good fruits , flowers, beauty in to the World, same way God’s relationship with Man the Holyspirit or Love of God brings good things of Charity in this World.

Now the question is Can one lose the Salvation Experience in his or her life. Yes one can lose the Salvation in his life however holy or gifted that person during his or her conversion time or after.The Salvation Experience is the free gift of God , distributed more freely than the air of this Earth. God offers this love every moment of our life in each and every activity of our life. If a person stops having a relationship with God ( Holy spirit) either in his prayer life or with his neighbour , the love of God stops flowing un to us and we become just like before our God experience . The Salvation is lifelong process but begins from the foot of the Cross till our death bed. We can not stop loving our God or our brothers & Sisters through out our life despite of any sufferings, sicknesses, hatred, Sin, or even of the fear of death. This is the meaning of  true love of Jesus and the Holy spirit in today’s readings. God’s love does not discriminate anyone despite of religion, race, colour, nationality, group, Holy & unholy but freely given to every single soul from Nicodemus the Pharisee the educated and the good the Thief on the Cross.

The relationship with God can be maintained in various ways like Christian ministries, personal prayer, Eucharist & the Word of God . Let us stir or increase or intensify the love of God the Holy spirit in our life and reap the fruits of love  Joy & peace in our life.










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