Our God is a Living God.By: Ivan Rodrigues

The Resurrection of Jesus brought Victory to truth, Love, Justice and Peace. The Salvation plan was accomplished through the Resurrection of Jesus. It is a finishing point and all said and done once for all. The main enemy of man kind the death which was a penalty for the Sins of mankind was swapped with the death of Christ and superseded with the Resurection of Jesus on the third day. The death was overcome with the Resurection of Jesus. Those who believed in the resurrected Jesus ,no more die due to their offenses but live for ever. This is the Salvation plan and real Victory over the plan of Evil. This is Easter .

Easter is not only a event of Victory over Death but an event of vindication and Justice. We as followers of Christ has the right to reclaim lost property like Peace, Joy, Justice, love, Providence so on on this day. When a King is defeated or a thief has been put to justice, the lost things or stolen things are retrieved from the Victim. Evil comes to kill and destroy our health, peace, love, Providence and justice and finally death over powers us . The Resurection of Jesus nullifies the consequences of our sins and restores our health, peace love,Providence and cancels our death penalty and offsets with love , joy, peace. Good health and Providence. The best weapon to counter the evil or temptations is to recall the Victory of Christ over the Evil on the day of Resurection. The Resurection of Jesus is the key or the weapon to destroy the power of Evil on this Earth.

The power of Salvation is so great that the strength of whole of the Universe is too little to counter the power of Salvation. This power of Salvation in corporated in every Christian or follower of Christ or those who believe in Christ that he died for us sinners and got resurrected to give us new life in him.

This power of Easter exercised in our daily life to lead a Victorious life in Christ. The Victorious life in Christ does not mean we do not have pain or afflictions or persecutions but by the power of the Salvation we overcome all the afflictions of our life including death. Death does not have any effect on a Christian because a Follower of Christ becomes one with Christ and Christ is living and is a Living God and never dies again but lives for ever. So a Follower of Christ never dies but lives for ever.

There is only one scientist who discovered the medicine to death and that is Jesus Christ All intellectuals do many researches but fail to research the Resurection of Jesus. The power of Salvation is so great that the Nuclear power of this World is a child’s play because Salvation values are not of this World but are of the Kingdom of God. God’s people work Christ values but the foolish people of this World work for power, money and worldly strength. We can not have both but must choose Christ or the World. This awareness must be reached to each and every Worldly person on this Earth and every Christian has a duty of evangelisation.To Evangelise or enlighten or make aware of, we need not baptise a person but educate a person with Christ message the good news ,the Gospel that the light has come in to this World to dispel the power of Darkness.

By: Ivan Rodrigues

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