Jesus is the King of the poor in Spirit

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King
November 20, 2022

Today’s Readings:

2 Samuel 5:1-3Ps 122:1-5Colossians 1:12-20Luke 23:35-43
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

I was pondering on the Kingship of Jesus in our life. Theologically Kings were Fatherly figures or Good Shepherds of their flock or Children. In Biblical figure of speech the King means a person who has complete authority over his subordinates. King is responsible for all the activities in his Kingdom. The King is a Provider, Healer , Protector, Guide and a great fighter over his Enemies.

Jesus Christ was a Spiritual King , Jesus is not a King in the Visible World or in simple he was not a Worldly King. Jesus is King of truth ,Justice and Peace.

When we reflect on Christ the King, we immediately think Jesus Christ must rule all over the World or all human beings must follow Jesus Christ. The truth,Justice, Peace, forgiveness, love are the qualities of Christ’s Kingdom on this Earth. The people who do not have these qualities in them are cut off from his Kingdom and thrown in the corruption of greed, Anger, Pride, jealousy, Drunkenness, Gossip, Lust, hatred, revenge and all possible evil of this World.

When we live in Truth and Peace, Jesus Christ automatically become the King of our life. When we work for peace, truth, love,charity we are working for the Kingdom of God on this Earth. So it is more important to call oneself Christian to work for the Kingdom of God. The Kingship of Jesus is not related with the things of this World like numbers , quantity, name,power, miracles, healing, denominations, education, descipline, money prosperity . It has nothing to do with the Kingdom of Jesus.

When a person suffers for any of the qualities of Jesus, he or she is in the Kingdom of Christ, it can be sickness, persecution, prison or poverty. The sacrificial life is the model of the Kingdom of God. Jesus works very powerfully when we work for Charity and Peace. This is the Evangelisation which Jesus preached and practised in his life.

The greatest love one can have to give his own life for his people. A Father or Mother do this for their Children. A Priest must do for their Parish. A Manager must do for his team. A entrepreneur must do for his staff.

Jesus must become the King of our heart first. When we have a relationship with him , it is easier to recognise him in the field. There are two kinds of journey of truth . One starts with our transformation of heart like the good thief in the Gospel reading and the second one is through our actions and then we meet the author of those actions. If we are transformed or made Jesus Christ our King then the action of self Sacrifice must follow , if it doesn’t, then the our depending upon our King is not full or partial. This is a very dangerous spiritual area where Hypocrisy comes in to picture. In this category people recognise Jesus but do not follow him in actions. The actions are confirmation or manifestation of God’s love in our life. If there is unforgiveness in our heart then there is no Compassion and sympathy.

St.Thomas lived with Jesus but could not accept him as Lord and Master. When Jesus confirmed his sacrifice to him, he accepted him with a acclamation ” My Lord and my God.” The transformation of Thomas came with a commitment to give his life for his Master. Jesus directed him to come to India and represent the love of God.St.Thomas gave his life for the King.

If we make Jesus our King, then we must give our life for his Kingdom of love, Justice. Peace, forgiveness, Charity. If we are busy in collecting and building more and more then we are not in the Kingdom of God though we are baptised Christians. The Baptism of Jesus is manifested with it’s Fruites of love , if utdoesn’t bear fruite, it will be cut off and thrown in the fire. If we become richest person or President of a richest nation but if we do not have love and charity then whatever has been gained in this World is a big waste and it is a collection of rubbish.

Prayer: Lord remember me when you come in glory.Amen


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