Spiritual Junk Food.

All of us know the food prepared at our houses is hygienic, healthy and economical. The outside food from the food joints and restaurants is more tasty but not hygienic and brings obesity and sickness. The Spiritual food the Word of God reflected, meditated, studied and implemented in our life is the best and real way of life. We have lots of junk resources available online and offline. Every next door we have a preacher and a Christian ministry preaching their ideological views of the Word of God. They preach what we want hear from our itchy ears. The hate preaching , gossip preaching , preaching of power of Superman, preaching of miracles and healing is what we get from our ministries. The good ministries are totaly working like good Corporates with all secular values

When we do not read the word of God by ourselves and have personal prayer where we communicate with our Provider and share that grace and love with our family and friends, We can experience God’s grace in our life. The preacher shares his experience , his experience not necessary it is divine but definitely very interesting and well presented in Worldly parameters. We hear the Word of God like in the parable of the Sower but the seed of the Word of God does not stay for a long time, when trials and temptation come they dry and die without Water.