Word of God cleanses us and makes us Holy.

Friday of the 33rd Week of Ordinary Time
Memorial of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, Virgin
November 18, 2022

Today’s Readings:

Revelation 10:8-11
Ps 119:14,24,72,103,111,131
Luke 19:45-48
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

One of the virtue of the Word of God is sanctity , the devotion for the House of God must be pure and Holy. It can not be of double standard. The Jerusalem temple was representing the Heavenly Temple so there was only Praise,Worship, Sin Offering, prayer and Scriptures Reading. All these ways to approach God are holy and pure.There is no selfishness in these ways.

When People lost the essence of these ways and used these ways for selfishness and greed , the sanctity of the place is deviated and corrupted the rituals. The expensive rituals were made for Pride and Show Off. The word of God cleanses our corrupt consumed things in our life.

When I met the Lord for the first time the first thing happened was cleansing of my bad habits. The cancer patients go fatigue when they take medicines, this is the sign that the medicines are working in their Body. The Word of God also cleanses us in various ways, sometime even in prolonged sickness or sudden loss of things in our life. The only purpose of these things are our Salvation.

It is better to lose one hand or eye in this World than go to eternal Hell. Some people lose their jobs, some people are disturbed from their comfort zone.This is a clear sign that the things that they are holding on to as their security will betray them and will not help them to bring happyness or peace in their life.

The oil and water can not get mixed when boiling so if there is no Holyspirit or love in any activity in our families or in our parishes will not remain longer but will dry up soon. This is the reason we see people who do not have love and forgiveness do not remain in ministries for long, even these kind of ministries colapse with no time.

I have seen many Leaders preachers blooming like Mushrooms and perishing with no time. The much cleansing is needed in our families because the purpose of life has been diverted from love and forgiveness.The Church requiresThe cleansing because corruption has diverted our purpose of love and Salvation. The Missionary activities have commercialised and the vision and mission is missing in our Parishes and Priests.

The calamities are one of the reminders that the things we have used to defile our life are temporary and Weak.Let us look at the signs and correct our ways according to the Word of God. Finally there will be only Word of God which will remain and every one will be hanging on to the Word of God which is the only truth and Salvation on this World.

Prayer: Lord cleanse us and make us like you.Amen.