Repentance Brings Supernatural Blessings and miracles in our life. By: Ivan Rodrigues

Monday of the 33rd Week of Ordinary Time
November 14, 2022

Today’s Readings:

Revelation 1:1-4; 2:1-5
Ps 1:1-4, 6 (with Rev. 2:17)
Luke 18:35-43
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Yet I hold this against you:
you have lost the love you had at first.
Realize how far you have fallen.
Repent, and do the works you did at first.
Otherwise, I will come to you
and remove your lampstand from its place, unless you repent.”’”

The Readings of today call us to repent our present life by asking the mercy of God. Mercy , Repentance, Faith and love are the words used in the Readings of today. These words are like an indicator in a language which points out or draws the love of God or the image of God. God is full of love and wants his children to imitate him. When the people turn back from the Evil or Worldly ways of life in to the ways of Christ , they access the love of God. To access this love of God we need faith, seek mercy, repentance and seek love of God.

As advent is nearing which is a great time to recollect our life .One of the exercises which I do in my life is tally my life with the Ten Commandments.

Ten Commandments are the Blueprints of the love of God. When we tick mark our life against every Commandment and find out where our life has off tracked from the tracks of the Gospel, we come to know where we need to modify or repair our life.

Repentance is a process in which we accept our mistakes or negligence and seek the mercy of God and trust him that he is good and always loving and taking decision not to go back to the old ways again in our life. This process of Repentance is absolved by a man of God with a Blessing of anointment of God’s love. This anointment of the Sacrament sustains and keeps a person away from the temptations and the opportunity of Sin.

A man who loved God first can fall in to temptations and lose the anointing or the relationship which he or she had with God. Adam and Eve had a special relationship with God but when they did not obey God , they lost the relationship and even the divine nature or divine image of God. They also were shadowed with guilt and shame and lost the super natural provisions of the God’s relatives.

When we come to God in new relationship , we get all the lost blessings in our life. They are super natural Blessings for those who obey God’s Commandments in sincerity and Honesty and love. This what happens in the Gospel Reading of today,When the blind man seeks mercy from the author of life, God’s mercy pours out and a supernatural miracle takes place. The scripture says , the blind man received sight instantly and followed Jesus.

Most of our problems , un answered prayers and sicknesses are related with our Sin , non repentance and unforgiveness. The Devil comes to kill and plunder the People of God. A good retreat in a good renewed team is a good decision to have a repented and forgiving repentance in this Season of Advent.

Let us work out our life personaly one to one with our God and then only go to the Priests for the seal of anointing in the Sacrament of confession. If go for Confession without checking our life and no repentance and no decision to repeat the same mistakes then the grace of Confession has no meaning , we are fooling God and ourselves. In our churches today Priests know to sit in the Confessional but no time to prepare people for a good confession. We have tell our priests to prepare for the liturgy of Repentance and not a name sake Confession which does not have any grace or meaning of Confession.It is like pouring water on the hard Rocky ground .

Prayer: Jesus , Son of David have mercy upon me a Sinner.Amen