Palm Sunday is a Sunday of Praise & Worship.

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion
April 10, 2022

Today’s Readings:

Readings for the Entrance Procession:
Luke 19:28-40
Readings for Mass:
Isaiah 50:4-7
Ps 22:8-9, 17-20, 23-24
Philippians 2:6-11
Luke 22:14–23:56
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

I tell you, if they keep silent,
the stones will cry out!”

Praise & Worship is the highest form of prayer which is offered to the throne of God or the Holy of Holies. Jesus’s mission on this earth was coming to an end and Jesus with his full Royal Majesty and Splendor enters in to the Jerusalem Temple which is the dwelling place of God. Jesus reveals his Majesty and Kingship in today’s liturgical service. In olden days the procession of the Palms taken in the whole of the Parish and every House used to Welcome the Lord in to their House by lighting the Candle, decorating House with Palm Trees and offering Incense and a Band with all instruments played on all tunes with loud songs of Praise and Worship. All the people of other faith used to wonder what is happening with these Christians and some of the Non Christians used to bow before the Blessed Sacrament pass through their Houses.

Praise & Worship is not a choice or a option to a Christian but a must factor to reach God to see him as he is. God deserves our Praise and Worship because Praise unwraps the presence of God and enable us to recognizes him as he is, and Worship is an act of complete surrender to the Will of the Master. Palm Sunday must be a Sunday of the Praise & Worship for all Christians of the World. As we remember his Majesty and Splendor riding on a Donkey a sign of Humility of a Servant King , we Worship our servant king and become servant of the servant. This is a realization for every Christian that we are not born in this World to be served but to serve.

It is a great opportunity to surrender and renew our life once again and accept Jesus as the only King of our life. Jesus is enough for us in this life , if we accept him as our King. Whenever I visit any important functions the Priests are given best of the places and respect than all the other Worldly leaders , this is a sign of honor given to the People of God. The act of Kingship of Jesus is above all preaching or attributes of Jesus . We have seen in the Lenten Readings , Jesus says : I am the Bread of life, I am the light of the World, I am the Good Shepherd, I am Who I am but in today’s liturgy Jesus openly receives the Glory, Praise and Majesty which is deserved only to the King of Heaven and Earth. this was the forecast of the Heavenly Glory which he had and is going to receive after his ascension.

Jesus the King of Kings is enough for all our financial, physical, Social, Spiritual needs of ours. if we depend on his Providence we will know that he is faithful to his every Word of the Gospel. The World is deceptive and takes us to the Kings of these World who are loot and kill but our King is a Servant King who comes to us not as a Judge but as a helper and servant. Let us understand his Kingship in our life and reconcile with him with a good Confession before he offers all our Sins on the holy Cross and give us a new life on Easter Sunday , making us Easter People. Praying for you to have Blessed Holy Week.

Prayer : Lord anoint us to enter in to the Holy of Holies in the Holy Week of the Passion and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God wants Mercy and not Sacrifice….

Fifth Sunday of Lent
April 3, 2022

Today’s Readings:

Isaiah 43:16-21
Ps 126:1-6
Phil 3:8-14
John 8:1-11
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

The People who live their life according to the rules and regulations are like a Horse which has been guided by its eye gears , it can not see left or right but only straight. The self righteousness takes us away from others and make us self centered and a dictator of our life. The righteousness can come from God alone , righteousness can not be attained by following Law because Law is only an indicator which points at God’s Righteousness , if we follow the indicator but fail to reach the goal which the indicator wants us to search through its signs and clues , we fail to reach the treasure and wander like a nomad in the Wilderness and the rat race of our life. The main difference between other ways of life and Christianity is this point. We may see excellent people and ideologies of this World which focus on discipline and Worldly prosperity. All good and disciplined ways of our life lead us to a perfect man with in us and this perfect man is a self righteous man and a dictator of our life. When we reach at this stage we become God of ourselves and take wrong decision of self destruction and self motivated goals of self ideologies.

Jesus Christ taught us that man can not be righteous through his good works alone but we require a guidance and anointing of the Holy spirit who enlightens our mind to the true good works of our life. The World may say gaining,gathering, perfecting, is life in its fullness but St. Paul says in today’s second reading: For his sake I have accepted the loss of all things
and I consider them so much rubbish,
that I may gain Christ and be found in him,
not having any righteousness of my own based on the law
but that which comes through faith in Christ,
the righteousness from God,
depending on faith to know him and the power of his resurrection
and the sharing of his sufferings by being conformed to his death,
if somehow I may attain the resurrection from the dead.

Love and forgiveness is the ultimate answer to every action of human being, if there is no love and forgiveness in any action or Ritual or Discipline or Law or any way of life then all the actions or efforts are a big waste and a pile of rubbish as per the Gospel of Christ.

Jesus Christ is a God of Compassion and love, when Mary Magdalene met Jesus caught with adultery the whole World was condemning her by pointing out at the Mosaic Law but Jesus Christ looks beyond the Horizon of the Law which is love, compassion and forgiveness the ultimate purpose of the Law. Repentance is nothing but accepting ourselves as poor and fragile and begging God’s Mercy to strengthen us in our poverty of life. If we do not come to this stage of life , it will be very difficult to sense the power of God or see God as he is in our life. We must give our life to him and he must be the driver of our life, we may be physically driving our life but all the instructions and guidance must come from his Spirit not on our own intelligence and knowledge.

The Whole World is tilting towards the self righteousness and dictatorship. The powerful people manipulate the Law and trying to dominate the World in their own ideologies. There is no Compassion for the poor and marginalized but power and Winning is the ultimate goal of life. This kind of attitude was seen in Pharaoh of Egypt who tortured the Chosen People of God but God listens to the cries of his people and sends Moses and punishes the Pharaoh by Miracles and Wonders so that the People of God may worship and praise him in their entire life.

Prayer : Lord .. send a Prophet like Moses to destroy the power of Dictatorship of Every Leader of this World and bring peace , love, forgiveness praise and Worship to the ultimate name Jesus Christ our Lord.