Truth of life

8th Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 27, 2022

Today’s Readings:

Sirach 27:4-7
Ps 92:2-3,13-16
1 Corinthians 15:54-58
Luke 6:39-45
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

No disciple is superior to the teacher;
but when fully trained,
every disciple will be like his teacher.

If we extract the message of the Word of God in today’s readings it talks about material and spiritual matters. The whole World is in the rat race of chasing the material Prosperity and success and no one knows why he or she was born in this World and what is the Vision or goal of their life and what is the truth of life or what is life all about. The flesh leads us to Material World and the Spirit leads us to love , joy and peace. If we follow the Law or the map to reach a particular destination without knowing our destination it is foolishness and stupidity. I remember a story : a dog runs after a rabbit to catch him but the rabbit escapes and hides in the thorny bush . The Dog starts barking at the Rabbit to scare him so that the Rabbit may come out of the Bush . When this dog start barking , there were a group of other dogs join him in barking and the whole village dogs start barking but all the other dogs do not have any idea of why they are barking for except the dog who first saw the Rabbit. At the end all the other dogs tired of barking and leave the place except one Dog who never stops barking and the Rabbit comes our of the Bush and the Dog who was waiting to catch him enjoys its delicious meal. Don’t we act like those other dogs who do not have any idea why we work so hard and do all sort of heroic adventures to store the riches and be successful in name and fame in this World which do not help us to reach the destination of love,joy and peace.

The real goal or Vision comes from the person who knows the destination or who has reached the destination. We see many Worldly Management Gurus giving Worldly strategies to become successful in this World without knowing why they want to become great or successful. The real truth comes from the Man who who knows the real truth or the person who is truth himself or the destination himself or goal or vision himself. Jesus Christ is the real truth which the World must wear on their blind eyes. The Word of God becomes the true light to walk our life to reach the real truth of life. When we walk with the person called Jesus Christ who said : no one knows the Father or the real truth except by me because I have come down from Heavenly truth. If we know the truth we become the truth and a guide to others who do not know the real truth of life.

We see War like situation around us, people countries who are suppose to walk or support the truth are in fear of the powerful countries of the World. There is no truth but hatred , violence, threat and finally a great disaster , no one knows what they are doing or how much harm they are creating to the beautiful humanity which was created good and to be good to others. Jesus Christ has shown us the way of love and forgiveness . If Christian inspired Countries who are suppose to be an example to the rest of the World, act in fear and hatred with each other then how we are called followers of Christ who has taught us to love and forgive. In today’s World the Evil Work of dirty Politics and false ideologies are fighting against the real truth of Christ . Let us pray for Peace , Love, joy in our World so that the leaders may know the real truth and truth may set them free from all differences and bring them in to the Knowledge of Christ Jesus. Please pray for World peace , I have preached in Baltic Countries and many Christians from this belt are going through great persecution for Centuries. The Black Ice may melt in the power of salvation of Christ Jesus and bring the warmth of life.

Prayer : Lord , let your truth shine high on earth and people may be enlightened and transformed with your truth and bring love, joy ,peace in this World.

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