Prophecy and False Prophets of our time.

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 30, 2022

Jeremiah 1:4-5, 17-19Ps 71:1-6, 15, 171 Corinthians 12:31 — 13:13Luke 4:21-30
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

 Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
    before you were born I dedicated you,
                        a prophet to the nations I appointed you.

The ministry of Prophecy is a free gift of Baptism. Every Baptized Christian carries the gift of Prophecy by default. When I was praying over in an anointing session , a person asked me to pray for the gift of Prophecy , I prayed for the ignorance of this person and asked for the gift of Wisdom to reveal him the treasure he is carrying by virtue of his Baptism, as soon as I prayed for him , he busted with the gift of tongues and started prophesying in tongues. It sounds very funny but it is true, every Baptized Christian, in fact every human being must Prophecy because he or she has been formed as a Prophet or Prophetess before they were born.

We human beings explore the Knowledge of the mind by inventions, education, technology, theology. psychology so on but we do not explore our knowledge of the Spirit , we must acknowledge that we have the Spirit of God or a Conscience which helps us to discern the will of God. No person on earth wants to choose Evil intentionally but want to be in peace , the external part of our being the mind and flesh pull us away from the Will of God and prompts us to do Evil or go against the Commandments of God. All the gifts and Fruits of the Spirit of God treasured in our Spirit. This treasure is there with every Human Being either a Baptized or Non Baptized person. The grace of Salvation or Baptism enhances or connects our Spirit through the love of Christ to the Trinity. When we anoint or pray over a person in the name of Jesus despite of his religion the grace of Salvation comes over him and the inbuilt gifts and fruits of the Spirit are released or manifested in Body and mind.

Prophecy is a inbuilt gift of God even a non Christian or sinful Christian possesses deep down in his spirit but can not experience due to false Worships or sinfulness , when the Spirit of God anoints this person , first thing the Evil Spirit tries to run away from him, this is the reason we see the Evil manifestation. When I prayed over a lady who had come to seek only Worldly miracles and not any Spiritual gifts or for Salvation of the soul, her eyes started turning from all direction and was not stopping for hours , I sent her home and asked her repent for her sins and false worships , I prayed for her in tongues and bound the Spirit in the name of Jesus whole night, next day she came for the seminar and I prayed over her again and this time she enjoyed an immense joy and happiness which she could control for days.

Prophecy builds the People in Unity and Peace. If a Prophecy does not build up but destroys the peace in the Community , it is called false Prophecy . False Prophets are like Wolfe’s in Sheep clothes, there is only one formula to identify these False Prophets and that is love. If a Preacher or a Ministry does have love and compassion in life then it is a clear sign that this Preacher or Ministry is not from the Spirit of God.

There are many Ministries in our time , some of the signs of these ministries are they always seek quantity or big nos , they do lots of publicity, they always highlight Worldly Miracles, they always condemn other Religions, they insult a group of people, they idolize a particular Preacher, they promote Converted People to testify the falsehood of other Religion and so on. The main aim of these ministries are their self growth and Prosperity in their Ministry Work, the preaching of the Word of God is only a driver to achieve these self goals in their life. These People will not lift a finger to help the poor or needy but will give big Speech of Blessings. We had many of these kind False Prophets who were Hypocrites in Jesus time and they are the one who were responsible to Kill Jesus on the Cross. False prophets are the Daemons of our time , they are fully possessed by the Daemonic power. We must pray for these ministries day and night so that they may not do harm to the poor and marginalized in Spirit who do not understand the Kingdom of God in their life.

The ultimate goal of Prophecy or a Prophet or a Preacher is to build love. Love is the finish product of Prophecy. Prophecy enhances or builds love and unity. If we do not have love and try to Preach then that preaching does not have any values of Christ because Christ is love and love can not be preached in empty words but in service and caring in action, and this requires sacrifice and commitment.

The Word of God can be understood only through the senses of the Spirit.

3rd Sunday in Ordinary TimeJanuary 23, 2022

Nehemiah 8:2-6, 8-10Ps 19:8-10, 151

Corinthians 12:4-11Luke 1:1-4; 4:14-21
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Your words, Lord, are Spirit and life.

God’s Word is written by simple human beings through the inspiration of the Holy spirit. The writer becomes an instrument in the hand of God or Spirit of God. The intellectual sense of the Writer voided and supernatural power of the Holy spirit takes over the mind of the Writer and God tries to communicate or speak to the Human Beings through a Human writer in a human language with the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. We call these writings as Word of God or Holy Bible. The Word of God is not a human Writing or a Human language but a divine Word of God spoken in Human language. If we try to understand or interpret the Holy Bible in Human language or Worldly way , we misinterpret the Word of God. The Word of God can be understood or interpreted or read correctly only through the inspiration of the Holy spirit.

The values or merits or virtue of the Word of God is Spirit and truth and can not experience in our physical senses like eyes or intellectual but it can be sensed only through the senses of the Spirit like Faith(prayer) Worship, Praise, Fear of God, hope. God’s language is not Human Language so to receive the Word of God we need to be worthy to the Promises. The Worthiness comes through senses of the Spirit. If we understand the Word of God in the light of the Spirit or senses of the Spirit we understand the thoughts of God, we understand the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, We understand the Promises of God , We understand the plan of God in our life.

When we receive the word of God in faith we transform in the Spirit of God and become like God or Spirit of God. This is called the transformation. The first sign of the transformation is the receiver is transformed with the virtues of the Holy spirit i.e. love,joy, peace, patience., self control, forgiveness and second sign of transformation is the gifts of the Holy spirit like Prophesy, gift of teaching and preaching, gift of healing, gift tongues comes by default or automatically. These Fruits and Gifts are part of the life of God but the plan and mind of God is much greater than the gifts and fruits of the Spirit which reveal us the mysteries and plan of God in our life.

We see the Word of God interpreted or understood in a Human or historical context in seminaries and in Bible Colleges but not in Divine context or Spiritual context. When the Word of God understood in Human or Psychological context the Word of God remains only in Human Language or a good literature or a moral story book like any other historical books.Holy Bible can not be summered in to a moral story book but the Word of God need to be sowed and nurtured in once heart and grow in Spirit and life.

I see many newly ordained priests are powerless and timid in their ministry , if they have received 12 to 15 years of formation in the life of the Spirit , the question is has the Word of God routed in their life or a transformation of their life has taken place with signs of the Holy spirit. The routine studies and monastic life in the Seminary becomes a formality and ritual , when these seminarians become priests , they carry the same routine life to the Parish Community. This is the reason not much Spiritual transformations happening in the Parishes.

I see Laity are more interactive in Spirit to receive the Word of God and nurture the goodness in their life of Faith and Worship. There is a awakening in the Church which was inspired by the Holy spirit in Vatican 2 where Laity were positioned hierarchically on top or at the receiving end of the God’s ways in the Church but no documents of the Vatican 2 have been implemented in the Parish Communities in action. Holy spirit has his own course of action and fulfills the plan in his own way. Pope Francis has dedicated this year to the Lay Catechists and Lecterns who are the first teachers and pro claimers of the Word of God to their Children and the Parish community.

The Clergy in the Church are slowly realizing the secrets to receive the Word of God not physically or psychologically but in Spirit and truth from the Lay ministries and started implementing in the Seminaries and Parish Communities. These actions have to increase more and more in the life of Clergy and in the life of Church. The whole church has been built in the love of God and the word of God reveals the love of God to the Whole World , if we can not receive the Gospel in worthy manner we can not nurture or grow in the love and life of God in this World.

People have wrong conception that the Word of God has to be shouted in a Speech or advertised to attract people, these are Worldly ways to sell Worldly products or ideologies in Worldly ways. The Word of God has to be accepted in our life in worthy manner by repentance, faith and Worship. God’s gifts and fruits automatically pour out to the Whole World by signs and Wonders. I do not think early Christian saints and Marty res did all these things but Christianity was at its peak in the in their time. Let us stop running from one Retreat Center to another or one preacher to the another but let us sit before the Lord in Praying the Word of God in faith and Worship and the Lord will reveal his love to us and let us sit before him till it overflows to our family , friends and to the Whole World.

Prayer : Come Holy spirit and enlighten our mind to receive the love of God . Amen.

Christian Conversion is not a Human or Ritual activity but of Divine Revelation and transformation of Human Heart.

The Epiphany of the Lord
January 2, 2022Today’s Prayer:

Thank You, Lord Jesus, because You have shown me my heavenly Father’s face, and You guide me towards Him in Your light. Amen.SaintsToday’s Saint Quote & Prayer:
Today’s Readings:

Isaiah 60:1-6
Ps 72:1-2, 7-8, 10-13
Ephesians 3:2-3, 5-6
Matthew 2:1-12
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

 The Gentiles are coheirs, members of the same body,
and copartners in the promise in Christ Jesus through the gospel.

Today’s feast of Epiphany reveals the mystery St.Paul is talking about that the Gentiles are Coheirs , members of the same body and co partners in the promise in Christ Jesus through the Gospel. Christianity or followers of Christ is not like any other Worldly way of life but it is a revelation to every individual of this World. The revelation of Christ comes to every human in various ways and it is not a Human experience but a divine revelation. A revelation comes from God alone and not of human origin so any human efforts to reveal Jesus to the World is a big waste of time and not from God.

We see in recent developments in India many legislation has been introduced to stop Conversion by human allurements or influence or by any means of force to the poor and downtrodden. We remember our ancestors Converted in Goa by Portuguese in 1500 to 1700 was either for some benefits or for fear of the Authorities. If we glance at the History ,the most of the Religions existed due to the King’s dominance or the King’s Religion was by default become the People way of life , if any person objected to worship King’s Religion they were either killed and persecuted to accept the new way of life. This is the History which no one can deny all over the World. The Christianity was persecuted for almost first three hundred years of the early Christians and when Constantinople accepted Christianity as his official religion most of the Roman ruled World accepted Christianity as their way of life. The question is do these kind of Conversions are real transformation of hearts or a revelation of Christ to the People who do not know the love of God.

During the Portuguese inquisition many people migrated to the region of Mangalore to avoid the persecutions from Portuguese and fell in to the trap of Tipu Sultan who caught 120000 newly converted Christians from Hinduism and forcefully converted 80000 Christians in to Muslims in Srirangapattana in Mysore. This was the traditions of Conversions in the History of the World. Aryans came from the Middle East to India and became Hindus by Religion. We can talk about it from one generations to the other.

Though I was born and baptised in a Catholic Family and gone to become a Catholic Priest in my early years of life I never knew Christ in my life for 25 years. After 25 years of life as a Catholic , a dramatic and divine transformation took place in my life in the year 1994 , for the first time in my life I experienced the love of God in my life. I experienced God as real and is a living God who cares for me loves me and saves me from the Evil. I want to make a point to everyone who reads this reflection, can we experience God through human efforts or discipline or through the systematic institutions called Churches or through a disciplined Christian upbringing , my opinion is no because I was brought up in a good Catholic Family with all morning and evening prayers and with all obligations of the Church followed , I was an alter Boy for 10 years and then decided to discern my Vocation by joining the Priesthood, but I could not experience the fiber of God’s love in my life. I see many Christians who are old enough to understand the reality of life but have not experienced the love of God in their life.

Recently I met an Auto driver and he started conversing with me about his life as a Christian. I asked him , was he born as a Christian , he said no but just three years back he had an unique experience in a Bible awareness seminar invited by his friend and got anointed by the love of God. For the last three years he has been studying in a Seminary to know more about Christ. Baptism or Conversion is not mere a formality of giving Christian name but a divine activity of conversion of heart. The three Kings were not born in a Christian Family but non Christians , God revealed them the love of God in their own way of life and leaving their own way of life , they were in search of fullness of truth or fullness of love where they were not satisfied but to know the real truth of life.

Jesus Christ is not only a Savior of Christians but the Savior of Hindus , Muslims, Buddists, Jains, Jews and of the Whole World. There is love and truth in every religion and every religion is seeking and looking to attain the fullness of God. Jesus has been revealed to some people who have experienced the love of God and love of Neighbor. A person who has experienced the love of God , never hates any other Non Christians but loves them more than their fellow Christians.

I visited a Retreat Center , there were many people who had experienced the love of God from other Religions. The administrators were highlighting these people to draw attention of the attenders to convict them that the previous way of life was Evil. There is no Religion is Evil in this World , if we were born in that Religion we were also would have followed that Religion so organisation or any person has any right to call any Religion as Evil. If someone does this kind of evangelisation the love of Neighbour is not with him .

Every Religion has the love of God and Neighbor in one way or the other. From one generation to the other the traditions , rituals and selfishness of man has influence all the ways of life including today’s so called Christianity and corrupted the truth and love. Jesus Christ himself is a revelation to the Whole World, this revelation is a light no one in this World or the Netherworld can stop it because it is not natural but divine and super natural.

Pope Francis in his letter ON FRATERNITY AND SOCIAL FRIENDSHIP- fratelli-tutti – calls all humans in this World are brothers and sisters who are created in the likeness and image of God which supersedes all the other beliefs which is miscellaneous and need to be ignored or need to bear for the love of God. There is only one way to live in this World by the love of God and our Neighbor. Please read the following link of the document on fratelli-tutti and become enlightened with the light of Christ in the year 2022.

Every Blessing of God comes with a mission to complete the Salvation Plan God on this Earth.

Saturday January 1, 2022
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

ScripturesNumbers 6:22-27
Ps 67:2-3,5-6,8
Galatians 4:4-7
Luke 2:16-21

The LORD said to Moses:  
“Speak to Aaron and his sons and tell them:  
This is how you shall bless the Israelites.
Say to them:  
The LORD bless you and keep you!  
The LORD let his face shine upon      
you, and be gracious to you!  
The LORD look upon you kindly and      
give you peace!
So shall they invoke my name upon the Israelites,  
and I will bless them.”

God has created this World good and beautiful , there is nothing worthless or ugly in this World. Man has been given the stewardship to manage, nurture and multiply the goodness of God showered upon this Earth. If we see in the Bible , God reminds us from Adam till the present day to be good stewards in our day today lives. A good steward always represents his Master and carries out the responsibilities given to him in his day today life. A good Steward always a handmaid of the Lord who listens, expects and waits upon his Master. Mother Mary was one of the good Steward or Handmaid of the Lord who Carried out the mission given to her by pondering upon the hidden mysteries of God which were yet to be understood or revealed in her life. Moses was another good Steward who humbled himself to offer his life to do will of God.

When we carry out our given responsibilities of our day today work by listening or keeping the Commandments of God, we do the Will of God. Many people try to seek the Will of God by visiting the visionaries, Shrines, Astrology, Counseling, influences so on but the Master’s will is to continue the things that we are doing in the light of the Gospel. Gospel of Christ or love of God or the Holy spirit or the Commandments or the Word of God illuminates our life in truth. To live in the Gospel of Christ is to live in the Blessings of God. Mother Mary, Moses, Abraham, David and all biblical figures lived in the light of the Gospel and Blessings followed them.

What is a Biblical or God’s Blessing ? A Biblical Blessing or God’s Blessing is not at all Worldly Prosperity which we often misunderstand or misinterpret or wrongly preach, a real blessing of God is to carry on our Work in peace and in the grace of God. When we offer the Work of our hands to God in our daily life and carry out in the light of the Gospel it becomes a Blessings to our self and a blessing to others. This Work may not bring Worldly Prosperity or good luck or success but the work which we carry out brings peace ,love,joy to ourselves and others. The success in numbers and quantity are Worldly but success in the Kingdom of God are sacrifice and service.

Mother Mary sacrificed her life for the Gospel and became blessed among all the Women and awarded to become the Mother of God. Mary was a simple girl of Israel , did not do great things in her life but lived her day today life in the Commandments of God and the Blessings of God or God’s favor came upon her through the Angel Gabriel. This Blessing did not give her Worldly Prosperity or Worldly Queen ship but gave her an invitation to give her life for the Salvation plan and become the co partner with God himself and become the Mother of God.

We need to be very careful when we Bless others or ask God’s Blessing because every God’d Blessing comes with a mission of God and this mission of God always a part of the Salvation plan on this Earth, which makes us co partners in the Salvation plan. Mary was promised with many Blessings by Gabriel Angel but all the blessings fulfilled in Heavenly Context but not in Worldly context so it is always wrong to interpret Blessings of God in Worldly context.

Every Blessing of God makes good stewards or handmaid of the Lord. When there are persecutions , pain, oppositions, accusations, humiliations, injustice in our day today life we must understand that these are the reactions or retaliations of this World preventing us not to carry out our daily work but to stop doing it . Mother Mary and all Biblical figures went through these trials, Jesus himself went through all these things but people who persevered by becoming the hand maid and doing the Will of the Father achieved the Salvation plan given to us in our daily life. Jesus was not recognized by people in his Earthly life but recognized by the World after his death and resurrection. We must strive to do work not for our Worldly recognition but for heavenly recognition by sacrifice and service which are the descending order to be successful in the Kingdom of God where we will crowned with Glory by Christ in Heaven after our death.

Prayer: Lord Bless us to do your will in our daily life in year 2022.