Messianic Age is Delayed……

First Sunday of Advent
November 28, 2021
Today’s Readings:

Jeremiah 33:14-16
Ps 25:4-5, 8-10, 14
1 Thessalonians 3:12-4:2
Luke 21:25-28, 34-36
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Show us, Lord, your love;
and grant us your salvation.

The Kingdom of God is at hand Repent and believe in the Gospel of Christ is the Proclamation of the Kingdom of God at the inauguration of Jesus Ministry or manifestation of the public plan of the Salvation on this Earth. This is the only message echoes again and again in the whole of the Word of God the Bible and the order of God’s People the Church. The Gospel of Christ is a Gospel of Repentance which is the Gospel of Love. All Commandments and teachings of the Church and our devotions are hanging upon this single truth.

The People of God the Church is engaged in so many activities on this Earth to build the Kingdom of God that the very purpose of the Church which is to repent and believe in the Gospel of Christ or Gospel of love is completely missing among us. Let us take our Families for example, love of God must be the center of our family life above all other things. We are so much busy in our external Prosperity and safety of our life so that the Purpose of our life is missed in our life. All Prosperity like finance, Shelter, entertainment ,knowledge are the packaging of the gift of love. We are so much busy in packing our life externally so that we forget to place the main content for which we struggle our whole life on this World.

Jesus has already defeated the Enemy and ascended in to Heaven and received the Kingship of this Earth,then why the Messianic Age is not visible among us . All Dominions, Nations must bow before his Lordship because he has achieved this Salvation by humbling himself like a sinful man and sacrificing his life for the Whole World . The Evil Kingdom has been defeated and the whole World has been given to him. Messianic Age or the Kingdom of God is among us but we are not able to recognize it due to our busyness in gathering the rubbish things of this World. Thomas asked Jesus after his resurrection when you will restore the World Jesus replied” “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority , But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

The Salvation or the Messianic Age starts with the power from above , when we receive this power of the Holy spirit, our eyes will be opened and we stop getting busy in the rubbish things of this Earth and become Witnesses to the Gospel in our Own family first then to our surrounding and to end of the World. Some people think. to witness the Gospel of Christ we must become Preachers or Priests , this is a misconception , by virtue of our Baptism and Conversion we are Priests and Prophets . We must witness to the love of Christ in our families by living like Christ by sacrificing our life totally for the family. We must witness Christ in our surroundings and neighborhood by sacrificing our life or giving our life for the service of the Society. We must become witness to the Whole World by reaching out each and every brother and sister to help them to come out of the bondage of sinfulness and walk through the Gospel of love. Jesus is love and all those walk in love , walk with Jesus.

Baptism is repentance or the Conversion of Heart , if a person has detested his evil ways and accepted the Gospel of love then this person has been Baptized in virtue , a separate ritual ceremony for Baptism is not required for these followers of the Gospel. These are Christians by Virtue and actions. There is a big no of followers of Christ under this banner , the Laws and rituals comes from the Worldly institutions but real Sacraments comes from above when power from the Holy spirit is poured out in to our hearts. Nations may number followers of Christ in the institutionalized list but the people of love is the identity to number every Christian on this Earth.

Messianic Age has been delayed by us by portraying a wrong image of the Gospel of Christ, Messianic Age is a age of love and justice, whoever lives in love and justice the messianic age has already come in his life. The people of God are in a purification process and the Salvation is not like one activity but a process of transformation of hearts and this must continue from the beginning till the end of the Earth. This Wisdom of restoration and end of the World or last Judgement are a plan of God and not figurative but a divine human cooperation. Let us live in love and Watch and pray to receive the power from above so that we may have strength to stand before the God of love and justice .

Prayer : Maranatha…. Come Lord Jesus Come….

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