How to prepare ourselves in Body,Mind and Spirit to receive the living God in our lives.

Third Sunday of Advent
December 13, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Isaiah 61:1-2a, 10-11
Luke 1:46-50, 53-54 (with Isaiah 61:10b)
1 Thessalonians 5:16-24
John 1:6-8, 19-28
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

May the God of peace make you perfectly holy
and may you entirely, spirit, soul, and body,
be preserved blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The one who calls you is faithful,
and he will also accomplish it.

Advent is a time to retain and regain Holiness . When we speak about Holiness it can be Body, mind and Spirit. Let us reflect upon these Holiness today to have deeper insights in these areas of our life.

  1. Holiness of our Body : Our Bodies are tabernacles of the living God . When we reflect upon our Body we must reflect upon the five senses of Body i.e. Sight, Smell, Voice, Material and Taste. It is good to reflect upon the senses one by one. The darkness or Unholy desires or Evil one, enter in to our Body through these five senses. These are the doors or entry of our Body. If we discipline our Eyes to see good things of these World , the goodness enters in our Body but if we use our eyes to see filthy things of this World we invite the Evil in our Body. The Evil comes to destroy and Kill so most of the sicknesses of our Body are associated with our Bad habit or Weaknesses of our senses. For example if we do not sleep on time and use our eyes to watch late night exotic or horror movies , it is for sure that the next day will be full of horror and lustful. In the same way smell or taste , if we smell the alcohol and take pleasure in it , it ruins our health and family. The Gluttons become poorer and lazy live only to eat , drink and make merry and die in Diabetes ,Stroke, Heart Attacks or Cancer. Materialism has consumed our desires to feel good in Worldly luxuries and depend upon them and get addicted to the better living. This brings despair and stress because there is no end to the Material things in this World. Nepolean discovered the whole World but could not live in any Country that he discovered for more than 15 Days. King Alexander who won the kingdoms of the Whole World died with empty hands put out in his Coffin to show the World that he has taken nothing from the World. When we list Bad voices of this World and believe in their ideologies and false Prophets we are trapped by the Evil and come in to Bondage in our lives. When we guard our five senses not to sense the filthy things of this World we stay healthy or Holy in our Body. St. Paul says to thank in all circumstances of our life and refrain from every Evil . Human Body is the Product of the Creator and designed to accept good things and throw the rubbish from our life. When we are thankful in all circumstances of our life , we humble our five senses before our maker to the Will of God. If we do not have any moral values in our lives then it is impossible to control our senses because we do not have a Manual to tell us what is good and bad for our Body. We take our Worldly Physical education which is partly Based upon the Word of God teach us to live a life on Worldly point of view and manipulate our body to live a better standard of life. When we relate with our Maker through his Prophetic utterances of the Past and daily relationship through personal Prayer we are enlightened with an understanding of our Heart through the Wisdom of God. This Wisdom is Christ himself who is the Creator and maker of the Universe and the will of God. Worldly education teaches us how much to eat and how to eat , when to eat, what to eat but Wisdom tells us why we need to maintain disciple in our diet.

2. Holiness of our Mind: Emotions, Memory, Will , Reasoning, Imaginations are the main senses of mind. Most of the temptations start from the mind because mind is like a radar of our Body, if it catches bad Waves the Body responds to these Bad waves. Good Emotions like love, joy, Peace are the good emotions but anger, resentment, fear are the bad emotions of our life. Bad emotions make us sick mentally and Spiritually. Forgiveness and reconciliation are the best remedy to have good balance in our Emotions. Good Memories, Good Imaginations, right reasoning brings goodness in our lives. Bad Memories must be erased through daily examination of the conscience. St. Paul gives us a remedy to rejoice and thank always in all Circumstances.The Evil ways are the mountains and curvy roads which blocks the Savior to Come in to our heart. Our mind has a capacity to decide what is right and wrong and we must depend upon the Wisdom to decide what is right and wrong . Prayer, scriptures direct us to do the Will of God,the right reasoning of our mind will reveal why we are Born in this World. The meaning of life is revealed in our life. We must think positive and hope in Christ in his love Salvation.

3. Holiness of our Spirit : Faith, Hope, Praise, Worship and Zeal are the senses of the Spirit. Faith and Hope are important ingredients of Christianity . If we do do not trust in the Lord and hope in his promises then our trust will be a big waste . If we trust him and hope in his goodness then we Praise him and Worship him in all the things of our life. Zeal to serve him and for his Church makes us true Children of God. The evangelisation and Charity are two main components to bring glad tidings to the People who live in darkness and poverty. If we are Spiritually dead and active in Body and Mind , we can not call ourselves Christians. Our main purpose of being in this World to give glory to God through Praise , Worship, thanksgiving with Joy in all Circumstances. Advent is a season of Hope , how difficult or hopeless the situation may look like, Jesus Christ is the hope who can recreate the things through the Holy spirit. Faith transforms us as the Children of God. Christians must come our of their Houses and reach out to the whole World to demonstrate the love of God which they experienced in their life.

All Christians possess the prophetic Spirit of John the Baptist and called to prepare the Way for the Savior in their lives and lives of others.In this preparation to receive Emanuel, let us reflect upon all our senses how we have prepared to receive Christ in our lives. If we prepare well, Christ will be our Hope and give us best gifts of the Spirit , a Hamper filled with Jasper, Gold, Pearls, Safire, Silver .which is Baptism of fire of his love.

Prayer: Maranatha,Come Lord Jesus Come.

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