The Yoke of Christ’s Sacrificial Love.

December 9, 2020

Wednesday of the Second Week of Advent

Though young men faint and grow weary,
and youths stagger and fall,
They that hope in the LORD will renew their strength,
they will soar as with eagles’ wings;
They will run and not grow weary,
walk and not grow faint.

The ways of the Kingdom of God are just opposite to the ways of the Kingdom of the World. The people who depend upon the World must lead their life in burden because the World offers temporary solution to our life. When the alternative or temporary ways give away or worn out or end in a dead end, the human who depended upon them stumble and fall . Money, Success, lifestyle,migrations,education,technology, property can secure our life for an extent but when we finish experiencing all these things , our hearts are not content with the things of this World and want to seek happiness in some other areas of life.

Happiness and satisfaction of our life does not depend upon the things of this World but is a psychological and spiritual factor to content with the things we are blessed with thanksgiving heart to the Provider. If we do not come to the point of this reflection then if we possess the whole World, we will not be content but will be burdened with the heavy yoke of this World. God challenged Nebuchadnezzar the King won the Whole World through many Prophets to be obedient to the living God but he was adamant and became insane for seven years and started eating grass of the field, after seven years he realized the mighty power of God and his eyes were opened and started acknowledging that there is no God other than the Lord Almighty and God blessed him more than before .

It is wrong to say that love,truth , justice, forgiveness do not Work in the modern World and are of old fashion. Jesus is the Way , truth and life , whoever follows his teachings lives in true peace and happiness. I know a simple Carpenter who is not a Christian but I enjoy his company more than than withe company of International Christian Preachers , I see in this Carpenter St. Joseph qualities , simple, righteous, not demanding, hard working, sincere moreover always cheerful. He has not married because he wants all his younger siblings to settle down first. There is so much joy working or to be in his Company because I can not see a glimpse of selfishness or greed in this Man. I feel ashamed of my attitude when I watch this man , then I start reflecting my attitudes with the beatitudes of Christ. Is this simple Non Christian carpenter carrying the yoke of Jesus in his life is the question which bothers me which I can not see with in me or any of the so called Born again Christians.

Jesus yoke is sacrificial love and forgiveness, if we carry the love of Christ there is nothing to compete or to win because in the love of Christ ,the loosing for the Kingdom of God is gaining for the Kingdom of God. When Abraham was separating from his Cousin Lot due to disputes among his family for possessions , Abraham gave the best choice to Lot to choose the best and fertile territory of Jordan River and he went on the opposite side. Later the fertile belt of Jordan chosen by Lot became Sodom and Gomorrah which was destroyed by God’s Anger and Abraham’s left over dry territory became the Chosen place of Jerusalem.

In our lives if we choose better living, better education, better lifestyle, better Country but if our better not clubbed with Lord’s choice then all our better will turn in to disaster in our life. I have seen so many families running for better life and end up in stress, depression and despair. World attracts people for better life but better life is not external happiness but comes from with in us from the love of God poured in to our heart. If we have this love of God( the yoke of Christ), then we can live in this World in any condition as St.Paul says: neither hunger, nor thirst, or persecutions, or even death can not separate us from the love of Christ.

People live and die for love, justice and truth , this is the real life and not a life of Prosperity and success which only gives burden and sorrow. Let us live for love of Christ by sacrificing our own life for the love Christ. Many Clergy, Religious and devout families live for Christ by sacrificing their life. There are many non Christian families live in sacrificial love like my Carpenter who live under the Natural Law which God has put in their heart from their conception. Today Jesus is calling everyone to come to the knowledge of truth and learn from him the mystery of God’s love which he revealed through his sacrificial death on the Cross.

Prayer: Lord call me in to your truth. Amen.

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