The Art of Watching and Waiting on the Lord.

First Sunday of Advent
November 29, 2020

Human life is a gift of God and this life has been planted in our heart by the right hand of God. God and his Wisdom can not be failed because God plants which can live for ever. The life given to us can not be taken away by any situations or the Enemy , if at all if we feel like we are dead , we rise again through the Spirit of God. This is the quality of God’s Spirit in our life.

Recently I pickup a thrown Aloe Vera plant from one of our neighbors garden and kept it in my Balcony for almost one year without water and compost since there was no provision of Gardening in my flat. During Covid lock down I was cleaning my Balcony and found the Aloe Vera plant alive even after one year without water or compost . I was surprised , immediately I bought some compost and pot and planted the Aloevera , with in two months the Aloevera grew and reproduced another small plants from its roots. Aloe Vera did not die despite of not putting a single drop of water and a pinch of mud for almost one year in a Concrete ground of my Balcony because the plant has the Capacity to grasp the water from Air and survive but can not reproduce or grow. Christians are the stocks of the right hand of God and can not die despite all the efforts of the Evil World.

Human Beings were created with eternal life with the Spirit of God put in their heart, when the human loses or denies or accepts other Spirits roaming in the World , he loses his eternity or the strength or power to rise again in their life. If we have the Spirit of God in our life we have nothing to fear because the Holy Spirit sustains us . If we do not sustain with new strength then it is very clear that we do not possess the Spirit of God. There is no disappointment or defeat to a Christian because the spirit he possess is God and God can not be defeated or disappointed or instigated or persecuted or tempted in the Spiritual point of view. We feel defeated or persecuted in our flesh but in the Spirit we become more powerful and stronger to bounce back at the tempter and the tempter is punished eternally for challenging the Spirit of God in our lives.

When we in relationship with Christ , we receive a special outpouring of the Spirit in our lives daily which empowers our Spirit. This special anointing is necessary for a Christian, and no Christian can survive without this power of Salvation. All charity and generosity must pour out from the grace of the Holy spirit. I remember one of my friend experienced the Lord powerfully and started a care home , as he got more people in his care home from other faith, he stopped the Christian ways in the Care home and tilted towards the government benefits by secular and saying our religion is humanity and got involved so much in the care home and benefits . After sometime this person stopped his prayer time and got involved in the Charity full time. The joy and Compassion and miraculous provision and even the needy people decreased in his care home slowly and gradually. After ten years when I met him , he has converted his care home in a paid old age home. I asked him the reason , he said there are many challenges to run a care home free, and provisions were a great concern and government wanted to take over the administration of the care home and make it government aided home. Also he said the old age home is a good Business and there is good money. My friend was completely out of the prayer life and had become a Business Man.

The unburdened provisions can come only through the power of God. When we live our life in Prayer and guidance of love and service our provisions and wisdom comes from the Lord. This life is called waiting on the power of God. If we watch in one to one with God everyday in our personal Prayer, Sacraments, Scripture reflections and Service we need not to worry for our Provisions and providence. It comes from the right hand of God who created us but we must act like right stock of his creation and depend and wait upon him for all the works of our hands.

Advent is a time to rise or depend or wait or watch upon God power and get anointed with the power of God. Baptism is a sacrament of initiation where the Christian faith sprouts in our heart but not a guarantee of eternal life, this little faith must grow through other sacraments like Reconciliation, Eucharist, Family Prayer, Personal Prayer, Renewal of our Baptism Vows, Scripture Reflections , Community living, charity, service, Forgiveness,Evangelisation , sacrament of Marriage and Ordination.

Christian faith is like a cultivation , it can not grow overnight but over our entire life day by day and part by part. Salvation Experience is not salvation , this experience is an initiation given by the Spirit to use it in our daily living. It is a foretaste of God’s Kingdom in our life. If we do things in our life what we are suppose to do by waiting,watching and depending upon the Wisdom and power of God then we are ready to receive him anytime of our life. We need not wait only in Advent to prepare and receive him. Church has given us a time to reflect our life in our Busy life in the time of advent, if at all we are lost in the Whirlwind of the entices of the material World and Evil.

Prayer : Lord anoint me with the Holy spirit Amen.

Worldly Success is Deceptive…

Saturday November 28, 2020

ScripturesRevelation 22:1-7
Psalm 95:1-7
Luke 21:34-36

Beware that your hearts do not become drowsy
from carousing and drunkenness
and the anxieties of daily life,
and that day catch you by surprise like a trap.

The Busyness and worries of our life takes us away from the real purpose of our life. Our life is not to enjoy and have fun of the World but use the World to enjoy and have fun with the Maker. Our Enjoyment is not with the material or with the flesh but of the things of the Kingdom of God. The World and Flesh are the agents but not the source of Happiness , when we use these agents to reach the real source of happiness we utilize them in a right manner but if we find happiness in these agents we will be deceived because these agents do not have anything to offer us than disappointment and anxieties of this World.

God is holy and only holiness can stand before the maker. People who do not have any relationship with the Maker can not obtain holiness because the power to stand before our maker comes from God alone. Moses stood before the Lord because he used meet the Lord at every stage for consultation and advise . Moses was a very humble and obedient Prophet of the old testament. The elders, Priests and people of Israel used to fall to the ground at the presence of God. The power comes from relationship with God or through Prayer life. This power gives us the strength to love others and build virtues in our life.

Worldly success is very dangerous , those who chase it like running after the vices of the Witch, Witch will attract people in its beauty and take to a isolated place and show its real self and it will be too late because they are in the power and territory of the Evil. The Devil does not spare anyone , not even small Children, he does not have a word called mercy or Compassion because his real self is arrogance, rebelliousness, murder and destruction of the families. People who put their security on Money and Property will regret at the presence of God. People who made love, Peace, Joy, Patience, Sacrifice, tolerance, and Charity the maker of the Universe as their security will inherit the Kingdom of God.

Prayer : Lord make us people of your Kingdom Amen.

Manual of the Creator

Friday of the 34th Week of Ordinary Time
November 27, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Revelation 20:1-4,11–21:2
Ps 84:3-6a, 8a ( with Rev. 21:3b)
Luke 21:29-33
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Next I saw a large white throne and the one who was sitting on it.
The earth and the sky fled from his presence
and there was no place for them.
I saw the dead, the great and the lowly, standing before the throne,
and scrolls were opened.
Then another scroll was opened, the book of life.
The dead were judged according to their deeds,
by what was written in the scrolls.

Today’s readings call us to drink the living Water which is pure and everlasting , we have many options in this World to live our life but to choose the right option is the smartness of our life. Gospel values give us the pure and the living Water which comes down from above. The Worldly material wealth is temporary and will vanish one day but the values of the Gospel are eternal and will live for ever.

The whole World looks for better life and lifestyle, Gospel gives us better life which lasts forever. I invited one of my Friend for a Gospel meeting , he said he is not convinced of the life after death because no person came to life or communicated after their death. Jesus Christ is the only person who came to life after death and gave us a formula to overcome death . This formula is nothing but his teachings the Gospel Values. When we live in the Gospel values we already overcome death in our lives because love is beyond death and death does not have any control over love. This is the reason when we are defeated or disappointed in the Worldly life we must embrace love in our life.

When we follow the Natural Law of the Earth we must follow the moral values of the Gospel which enlightens the Natural Law . The Natural Law must be interpreted and lived in the wisdom of the Author which is the Gospel . The earth was created in the Wisdom of God and we must understand how to use this Nature through a manual of love the Gospel. If we do not use the manual and drive our life we come in to an Error because life can not be driven in guess work or in our imaginations.

The whole World is a gift of God and this gift must be used for the purpose of the giver of this gift. If we use this gift for our selfishness and misuse this gift for the glory of the Evil then the Whole Nature will come against us through various Calamities, Sicknesses and Pandemics because we do not use the right Wisdom to drive our life ,but believed in the guess work as per our own Conveniences , pleasures ,passions of this Earthly life. Gospel truth teaches us to live our Worldly life in love and service , this is the purpose of God and plan of God . All Humans and the Earth came in to being to love God and each other. Gospel or the Word of God or Jesus or the Holy spirit or Father are the initiators of this Earth and every human must be in touch with the author to understand the World.

Every Human has the right to live his own life but every human must choose the right priority to live his life. Gospel of love teaches us ultimate life of love and service, if someone denies this love in their life and choose anything else in their life, they become the judge for themselves because the bright light came in to this World illuminating the Whole Earth but they chose darkness. These people will be judged as per their own priorities in their life.

The book of life is the Gospel of love whom we offend day and night , the Holy spirit whom we grieve in every act will testify against us and we will be ashamed on the last day. But all righteous People will reign with him forever. When the permanent and eternal comes at the full time of maturity the temporary World and death will disappear for ever.

Prayer : Lord enlighten our mind to the Gospel values.

God wants us full and not partial in our priorities.

Monday of the 34th Week of Ordinary Time
November 23, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Revelation 14:1-5
Ps 24:1-6
Luke 21:1-4
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

They have been ransomed as the first fruits
of the human race for God and the Lamb.
On their lips no deceit has been found; they are unblemished.

Christians are ransomed as first fruits of the Human Race for God and Christ. Christians are Ransomed from the Evil Human Race in to chosen Human race. Christians are first fruits of the Human Race dedicated and offered to God as a Sacrifice of thanksgiving . Christians are unblemished and Holy , no lies or deceit in their lips . Christians are salt and light of the Earth . Christians live in the presence of their Master Jesus Christ.

When we offer ourselves fully for the service of God we become dedicated or covenant people of God. The complete dedication or Covenant or Commitment to the service of God and his values or teachings make us complete Christians. Christianity is not a flexible lifestyle but a dedicated commitment to serve God in all circumstances according to the values of the Gospel. When we compromise in our priorities we miss his values or stray away from him or his values. The only priority God wants from us is to offer ourselves fully and completely and depend only on him in everything.

When Jesus saw the poor Widow in the Gospel, She gave everything she possessed for the service of God. Jesus wants us to give our whole life for the service of God, this is what means being first fruits of the Holy spirit. Christians are not called to be successful people of this World by building big Houses or by gathering possessions and property , in the Kingdom of God these things are rubbish and zero value. God wants his people to live a life pleasing to him in complete dedication to God and for the love of others. All the rest are of no value in the eyes of God. We see many people leaving everything for the service of God and service of the poor. God appreciates it and calls them as his first fruits who live in his presence wherever his presence leads.

Families must live a dedicated life for the service of God and one another. Children must be taught these values on priority than other things like education and Prosperity. Baptism is an invitation and an anointing which empowers every Christian to live in Holiness and values of Christ as first Fruits of Christ. Friends let us increase in love and decrease in the materialism and selfishness. We must choose love and sacrifice the greed of this World , there is no other choice or in between compromise but to loose everything for the Kingdom of love alone. This is an art which we must learn to live and try to teach others. If we try doing this we receive everything which we did not desire in our life by itself.

Prayer : I may live in your presence all the days of my life. Amen.

Jesus and his teachings only destroys death on this Earth.

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King
November 22, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Ezekiel 34:11-12, 15-17
Ps 23:1-3, 5-6
1 Corinthians 15:20-26, 28
Matthew 25:31-46
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

I will rescue them from every place where they were scattered
when it was cloudy and dark. 
I myself will pasture my sheep;
I myself will give them rest, says the Lord GOD. 
The lost I will seek out,
the strayed I will bring back,
the injured I will bind up,
the sick I will heal,
but the sleek and the strong I will destroy,
shepherding them rightly

In today’s World there is no Leader who can be trusted unless they walk in the values of Christ. The values of Christ makes a Leader a servant King. We can trust only on the Gospel Values which invite us to imitate our King the Christ. What are the characteristics of our King – is it Authority over the World or Prosperity of the World or Success of the Worldly life or authority over the evil. The Kingdom of Jesus is of love and sacrifice , if his followers do not have love and Sacrifice in their life then they can not be in his Kingdom.

In his Kingdom there is tolerance, Giving, Pity, Compassion, Sacrifice, Patience, Joy, Peace, Love , Gentleness, Poverty, Chastity, Prayer, Meekness . This is the real Kingdom of Jesus , if someone thinks anything else, then it is not from the Lord but from their own imagination. The whole World has lost the meaning of life and strayed away from the real values of life. The Rat Race of Success and Prosperity has spelled the mind of each and every person of this World. The selfishness is at its peak , the own family members fighting with each other with Weapons and legal Battles to kill and destroy each other for selfishness , Money and Properties. This is definitely not God’s Kingdom but Kingdom of the material World.

Jesus came in to this World to gather all the People who are lost and follow the first Man Adam who brought the bondage of Materialism in to this World. Jesus destroys the death in this World by his sacrificial love on the Cross and powerful resurrection and invites everyone to believe in his values and live in his values which gives power of God and attain eternal life. We see only some Priests , Nuns and Christian families live a sacrificial life for the love of God but every follower of Christ must live a life of Poverty, Prayer, Charity, Chastity and love.

A life lived for God and others is the real Christian life. Jesus is only the Universal King and there is no other king in this World. All the other Kings are hired or false who wants to fill their own belly and want to plunder and kill the Sheep. These fat Goats will be judged by the Lord for their mean behavior, not a single one will be spared but thrown in to eternal death. The people who follow the values of love will enjoy eternal life and never die though they die in their Physical Body. This is the basic and fundamental belief of every Christian in his life. Let us adore our King of Kings and Lord of Lords on the feast day of Christ the King the only meaning of our life and only source of all goodness on this Earth.

Prayer : Lord Jesus gather us in to your Kingdom of Love. Amen.

Gospel of Gold must be used to build the Kingdom of God.

Wednesday of the 33rd Week of Ordinary Time
November 18, 2020

Revelation 4:1-11
Ps 150:1b-6
Luke 19:11-28
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

In the center and around the throne,
there were four living creatures
covered with eyes in front and in back.
The first creature resembled a lion, the second was like a calf,
the third had a face like that of a man,
and the fourth looked like an eagle in flight.
The four living creatures, each of them with six wings,
were covered with eyes inside and out.
Day and night they do not stop exclaiming:
“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty,
who was, and who is, and who is to come.”

Christ shares his richness and authority among his followers through Gospels and Holy-spirit. Christians are servants of the King of Kings in the Kingdom of God and must carry on the Work and mission given to us in the Gospel. Four Gospels are the talents and Ten Commandments of Gods love and we are called to live that Gospel and teach others by spreading the Gospel to the people who live in Sin and darkness of this World. When we take authority by faith in the name of Jesus, sacrifice our life for the Gospel, live a life in fullness of the Spirit and Worship the Lord in majesty and splendor we utilize our gifts of the Holy spirit for the Glory of God and build the Kingdom of God on this Earth.

In the Parable the servant with one Coin did not do Evil or deny the Kingship but he did not exercise the gifts given to him for the glory and Kingdom of God. Christianity is not a designated title which bears a Christian Name or a Baptism Certificate or born in the Christian Family but by a lived life on the Gospel Values.

The Spirit of love poured in to our heart is the Gold or Gospel of love ,we must use the Spirit of love to invest for the Kingdom of God to multiply by building the Kingdom of love on this Earth. Living a life with in the four walls of our family is not a Christian life but it is like that servant who hid his one Gold Coin in the Hand Kerchief. God is calling all those self content and secured Christians who use their talents only for themselves and their families as Wicked servant in today’s Gospel. The wicked servant was also a servant of God or a selfish Christian, he did not use the talents and gifts of the Gospel or the revelation of Jesus to others .

A Christian is a person of love and must live a life of the Gospels, and through these Gospel value he must glorify God by serving others in this World. The true Worship is when we choose our choices to glorify God in our priorities. The true Worship is when we use all the gifts of the Spirit for the service of others. When we live our life in Faith, Sacrifice, Fullness and triumph we Worship our God in truth and Spirit. Then we will shine like Seven flaming torches burned in front of the throne,which are the seven spirits of God.

Prayer : Lord give us the insight of a true Christian in our life.


Monday of the 33rd Week of Ordinary Time
November 16, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Revelation 1:1-4; 2:1-5
Ps 1:1-4, 6 (with Rev. 2:17)
Luke 18:35-43
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Moreover, you have endurance and have suffered for my name,
and you have not grown weary.
Yet I hold this against you:
you have lost the love you had at first.
Realize how far you have fallen.
Repent, and do the works you did at first.
Otherwise, I will come to you
and remove your lamp stand from its place, unless you repent.”’”

Our Honeymoon with our Lord when we met him for the first time in Spirit delights him. Holy spirit is ever active and young and never gets old like our Carnal love. The spiritual love makes us more younger as we spend more with our Lord. If we misinterpret God’s love in to Human love then it is a grave mistake because Human love fades and grows old but God’s love grows younger and younger day by day. It is not only grows younger but makes us younger as well because we are his Bride.

If a Bride does not spent time with her Bridegroom and gets involved with many things of this World then the Bridegroom gets worried about the Bride because the real source of life comes from the Bridegroom. Jesus is our Bridegroom and light of this World. There is no other permanent light in this World than Jesus himself , but it is sad to see people who have experienced the real light of eternal life , follow the temporary light of this World and fall away from the real light of their life.

In the book of revelation Jesus is giving a message to John in a Vision saying if his Bride does not give him time he will move away from the partnership of love and divorce her because she is continuously and repeatedly denying his love and unfaithful to her relationship and be after the love of the World. Holy spirit is a gentle,humble and loving Spirit , if we deny him he can not stay in our betrayal but move away from our Soul.

Personal Prayer with Scripture Reflections keeps us in his union in our day today life . When we receive the Sacraments daily our Soul gets nourished and the Spirit of God once again unites us. Repentance reunites us in to our lost love or there is a reunion of love. When we detest the World and embrace his love , he comes again in our hearts and lives with his Bride for ever.

Prayer: Lord , Reunite me with your love Amen.


33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
November 15, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Proverbs 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31
Ps 128:1-5
1 Thessalonians 5:1-6
Matthew 25:14-30
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

He said, ‘Master, you gave me five talents. 
See, I have made five more.’
His master said to him, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. 
Since you were faithful in small matters,
I will give you great responsibilities. 
Come, share your master’s joy.’

Talents in the Gospel means gifts of God in our life. Our entire life is a gift of God and we are suppose to use it to give glory to God and use it to build the Kingdom of love on this Earth. Everyday morning if we thank the Lord for new day and its blessings, and in the evening offer our day’s labor as a labor of thanksgiving , we are more blessed on the next day because we were faithful in our daily matters. We will be blessed with more gifts, and greater responsibilities every day of our life .

If we are not faithful in our day today activities by not giving glory to God then our daily labor becomes a curse to the days to come because we did not use the gift of God to build the Kingdom of God and used it to glorify our self and hidden to fulfill our selfish desires and passions of our life. There will be sudden disaster and calamities hitting these people in the form of losses, sickness , accidents as warning to rectify their life to use their life for the service of others and not to gather , store , bury their talents .

A married Woman is the perfect example of the day today fruitful labor. A Wife renders her service by sacrificing her life selflessly for the sake of the family and glorifies God in her little matters she does in her daily life. Most of the wife’s and Mother’s have high chances to enjoy the Kingdom of God due to their selfless service to their family.

Laziness and Wickedness are the two Evil spirits which Jesus identified with the People who glorify themselves. A person who can not sacrifice his or her will for the good of others is a lazy servant in the Kingdom of love. These people are lazy, Greedy, Proud, Gluttons, Slanderers and quarrelsome and Jesus calls them Lazy and wicked in the day of Judgement.

we can make our Judgement simpler and Easy by examining our life daily by examination of our Conscience and reconcile our Sins in the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist. At the beginning of Mass we are called to reconcile and a general absolution given by the Priests forgiving all our Sins of the day, and stand before the Lord in gratitude for our days labor and life. This brings us one to one with God on daily basis and we are empowered daily with higher level of grace and gifts. These higher level of graces or Blessings or responsibilities brings us more closer to God and one another in love.

Prayer : Lord I thank you for the gift of my life , mold me, make and use me for your glory and honor Amen.


Friday of the 32nd Week of Ordinary Time
Memorial of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, Virgin
November 13, 2020
Today’s Readings:

2 John 4-9
Ps 119:1,2,10,11,17,18
Luke 17:26-37
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Anyone who is so “progressive”
as not to remain in the teaching of the Christ does not have God;
whoever remains in the teaching has the Father and the Son.

The truth is revealed only through the encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. The Progressive teaching of this World can be deceptive and mislead generation of our time. We read some Biblical Essays written to gain their Phd , there is no Spirit of God in these Essays but a good style,structure and language. The modern Church is fascinated on these kind of teaching and calling it as modern Christian teaching and thousands of men and Women are attracted towards these teachings. The teachings or write ups or sermons which miss the Gospel Values can not lead Salvation or bring transformation in the Heart of a faithful and not Christian in its content.

The Basic truth of Christianity is Servant King , Jesus Christ was divine and Human , through his sacrificial death atonement the Sins of the Whole World, Jesus died a death of human flesh , it was a death like any other death of a suffering servant on this Earth but without Sin. Any teaching which takes us away from Suffering and sacrifice does not reveal the truth but leads us to deception and lies of the World. The definition of love is Sacrifice , there is no love without Sacrifice.

The World is teaching a Prosperous and fancy love and call it as a a product of Jesus resurrection and fruits of the Holy spirit which is a lie and whole World is following this White lie of the Preachers and of false Church , it is demonic and trick of the Devil . Our Salvation is not ready made product but a victorious love who leads us in to Victorious life. The power of Salvation gives us strength , power , courage , inspiration , zeal but we must use these power tools to go through the process of our own salvation. This does not refer to the works of our own merit but our cooperation to the works and merits of the Salvation attained on the Cross.

So the salvation in our life without sacrifice or suffering or losing things of this world or dying for our Neighbor or bearing our Cross is not love but selfishness of this World. In fact Salvation is Sacrificial love because the Salvation teaches us to lose things of this World for the sake of love of God or Kingdom of God. Many people think Salvation takes us away from the loss of this World but Salvation teaches us to lose everything in this World to gain everything for the Kingdom of Love.

Any teaching teaches us to live without sacrificial love and gives us a lifestyle or science for better selfish love then that teaching is not from God or does not lead us to Salvation but to decay and destruction. The love of World, Flesh and Evil makes us slaves of Devil and this love deceives us and leads us to eternal death of our body and soul. St. Paul and Jesus in Gospel tell us to stay away from this teaching on better life and Prosperity of this World but believe in the Gospel and live the Gospel of love and service, which lead us to the Father,Son and the Holy spirit the Kingdom of God on this Earth.

If we reflect upon the Beatitudes of Jesus the sermon the Mount we will clearly understand what our life on this Earth must reflect or what is the reward or fruits of the Gospel. No Beatitude tell us to be more knowledgeable , Prosperous and become great people of this Earth. There are handful of people who think other way around, to become poor, humble, sacrifice, righteous,mourn , persecuted, but we run away from this life to seek better life through education, Prosperity , Power and Knowledge which takes us away from real Peace and happiness which can come from Gospel or Be attitudes alone.

Prayer : Lord Jesus , Reveal me your Salvation the real Gospel truth in my life.Amen.

Losing is gaining in the Business of God.

Tuesday of the 32nd Week of Ordinary Time
Memorial of Saint Leo the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Church
November 10, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Titus 2:1-8, 11-14
Ps 37:3-4,18,23,27,29
Luke 17:7-10
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

We are unprofitable servants

Christians are unprofitable servants on this Earth with Jesus Christ as our Master who died on the Cross like a Criminal with a shameful death. If our Master lived a life of a suffering servant without gaining any Worldly Wealth and position , we are called to become servants of servant.

If we try to gain the credit or wages for our Work then our Work considered as paid Work . In a paid work the laborer earns the wages to become Master of his life.A Christian worker is like a volunteer in his Work who is willingly offers himself as a servant for the love of his Master and expects nothing in return for his labor. The name Pope means servant of servants and not King or President or Prime Minister. The whole family including Parents , Children , grand parents must adopt this attitude of servant hood in their life then that family becomes a true Christian Family.

The problem with a Human Being is to become the Master of his life. Satan tempted him and Pride entered in to Human and the thought of servant hood was forgotten and every person considered himself as the Master of his life. Though God created us in his own image like his Children , we must acknowledge our Father as our Creator and Master. Servant and Master relationship started when the Human sinned and became a slave of Sin. In the beginning God created us in his own image , giving his authority or Masters of our own life. The Devil put a doubt in Human mind and tricked the Human to rebel against the Father and thus lost the Authority and Master ship of our life and became slaves in our own will.

When we acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and Master and live for him alone without expecting anything in return for our Work then once again we reverse our relationship with our Master by becoming Children of God or real Masters of our life. Selfishness makes ourselves as God or Masters of our life. In the family and in the Church if we work like Volunteers without expecting anything in return we become real Children of God. If we live our life to gain something of this World in our life we loose our right to become Children of God and if we loose something for the love of our Master we receive the Son ship and Daughter hood of our Master.

Prayer : Lord Jesus give us the sense of loosing for the Kingdom of God. Amen,