Thursday of the 30th Week of Ordinary Time
October 29, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Ephesians 6:10-20
Psalm 144:1b-2,9-10
Luke 13:31-35
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty power.
Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm
against the tactics of the Devil.

Man has been created in goodness , Holiness and fullness of the Spirit of God. Man is supposed to live in this state of life through out his life because this is the calling and purpose of God in Humans life. The Devil is the creator and trouble maker or deceiver in Human life. Devil is the Enemy of God and enemy of human being. The Devil is stronger than the Human Strength but still a Creation of God. God is the Creator and the source of all power and Strength . Devil has a limited power given by God and he can not generate more power unless he draws power from the Source of the Power and Strength who is God. Human Being is weaker than the Devil due to the nature of Flesh and Blood but when Human is connected with the source of the power and strength of God , Human becomes powerful than the Devil because fresh Strength and power comes from God our maker.

The armors of God are the power and strength from God on this Earth. There are two kind of armors of God defensive and Offensive. The first 5 armors are defensive and last one the Word of God is offensive armor of God. The defensive armors puts of the flaming arrows of the Evil one which has been targeted on the People of God but the offensive armor of God the Word of God completely destroys the Devils tactics his Kingdom and binds and casts demons in to eternal hell where they will be tormented for ever and never return back to Earth to tempt the Humans. This is their punishment for tempting the Humans who were created in the image of Gods love.

  1. Belt of Truth: The spirit of truth is the anointment or quality of the Holy spirit. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Master by acknowledging our sinfulness , the power of the spirit of truth passes in us. This Spirit does not tolerate lies of this World and stands for the truth despite of persecution, loss and death. The spirit of truth reveals the complete truth or mysteries of the Kingdom of God. The whole truth of this World or the Kingdom of God can be known only through the gift of the Spirit of truth.We can not learn real truth of God through Discipline or through education but truth is an anointing of the Holy spirit. Holy-spirit reveals us the whole truth. This is the reason we must depend upon Jesus for complete truth of God. When we do not understand or confused or troubled we must make a Prayer to Jesus who will anoint us with the Spirit of truth and and reveal the Complete truth. The first sign of Complete truth is Confidence, Boldness and dignity in ourselves , this Confidence is not of Worldly but Heavenly gift and supersedes all Education, discipline and Professionalism of this World . Evil can manipulate our Education and discipline but not with the fresh anointing of the Spirit of truth , Devil does not have any clue what this power of truth is all about because he is not with God and does not draw fresh power from the source of all power and Strength and gets defeated before the power of God. If we rely upon Worldly half truths , Devil has a upper hand because his power and understanding rules the Worldly super powers.
  • 2. Breastplate of Righteousness: Righteousness is the second quality of the Holy-spirit. Righteousness is nothing but wisdom or understanding of the Heart and again it is an anointing or Blessing of God. Righteousness make us Children of God. The right Wisdom by acknowledging our unworthiness and of our Human Nature before God and depending upon his mercy and power in everything we do makes us true Children of God.The people who are poor in Spirit are the true Righteous People in this World. This is a awareness or understanding of the Heart only God can give to those ask him . The first sign of a righteous man , he does not pray for richness or Prosperity of this World but prays for the Wisdom of God. When we acknowledge the greatness and dependency in God in everything we do , the Devil does not have any place in our life because we worship the Supreme power of God.

The Self Righteous Spirit is Demonic spirit and Comes from the Kingdom of Devil . This is a very dangerous and modern Spirit , most of the educated, successful, White colored People come in this Category , the first sign of this Spirit is making oneself God or putting themselves behind the success. These people seek success and Evil gives success to them and makes them self Righteous people. When we pray to God with Evil motives of richness , it is Evil who blesses those Evil prayers and we think God Bless them with Richness , God does not give us which is dangerous for us to enter the Kingdom of God and richness is one of them. When we make ourselves as God, we move away from the spirit of God and Worship . The rich people of this World find difficult to enter the Kingdom of God unless they use that richness fully for the Kingdom of God.

3. Feet fitted with Gospel of Peace: Gospel of Jesus is the only saving power of God on this Earth. There is no salvation beyond the Gospel. The Gospel of forgiveness is so humble , gentle and peaceful , it is a revelation for those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Master. When the Gospel truths are revealed to us , we strive to live in peace, teach others the Gospel of Peace and strive to make Peace in the Whole World. This is purely a gift from the Holy spirit. The world peace makers have an agenda and self interest but a person who is routed in the Gospel truth makes peace for the sake of the Gospel because they understand that true way of life is way of peace and forgiveness. The devil is scared of the Peace makers and Evangelists because his Kingdom is in stake due to the Gospel of Peace. The Devil can disturb the Social Workers, Politicians, philanthropist so on but can not touch firm convicted Gospel peace makers. The sign of a Gospel Peace maker is love and sacrifice and does put any sanctions come what may the result but Worldly Peace Makers put sanctions legality in the process of Peace.

4. Shield of Faith : Faith is purely a gift of God and can not be achieved or attained through our efforts or works. Faith in Jesus Christ and the Gospel straight away extinguishes the arrows of Evil. We understand the importance of God in our life and his Promises and refuse to believe the temptations of this World and Devil. Faith is a trusting relationship with our Master Jesus Christ. A unshakable faith chases the devil away and devil is scared to come near and tempt people who have great faith because he is exposed and disarmed and may be bound to eternal damnation. Facing a faith filled person is like inviting death to a Demon , if the demon wants to tempt a strong Man of Faith ,he has to have a strong reason to win otherwise he will not take chance but runs away from him.

5. Helmet of Salvation : A person who has a full conviction that Jesus has saved him from all sins and Devil , is not scared of the Evil in his life because he knows his tactics and deception in his past life. Salvation experience or Conviction is purely a gift and can not be achieved or attained through our works . This is an anointing by God , a special experience being saved from the Kingdom of Devil and enlightened or can sense every Scheme and tactic of Evil one. Devil has been defeated and bound to the cross in his own tactics and temptations by Jesus ,so a person who has availed the Salvation by trusting in Jesus, Devil is unarmed and bound by default before he approaches him in his real self.The devil can not tempt these people in Worldly temptations but he can try tempting these people through Heavenly realm or through false Spiritual gifts and coming like an angel of light. We need to possess all the armors of God to defeat the devil in our life. If we miss one , he will try beating hard in that area so that we are wounded and loose balance in other areas of our life.

6. Sword of the Spirit : Word of God : Sword of the spirit is the only Armor which we can use as an offensive to destroy the Devil and kill him. The Word of God is the Gospel of Truth and the Devil is suppose to follow the Gospel of Truth because he has lost his Kingdom on this Earth to Jesus Christ. When we use the power of the Gospel or the Word of God , the devil is bound and cast in to hell to his designated tormenting place. This is the reason the Word of God acts like a Judgement to Devil. It is like a Soldier who carries a gun in his hand , no thief or terrorist dare to face the Soldier because he knows his destiny. We must study the Word of God and walk through them and the great mysteries of God are revealed to us where the Evil or his kingdom can not think of reaching there because they do not have the Key of the word of God to reach there. The live Word of God is all powerful and magnificent which we must exercise in the light or presence or through Prayer. Holy spirit reveals himself through the word of God and again it is a pure gift of Prophesy . Every Christian is called to be a Prophet to destroy the Works of the Evil one.

7. Prayer & Intercession: We will be successful in the above armors, if we live in constant presence of God and Pray for others to be successful in their Spiritual Warfare. we must possess whole Balance Wheel of the armor of God , if we are week in one of the Spikes , the Evil will hitting us hard in that area , he will not stop until we loose our complete balance loose in other areas of our lives. The whole Christian life is a Wheel of Spiritual Warfare and must face all ups and downs of this World. If one of the spike is Week then we may not move further in our Spiritual life. Prayer and Intercession with Jesus keeps our armored sharp and serviced at the best of the ability and no Enemy dared to come near looking at the Sharp and shiny Armors of God in our life.

Prayer : Lord make me equally balanced Complete Christian Man in your Kingdom . Amen

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