To get Connected to Jesus 24×7, 365 Days.

Feast of Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles
October 28, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Ephesians 2:19-22
Psalm 19:2-5
Luke 6:12-16
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

On the day of Pentecost a powerful Dynamite Big Bang happened in heaven and on Earth. Jesus Christ was glorified at the Heavenly realm and joined with his Father and Holy spirit in glorified Human Body. The power passed through Jesus Christ to every person who was connected with him. This is Pentecost , When we believe in Jesus Christ the power of the Holy Spirit passes through Jesus Christ to the believer and he fills with the power of God and gets connected to the Holy Trinity. Every Christian must get connected with Jesus Christ 24×7 and stay empowered by the Power of the Holy Spirit. The Big Bang is not one time experience but a daily experience of our life.

It is simple to understand this , it is like a Mobile Phone which stay charged all the time. It is useless if it is out of charge, how expensive or how sophisticated and featured it may be in nature. The Body of Christ on this Earth must stay connected with Christ , otherwise it is like a dead body of Christ , just like that dead Mobile which is inactive and does not work.

When the People of God are connected with Christ , the Body and the structure grows in love automatically , this is a mystery but we must watch this in our life and life of others who trust in Jesus Christ how they grow in to a member of the Body of Christ on this Earth. It is like a seed sprouting in to a plant and a tree and with full of fruits. All Humans are called and commissioned directly to bear fruits in hundred fold, Seventy fold, thirty fold but the measure we stay connected with our Master the measure we reap the Harvest.

Jesus stayed in tune with the Father all the time , nothing he did in his Will but sought and discerned the Will of the Father. When he appointed 12 Apostles from thousands of his followers , he could have chosen some people whom he liked but Jesus went to mountain to pray whole night to seek the Will of the Father. We do not think Jesus wanted to choose Judas Iscariot as Apostle because everyone knew and Jesus also knew he was following him for material benefit and greed but at the mountain top Father must have shown him to choose Judas as his Apostle . In this decision Jesus was inviting trouble in his plan of Salvation but Jesus submits to his Father’s Will knowingly choosing the Evil Judas the traitor , in Spiritual realm God uses even the Evil as an instrument in the plan of salvation.

Jesus knew who would do fathers Will in Hundred Fold and chose twelve Apostles . There may be other Disciples who must have thought themselves why they were not called as Apostles. Apostles have special responsibility to become pillars or backbone of the Body of Christ. In the Corporate World , the Board of directors choose some people for promotions based upon their sincerity and performance. Some of the employees are good performers but not sincere in their dealings or in carrying out the directives of the Company, these employees always complain for the other employees who were chosen to be promoted and made to report them. In the same way Jesus can read the heart of the men and look at them from their birth till death in one glance and able to tell what kind of Disciple in spirit and truth.

All people are selected to be a Disciple of Christ but very few have been elected or chosen by the Lord to be his Leaders, Apostles, Priests and Pastors. God may be looking at Hundred Fold harvest from the Elect or chosen people of God. If we see the biblical History , Abram was chosen to lead but not Lot or any of his Kin, Isaac was chosen and Ishmael was not, Jacob was chosen Esau was not , Abel’s sacrifice pleased God and Cain was not but the people who were not chosen does not mean that they were Evil or rejected to the Kingdom of God. We can interpret these people as not the people who reap hundred fold but 30 or 50 or 70 fold harvest for the Kingdom of God.

Prayer : Lord Jesus Make keep me close to you all the time.Amen.

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