A Christian has a Guarantee called Holy Spirit.

Friday of the 28th Week of Ordinary Time
October 16, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Ephesians 1:11-14
Psalm 33:1-2,4-5,12-13
Luke 12:1-7
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Beware of the leaven–that is, the hypocrisy…

If we read in the papers and in the internet , many Companies offering many discounts on Products , Offers, Packages, Properties so on. Many people get in to these offers and buy the Products. Do all these cheap discounted buying give a person a permanent solution to his needs. This depends upon the quality of the Product and the quality is measured in form of a Guarantee which secures our deal and promises us a safe and reliable product. If we look only for discounts without Guarantee and take a risk of buying any faulty product or Property put us in to great problems in the future and our life becomes miserable than before and the purpose of buying for our needs becomes a burden or trouble. If we possess the guaranteed Product and if we face problems with the Product we can replace or repair the product with no cost or free of cost.

In our life as well we have many choices and offers for easy and short cut ways of life, but what is the Guarantee given when we embrace these ways of life is the measurement to the quality of life. Christianity or following the ways of Christ is one of the ways of life. When a person decides to embrace Jesus Christ and his values in his life , he is empowered with the Holy spirit which is the fruit of faith in Christ. Holy spirit is seal or a Guarantee given to us to measure the depth , width and height of the quality of God. God gives his Spirit as our inheritance and makes us his Heirs in his Kingdom.

Holy spirit is the trump card at every game of our playing Cards which make us winners. When we have troubles or problems in the Way of Christ we must claim the guarantee of the Holy Spirit by invoking him and renewing ourselves in his presence. We must use one eye to walk in the Ways of Christ by walking through them and the second eye we must use to see the light of the Holy spirit to discern the ways of Christ . If we only hold on to the ways of Christ by discerning in the eyes of the Holy spirit we may lead a life in error. This applies in every Spiritual activity whether it is living a family life or dedicated Priest or a Missionary or any work of Charity. The World is corrupt and to live in the Corruption without being infected is a difficult task. So we must be very careful to distance away from the Corruption through the Word of Truth and Word of the Spirit.

When we hear the Word of truth the Gospel by repentance and in faith in Christ we get transformed and anointed with the Spirit of truth. We call this action a liturgy , liturgy empowers us and transforms us and gives us the foretaste of the Kingdom of God but this state is not the Kingdom of God. Our journey begins at this stage and we are provided with all gifts and fruits for our journey of faith , we must walk our life in the field of life by using our gifts and fruits of the Holy spirit.

Sacraments are the Channels of graces to live our life in these fruits and gifts. Church has measured our journey time to time , year to year with the gifts and fruits we require in our life. The Problem is we have a Guarantee Card but we do not claim our Guarantee with the Company to come out of the problems or needs of life and start fixing our life by ourselves. This thought of ours completely ruin our life and start repairing our lives through Worldly ways of life. Church is the Body which is the service center of Gods promises. If we approach the Church the Body of Christ on this Earth for all our problems , our life gets replaced with the life of Christ. This is the meaning of every Sacrament, to renew ourselves and get transformed in to his likeness.

If we do not renew our lives in the light of the Holy spirit day by day through our personal prayer or sacraments we fall in to error of life by misinterpreting our belief with the standards of this World and live a Worldly life of Prosperity and corruption. We keep our one leg on the Worldly truths and other on faith in Jesus. This exactly what the Pharisees did in their life, they could not understand the ways of God and started walking in a Worldly corrupted way of double standard which we call hypocrisy. The liturgy of the expression of our faith and live that faith in the measurement of love is what required in every Christian. If we miss one of these truths then our life may come in error and fall in imbalance.

Jesus gives a clear message to every believer of Christ that all those follow his ways are automatically taken care in all ways of life and need not to be afraid or to worry. St. Paul in the first reading says we have been given the Holy Spirit as a guarantee Card to claim our life from the Father by renewing and empowering or replacing our old life at every moment of our life. The guarantee card of the Holy Spirit can not reach the eternal way of Heaven but we must walk in the Commandments of love with the light of the Holy spirit. Baptism can not take us to Heaven but we must live our transformed life in a transformed way of life.

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