The Word of God is only the truth of this World.

Thursday of the 25th Week of Ordinary Time
September 24, 2020
Today’s Readings:

Ecclesiastes 1:2-11
Psalm 90:(1) 3-6, 12-14, 17
Luke 9:7-9
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

All speech is labored;
there is nothing one can say.
The eye is not satisfied with seeing
nor is the ear satisfied with hearing

Today in the book of Ecclesiastic the author of the book says Mans life on this Earth is nothing new but a repeat actions of the past. There is nothing permanent but everything is passing by in its own time and Nothing is complete . If a person is running after this World for perfection and fullness it is deceptive because the Worldly things are perishable and temporary.

The whole World is repeating or adding something extra from things existed and make a new idea or Funda and present to the World saying this is new invention. The World can not have anything new because there is nothing new has been created but we play around with the created things and make something duplicate and say this is my invention. Man himself one day goes back to the dust of this Earth and no human on this Earth came back to life from death except Lord Jesus Christ.

We have computers, technology, Science and all modern arms and ammunition but from the beginning of the Earth till today we have not heard of some Wise Men of the Earth being resurrected or came back from death or invented something to live eternally in this World. In fact as long as the World exist no human can live eternally on this Earth because the World itself is temporary and perishable.

The theory of evolution is part of the wisdom of God or Science but the knowledge of the evolution theory is incomplete because the author himself does not know where the evolution of this World is leading this World to or final destination of the Evolution. If there is beginning there has to be an end as well and if we talk about beginning and motion without telling where the World is leading to , it is better not to talk about incomplete work which is a waste and does not achieve anything but bring confusion and chaos.

The Evolution of this world does not invent something new but evolve with in the things existed and turn round and and round in circles to reach where the evolution began with , you catch the Big Bang theory or the rupture , everything part of the creation, but Man assumes in his own imagination with the evidences of the present and past that these theories lead us to a better understanding or insight but in reality if we read the Word of God like today’s first reading of Ecclesiastics the author says the Whole World is passing by or there is nothing permanent or things are turning like a Whirlwind . If we try to run after the Whirlwind of this World, it may give us a thrill in the beginning but slowly and gradually it draws us to the center of the point where the current or spell of this World consumes us to the eternal death.

God c remind us his love in various ways of our life , if we ignore these reminders and harden our heart we become rebellious or possess the rebellious spirit and sin against the Creator or go against the Natural Law of the Creator. When we trespass the Natural Law , we fight against God’s Wisdom or fight against God himself. The Pandemics , Calamities , Self Sufferings, Sicknesses are the reactions of the Natural Law and we can not blame God for it , because the Whole Creation exist and manage in that Wisdom because this wisdom or management is good for Human Beings. If a human does not want to believe the Wisdom or the Natural Law and does something stupid as per his own mind then he must bear the consequences.

The Word of God is complete truth of any invention or research because the source of every research or invention made through the Word and end with the Word of God. A wise man believes the Word of God blindly and follows the Word of God which takes him beyond the World. The Word of God takes us to eternal truth Jesus Christ who is the Alpha and the Omega. If a person in this World comes to this understanding , he is the real wise man of this World but any other self ideologies or theories of this World bring us disaster , Chaos, suffering , sickness and Pandemics in our life.

Prayer : Lord, give us an obedient and understanding heart to obey your Word . Amen

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