Mother Mary brings complete Revelation of Jesus to the World – Day -1

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” ( Gen 3: 15)

The Bible points out to the World that Mary was the Mother of Jesus. Bible gives us some knowledge of the life of Christ on this Earth. Why the Holy spirit did not inspire the full life of Jesus on this Earth to the Gospel Writers ? Gospels  give us main miracles ,teaching and events of Jesus life on this Earth but can we know Jesus fully through the four Gospels? Church added Epistles or letters of the  Apostles to the Gospel to understand more revelations of Christ  in the  Gospel. The old testament books were added in the Bible to understand the foretold Prophesies   and the Salvation picture in the old Testament. Bible is a library of inspired books of the Salvation plan of God from the time  of the Creation of the Earth till the last book of the Bible.  Mother Mary has an important and fundamental role in the Plan of Salvation and  complete revelation of plan of Salvation and Jesus on this Earth. Mother Mary is the only person with whom the plan of salvation was announced and ended with the formation of the Church the mystic body of Christ. 

Mother  Mary  could have written the life of Jesus on this Earth but she did not write the life of Jesus on this Earth. The complete picture of Jesus was best known to Mother Mary and hence only Mother Mary can reveal Jesus fully in to the World. There are many hidden mysteries of the Kingdom of God which Mother Mary reveals  to the one who approaches her in devotion. We read the Word of God in devotion , we trust the written letters and the merit of that letters in our language and exercise  our faith in the Word of God . Mother Mary becomes the fifth Gospel of our times , She reveals Jesus life and hidden mysteries of the Salvation to those who approach her. She becomes the ultimate medium to reveal the Complete Salvation of Jesus in to this World. The full truth of  Jesus is revealed through his Mother Mary to the World. When we talk about Mother of Jesus , there is a big meaning and we need to dig out this meaning to understand Jesus as he is in our life.

The word of God need not contain only in written letters but through  people and various mediums like art , places, circumstances, liturgies so on  . When we approach these people with whom the Word of God resides, the Word of God gets activated and purpose of the Word is revealed to the faithful. The word of God is active like a dry east , if we activate or put our faith though a right method then just like the yeast makes the entire Idly batter or dough of bread to rice to its maximum potential , the Word of God also makes the faithful to rise at their maximum potential. When we approach Mother Mary to seek Jesus,  Mary reveals us the fullness of Jesus and we rise like the dough by the power of Salvation in our life. Why we need Mary in addition to Bible ? The tradition of Mary reveals us those things which we can not understand  Jesus fully from the Bible. When we approach Mary , Mary reveals her experience of Jesus in her life from the moment of her conception till she was ascended in to Heaven. Mary was one of that person who associated with the Salvation plan who knew  its fullness ,we can call her assistant , co partner , helper   or  Mother of Jesus

When we approach Mary , she reveals us the Complete Wisdom of  Salvation or fullness of Jesus or Complete plan of Salvation. If we understand the fullness of Jesus , we know the complete truth and the complete truth is the real truth. This fullness of love and truth  set us free from the Slavery of Sin and World. When we live in half truth we give and take it back and this exchange of life goes on in our whole life and miss the fullness of Jesus in our life. Let us come to Mary and experience Jesus in fullness.

Prayer : Mother Mary We want to experience  Jesus in his fullness , teach us how reach to him in his fullness. Amen

Hypocrite is always a lazy Worker in the Kingdom of God.

Wednesday of the 21st Week of Ordinary Time
August 26, 2020

Today’s Readings:2 Thessalonians 3:6-10, 16-18
Psalm 128:1-2, 4-5
Matthew 23:27-32
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


R. Alleluia, alleluia.
Whoever keeps the word of Christ,
the love of God is truly perfected in him.
R. Alleluia, alleluia.
The Christian way of life is not an amenity to lead a easy and short cut way of life. Most of the people follow Jesus to have a easy life but St.Paul is telling in his  letter to Thessalonians who were seeking a lazy way of life by not working for themselves and becoming a Burden to others that if they do not Work let them not eat. The working to earn our daily bread and working to preach the Word of God are not contrary to each other but an additional advantage to express Gods love in our daily routines. The daily work of our hands  becomes a daily offering to God through our action of love.
Many Religious Orders  have realized this and started earning their daily bread , Franciscans had a Spirituality of Work and Pray which made their order different from the rest of the religious orders. The  daily wages or daily work humbles our self to be righteous and keeps us away from Hypocrisy and self righteousness. The superficial self righteous spirituality makes a person Hypocrite because they have God experience all the time and forget their human weakness and their dependency  on God in their daily bread. The daily bread is a major challenge when we serve God because it always reminds us our Worldly worries and fears of Survival  but if we depend upon on God’s grace for our daily bread by mastering the resources and creation we understand our calling on this Earth.
The definition of Hypocrisy is double standard or manipulation  in today’s World. We can check our life with two  measuring  sticks one is through Love and second one through the Word of God. The word of God perfects when we love God and our fellowmen. The obligations and rituals are ways of expression to obedience but real obedience comes through Charity and love which are the final action of these obligations and rituals. If we follow only obligations and rituals then we too become like those scribes and Pharisees. It is easy to convert a sinner but very difficult to convert a hypocrite because they think they do not have any weakness in their life and pride mounts in their attitude. The humble and poor in Spirit can only possess the Kingdom of God because Man never..never..never can enter the Kingdom of God through his own efforts but only through the love and mercy of God.
The obedience to the word of God perfects the love  God in our Neighbor. We must always take a measuring rod of truth in one hand and spectacle of love in other hand which balances our walk with God .

God is a Revelation and not a Knowledge of God.

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 23, 2020

Today’s Readings:Isaiah 22:19-23
Ps 138:1-3, 6, 8
Romans 11:33-36
Matthew 16:13-20
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my heavenly Father.

God is a Revelation , God reveals himself through his Son Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the  complete revelation of God. There is no more revelations to come in to this World except Jesus. This is the reason the Scripture says there is no Salvation without Jesus or without Jesus we can not see God. The meaning of revelation is an unknown  or supernatural  experience which did not exist in the Worldly things or sourced from the World. Moses had this experience at the Burning Bush and every Man and Women of God had this revelation of Jesus in their life. When they had this revelation, they left everything which they were depending in their life and followed that Revelation which was giving them joy ,power,satisfaction and comfort  and Salvation in their life. When we walk through the light or inspiration of this Revelation we meet God himself in our lives.

How to have this revelation of God in our life?  The revelation does not come from the Knowledge or education of this World but only through  the Wisdom of the Holy spirit. St.Peter was not educated and rough in nature from the Countryside but he was waiting for the Messiah in sincere and zealous heart , and  one day Messiah himself calls him  to follow him and he leaves everything and follows him. Moses was zealous for his people and God calls him in the Burning Bush. St.Paul was Zealous for Law and persecuted Christians but Jesus revealed himself to him. Thomas was sincere in his doubt and unbelief and Jesus reveals himself to him as Lord and God. If we search God in sincere heart whoever he or she may be God reveals himself to them, God does not see our Religion or any other states of  life,even if we seek him in the rock in sincere and zealous heart of love  he will reveal to us and lead us to the whole truth Jesus.

God looks at our heart , how genuine in love and  sincere we are in truth and he enters in our heart. When we believe our Knowledge or false ideologies or Evil values as our God these become the major barriers for God to reveal himself in our life. If we make a sincere prayer to God to reveal himself to us by neutralizing our values he takes the drivers seat and starts driving our lives. There  were many disciples but only Peter was revealed the real identity of the Messiah. Other disciples used their Historical scriptural Knowledge  to recognize Jesus but Peter relied on the wisdom of his sincere heart  the Holy spirit. When we use Worldly knowledge to seek God we fall in to an error but if we seek God humbly waiting on him to reveal us then he will call us personally holding our hand and take us to those places and missions where he wants to assign us. He will give us his authority to open and close the doors of the  Kingdom of   God  and bind and over power every Evil on this Earth.

Prayer : Abbah Father reveal your love Jesus  to us Amen.






Three Fold Formula of Faith,Hope and love to meet God of love in reality.

Friday of the 20th Week of Ordinary Time
Memorial of Saint Pius X, Pope
August 21, 2020

Today’s Readings:Ezekiel 37:1-14
Ps 107:2-9
Matthew 22:34-40
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

They have been saying,
“Our bones are dried up,
our hope is lost, and we are cut off.”
Therefore, prophesy and say to them: Thus says the Lord GOD:
O my people, I will open your graves
and have you rise from them,
and bring you back to the land of Israel.
Then you shall know that I am the LORD,
when I open your graves and have you rise from them,
O my people!
I will put my spirit in you that you may live,
and I will settle you upon your land;
thus you shall know that I am the LORD.
I have promised, and I will do it, says the LORD.

God is calling us to be hopeful in his love and Mercy. Faith,Hope and love are the three stages of our moral belief which reveals God’s love and Charity in our life. The threefold formula of Faith ,hope and love reveals God in our life. If we have to meet God in our daily routines we must implement these stages in our life and we can meet God at every stage and activity of our life.

Faith is the first step of our moral life journey and faith is a trusting relationship with our God of love who loved us first. The first commandment love your God is the first step of Faith in him, acknowledging him as our Creator and Father of love who created us in his own image of love and his Children. This stage of belief is so important that we recognize the supreme power and source of all goodness come from him alone and he is the beginning and the end and he can create everything from nothing.  When we recognize him as everything  or Lord of our life, we humble ourselves and Pride and selfishness disappears from our life,  and love of God pours out in to our life. This act is called transformation or Baptism or Born Again experience or New life.  This act of faith  can be expressed in many ways like  Adoration, Prayer,Intercession and praise Worship and thanksgiving, repentance. This is the first step to reach God in our life. Many people remain in this first step through out their life but this first step gives us a experience of Gods love but does not activate that experience in to reality or encounter God of reality.God is not only an experience of feeling good or feeling loved but God is a reality and he is a living God, a person like you and me but not visible in Human eyes but can be experienced in love.

Hope is the second step of our moral life. When we have experienced Gods love, waiting and trusting on his love in patience to act in our life situation is hope. This stage is very crucial in our journey because many people who experienced God expect God to do magic in their life but God has his own way of doing things involving the devotee in the act of revelation. Hope is the combination of Faith and Charity or in between agent among them. When we trust God for everything in our life and all things are coming from him and he is the source of all love and expect him to act in our life situation , an desire to love our Neighbor emerges with in our heart and this desire inspired or motivated by Gods love. Hope keeps balance between Faith and love. Hope refines our faith or repentance and puts God first in our life. If we do not hope in Gods Grace or mercy in our daily life and do acts of  mercy then there is no Spirit of God working in our acts of love but they become only good actions . Faith is always tested in hope. We see many people to act God immediately after their Prayer but we must wait upon the Lord . When we pray  to God in Faith , God checks the authenticity of our Prayer and authenticity is passed by hoping on Gods mercy and love. This is an Exercise to check the truthfulness and genuine  request.

Love is the finishing line of our moral life. Love is the ultimate product of Faith and Hope. When we trust in the Lord by making him the Lord and master of our Life and wait upon his love and hope,  the love pours out from the person of faith and love to the outer World in reality or in our acts of love which is called Charity or Ministry of love.The fullness of the spirit of God is in these acts of Charity which were based on faith and Hope. Every Human Being who follow God or Jesus or Word of God or Holy trinity or Holy spirit or God the Father or Ten Commandments must go through these three steps to encounter the God of reality otherwise we are either on the way or lost the Way in our moral life. If we build anything without following three steps of moral life then all our efforts how great it may be , there is no truth or peace pr love or God in that life journey,it is a big waste and Garbage. This is the reason people of faith try to build worldly Mansions or Kingdoms and trip and fall because the Spirit of God is absent in their Building or their Building is not a Building of love. God  intervenes to bring people back to his presence of Faith, Hope and love. God restores or gathers the lost in his great mercy and love.

We have to learn to live a moral life literally following these three steps . We do many exercises like Physical Exercises and Diet Exercises to keep our Body in good health. We do meditations , Hobbies and entertainment to keep our mind in good health . We must keep our Spirit active   through these threefold Exercises to keep our Spirit in good health.

We see many people are either stuck  in Faith or some just  hope in God not trusting in him or some involved in Charity no idea of  Gods love at all. In this confusion in the Spirituality people only Wander in the moral journey and can not meet the real God of love in their life. Love is the meeting point of our life and fulfillment of all  the Scriptures and Prophesies. So let us experience that love in our life,wait upon that love and live a life of love and Charity then we teach others to do the same thing this is Evangelization . If we do this we will be considered as the greatest in the kingdom of  God but if we delete any of these steps and jump the line of waiting in hope and  love  and start preaching and teaching as per our convenience and comfort then we will be considered as the least in the Kingdom of God.  We have to learn from our Champion Jesus Christ , he trusted God,waited patiently on his will and loved in fullness by giving his life to the Whole World. Jesus is not great or Savior because he is the Son of God but Jesus became great because of his life of Faith,Hope and Love.

Prayer: Lord Jesus help me to go through the steps of Faith,Hope and Love and meet you personally. Amen

Leadership is Stewardship of Gods Love (By: Ivan Rodrigues – Contemporary)

Wednesday of the 20th Week of Ordinary Time

August 19, 2020

Today’s Readings:Ezekiel 34:1-11
Ps 23:1-6
Matthew 20:1-16
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Therefore, shepherds, hear the word of the LORD:
As I live, says the Lord GOD,
because my sheep have been given over to pillage,
and because my sheep have become food for every wild beast,
for lack of a shepherd;
because my shepherds did not look after my sheep,
but pastured themselves and did not pasture my sheep;

The above message applies to every Leader or Head of the Family.  The Christian leadership or parenthood is a calling to pass on the love of God to their Subordinates or to Children. Passing on the love of God means become examples of love by loving them and testifying them by the lived life.

In the modern leadership we can not see servant leadership but Leadership of dominance, pressure , Ego  , selfishness and of ideologies. Even in the Church Leadership,  more importance has been given to administration than passing on the love of God. Parents have become agents of selfishness and pass on greed and pride to their Children than the love of God. The Race,Religion,Education,Nationality,Language ,color, beauty  has become the pride and identity of our Children and life has been trained and lived to achieve these Worldly priorities and the love and charity completely missing among them.

Leaders or Leadership is a stewardship or authority given by God to rule the Creation and carry on the creation to the fullness of love. If Leaders do not become the stewards of love then their Leadership no more  leadership but fake  and Hypocrisy in the name of love. This is a terrible offence against the humanity  and God intervenes in these situations to protect the innocent. King Saul disobeyed God and God rejected him and brought David the Shepherd Boy as a King. David had  a Gods Heart , humble and obedient full of mercy and Compassion.

God comes in search of people to look after them through his appointed Leaders so obeying to Authorities or Leaders is obeying God himself. God provides,heals,delivers,protects,pacifies,searches,comforts ,loves his people through his appointed good Leaders. God himself does not reveal himself but works through his Body the Church. Gods Body is every Authority on this Earth whether it is Civil, Social or Political, all Authorities are passed on Authority of Gods love. We misinterpret Church in to some Christian Institutions but in the context of the Church,it is not an institution but people of love.

We must go beyond Christian Baptized Leaders in to Leaders of love and Charity.This Common platform brings all loving people together despite of differences in their beliefs,  Nationalities, ideologies , race , language or colour in to one platform of love. This is real Church or Body of Christ today and when we identify these people in the scattered Society and work with them to build the Humanity in to love we do the work of Unity or evangelisation.  Evangelisation is not  preaching but getting involved with people in Charity and love and create an awareness of love and service to the Whole World through the Values of Christ.

If a person believes in love and Charity , he or she follow the values of Christ.  Pope Francis is a Smart and obedient Servant of Servants who understood the values of love and unity and working together with all people who believe in love. Devil is the offender and enemy of love and forms divisions splitting people in to various institutions of ideologies. He puts doubt and Supremacy among loving people and creates division, these divisions and Supremacy bring Violence and destruction. Love and forgiveness destroys Supremacy and division and unites people together in Peace.

We need today leaders of love ,forgiveness and peace and not the Leaders of ideologies, Supremacy and Division. When there are Selfish Leaders, people of love must cry to God and raise voice against them by exposing them to remove these Leaders from their Authority and bring in good Leaders of love and God will listen to their Cries  immediately because he constantly looks at his people at every watch of the day, at dawn, morning,Noon, mid noon and in the evening, whether his people have enough food,medicine,Shelter,Clothing,comfort and more of the presence of his love.

Gods Mercy and love is constant , abundant , unlimited and equal to those who listen to him but if we are rebellious and after the Worldly leaders of hatred and false ideologies , today God is calling us again, whichever state of life we may be living in, to come to his Vineyard of love and Work with other like minded people of love where the Harvest is abundant and we will be equally paid and offset whatever we have lost in our  past life.

Prayer : Lord Jesus give us grace to choose good leaders and voice against bad Leaders through Petitions and Prayer. Amen.

True Meaning of Blessings and Greed By: Ivan Rodrigues.

Tuesday of the 20th Week of Ordinary Time
August 18, 2020

Today’s Readings:Ezekiel 28, 1-10
Deuteronomy 32:26-28,30,35-36
Matthew 19:23-30
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters
or father or mother or children or lands
for the sake of my name will receive a hundred times more,
and will inherit eternal life.But many who are first will be                                             last,and the last will be first.”

Love of God and Love of Prosperity are opposite to each other. The love of God possess the Prosperity of the World but love of Prosperity does not possess the love of God. We must understand these things very thoughtfully and understand in our heart . If we are successful to realize this understanding  then we have over come the World, flesh and the Devil. Greed and Blessings are two Words opposite to each other. The Greed is for our selfish desires which brings destruction of our soul , body and Mind but if we are prosperous through the Blessings of God , this Prosperity is divine and not from Human Intelligence or Knowledge. I have met  two kind of  entrepreneurs in my life  some of them are among the top richest people in the World. I could clearly differentiate people who are rich due to their selfish greed and people who are blessed by God. The only difference is the people of greed try to  hold and gather and do not let go or do not sacrifice but only aim to build a Kingdom of the materialistic World but the people of Blessing like Job do not regret for losing the riches or Prosperity given by God and let go everything because they know that their dependence is upon God alone. Their attitude in losing will be like Job, God gave God took away and hope definitely that God is going to Bless them again in their life.

Jesus was not against richness or Rich People but greedy rich people , Jesus had many rich Friends in his life who helped him in his ministry like Nicodemus or Joseph of  Arimathia  so on.  The richness in Jesus time, commonly earned by cheating people and in greed and other type of Evil ways.The Gospel of today has been misinterpreted by many priests and Preachers of today due to the ignorance of the Word of God. In Israel and Middle East,  Camels were used as a Public Transport and there were Barriers shaped upwards in a Camel Back , if a plain  unloaded Camel  had to pass through this  Barrier , it had to sit and crawl under this Barrier in to other side. A loaded camel could not pass through this Barrier because the Load at the Back would block the Camel from passing through . It is like our time 8ft ft tall Vehicles only or 12 Ft tall Vehicles only sign in our time. This Barrier was called a Barrier of  an Eye of needle. Jesus wanted to tell people not to possess extra material wealth in our life which can become a obstacle to go through the judgement of love and Charity.

What is a Blessing and how we can be blessed . When we Bless others we are blessed, this is the simple meaning of Blessing. We can not bless others unless we loose everything we possess in our life. When we Bless others , we sign everything we possess in their name , this is the real blessing in action. Abraham Blessed Isaac and made his possession and Inheritance in his name, Jacob blessed Joseph and gave the full right and inheritance in his name. Blessing is basically giving or loving or forgiving , Jesus Blessed Five bread and Two fishes and gave it to five thousand people. Jesus Blessed broke bread and Wine and gave it to his disciples not only in Sacrament or sign but broke himself on the Cross by Complete Sacrifice. God made Jesus so much Prosperous that all Heavenly and Worldly richness was given to him.

Gospel is a Gospel of love and not a Gospel of Greed . If a person seeks God to gain Worldly Richness then he is seeking a Gospel of Greed. If a preacher preaches the Prosperous Gospel or Gospel of  Greed to the people then the Preacher is a preacher of Greed and not the Gospel of love. If a Community or Religious Leader or a Preacher preaches and Works for greed and material gain without aiming at the love of God then that Gospel is not coming from the Lord.

Many people do many good things in their life but do all things aimed at love of God. I know some greedy Business people who do not respect the Laws of the Country and  do not treat their Employees fairly , doing lots of donations in the Shrines and set up Orphanages for Children and advertising in their Business Seminars to show themselves as Charitable people. These kind of Hypocrite Rich people Jesus was talking about in the Gospel of today. I know some richest of the people in the World they are so humble and always treat people in justice and fairness and great Charitable people. I spoke to one of these Business man ,of the risk of loosing in the Business who had lost millions in his Business , he told me he does not panic or disappointed in his loss but just depend upon the nature to offset the loss and it happens itself immediately with a mighty Profit in some other Venture. Though they are billionaires they live a poor life in their personal life. Jesus though rich and creator but lived a humble poor life on this Earth.

If we humble ourselves and become poor for the Gospel and Sacrifice our life for the Gospel of love , God blesses us in Hundred folds in Spiritual Prosperity and Worldly Prosperity. Mother Theresa lived a poor life and by sacrificing her life but Nations came forward to help her trust ,made her so much rich in resources , today her trust has maximum people to take care but they are blessed with many resources. I wanted to donate a breakfast to one of her Rehabilitation Center and my waiting list no was one thousand plus. We see many private Christian Institutions suffering for funds because their dependence is upon only on  Private donations to avail  seats in posh Schools and Colleges and are struggling to survive in times of famine. The test of Worldly prosperity and Heavenly Blessing is Famine and Calamities , When we go through these trials the Worldly prosperity completely disappear but heavenly Blessings remain and multiply in the time of Famine and Calamities.

The people aim to climb the Ladder of Success and Worldly Prosperity  but end up coming last in the race of love and Blessing but people aim at love and Bless others by sharing and caring win the Race with the award of Peace, joy and happiness in their life. These people have nothing to lose because they know that they came from nothing in to this World  and go with nothing from this World.

Prayer ; Lord Jesus make me poor in Spirit so that I may become rich Blessings and Prosperous. Amen.




God calls all Religions to be one family of love and faith.

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 16, 2020

Today’s Readings:Isaiah 56:1, 6-7
Ps 67:2-3, 5-6, 8 (with 4)
Romans 11:13-15, 29-32
Matthew 15:21-28
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

For my house shall be called
a house of prayer for all peoples.

Gods ways are not our ways and our ways are not Gods ways. Gods wisdom and power beyond the reach of Human. Human tried to reach God by building a Tower of Babel but God confused the languages of one single race created by him and scattered them in to many races , traditions and Religions. God scattered people so that he can gather them again in to one race. Is God playing a game with his people , it is Gods wisdom and love to tie the whole Mankind in a single thread of love and confuse the Evil in his own wisdom of Selfishness and Pride.

If we look at the Bible in a magnified glass , God appoints many Prophets and saints like Noah, Abraham, David to bring all the scattered races in to one Nation. The Salvation of God is to gather all people in to one family so that God can become their Father and they become his Children. Jesus came in to this  Earth to gather all people in to one Church so that this single body of Christ can praise God in one Voice in the assembly of his presence. This is the vision of God for his people so that God can be All in All.

To gather as a Family , we need to be in one mind and one heart of faith and love. Faith in God is an expression of love and love is the product  of faith. Gospel of love or Gospel of Repentance  brings in a realization of Gods love and Faith relates with Gods love through trusting relationship but the love makes a person  righteous  before God. A  person can not stand in the Assembly of Praise and Worship, Thanksgiving, Eucharist, or Intercession without being right before God in his life. Gods presence invites everyone  to attend his Wedding feast but the invitee need to be well dressed and presented in a good decorum at the party. If a person comes with dirt and smelly way , he will be thrown in to a dark place of the pit of the absence of God.

Evangelisation is basically inviting scattered people who are lost  in the whirlwind of this World in to Gods love or Gods Banquet of love. Jesus goes all around Jerusalem and Israel to invite the Chosen generation but his own people rejected him and goes beyond Israel to Canon Area who were a scattered race who is to live in darkness in the absence of God. The Canaanite Woman expresses her Faith in the Messiah by believing in the Word of God and Gods mercy pours out in to her life . Jesus was not partial but he reached out to everyone equally to everyone without keeping any limitation whether he is Jew or Gentile.

Today God looks at our heart , it has to be either Righteous  or  Repented in Faith and then we can take part in the assembly of Gods love or the Church. If the Church or Community which is not righteous or repented in Faith Gods mercy does not pour in to them. Jesus came in to this world to gather the whole Mankind in to one family of love. Jesus formed Christians or church or Body of Christ to carry on this mission to carry out the work of salvation which he started through preaching,death, resurrection and Ascension.

The ministry of  spreading Gods love is not to divide religions or condemn the people who do not believe the Gospel of love but just like Jesus went to Canon to invite them personally to the Banquet of love. Christians  must go beyond their own Church or Community to spread the Gospel of love to all Non Christians  and invite them to the Assembly of Gods love. Christianity is not a religion of adding on numbers or of Majority but adding  more people in our acts of love. When we add all people in the list of love then we include everyone in to one family. Jesus loved first and invited others in to his love so let us imitate him as Christians.


Lord make me a Beacon of love to everyone who live in Sin . Amen

Mother Mary is the opposite of Lucifer or Devil or Satan.

Saturday August 15, 2020
Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

ScripturesRevelations 11:19; 12:1-6, 10
Psalm 45:10-12, 16
1 Corinthians 15:20-27
Luke 1:39-56

When he hands over the Kingdom to his God and Father,
when he has destroyed every sovereignty
and every authority and power.
For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet.
The last enemy to be destroyed is death,
for “he subjected everything under his feet.”

Death is the last enemy of Gods love. The Salvation has been achieved but the Enemy is still alive in this World. The death is the product of Evil. God created human in love and multiply in love but man opposed love and invited death to himself and the Whole World. In the act of Salvation Jesus reversed the hatred of Man and the reaction of death in to love and a new life in Christ by pouring out the Holy spirit. A person who is the follower of Christ and lives in the fullness of the Holy spirit will not die but live for ever.

The above Introduction of my Reflection is a theory of death and eternal life. If the Salvation has been achieved, why the Evil exist in the World and people experience evil affliction and suffering and death.  In the act of Salvation , Jesus was subjected everything under his feet including all Sovereignty, Authority, Power, Evil powers, Satan,  and last of all is death. Satan or Evil is the Architect of death and Man is the Mason to carry out the structure of death and pass on to the structure to the next generation. This Building of death has grown over the time and become like a Tower of Babel in this World.

Man is trying to compete with the power of  the Love of God with Worldly powers like Money, Pride, Muscle Power , arms and ammunition and trying to overcome death or live for ever. The Theory or medicine of Salvation has been given to us to overcome death and afflictions of Evil but Human is still ignorant of the Salvation of Jesus Christ. Due to this ignorance Human Race suffers with all kind of Calamities, Sicknesses and temptations of the Evil.

There is no technology or Science or Philosophy or Religion has given a medicine to overcome death except Jesus. When we Believe Jesus and live a life through the teaching of the Gospel or through the inspiration of his Spirit of love , we overcome all Authorities, Sovereignty, Power, Evil, Sickness and death. The great Saints of God have followed Jesus closely and lived for ever. Mother Mary was the first person to accept the Salvation and be victorious over death and destroyed the power of Evil and death through her obedience to do the Will of God and following her Son Jesus .

Mother Mary became the first person to be ascended in to Heaven after her Physical death. The Physical death is Natural but assumption in to Heaven by body, mind and Spirit is super Natural. Jesus died in his Physical Body but resurrected in Body , mind and Spirit. Mother Mary’s  assumption is not resurrection but elevation of her human body in to heavenly body in to heaven as a reward for her complete obedience to Gods will. Mary died in her Body but assumed or taken in to heaven in Body, mind and Spirit after her physical death. St. Thomas the Apostle witnessed her assumption in to heaven , as per the traditions a mantle  fell down from her garment when she was assumed in to heaven and St. Thomas preserved it as a proof of her assumption to show it to other Disciples and followers of Christ.

We have have witnessed of Non Corruption of the Bodies  from other Saints who lived a life in complete  obedience to Gods love . The Salvation has a powerful impact on Human beings which converts the Human body,mind and Spirit from the Corruption of Sin in to Divine power of Holy spirit. When we take Salvation or the Holy spirit seriously in our life and live a life in tremble and fear of Salvation or through the full inspiration or in the presence of the Spirit of love we get transformed from the Corruption of Sin in to Spiritual Body or Spirit led people. The Salvation Experience is the beginning of Salvation and when we live this Salvation in our life ,we get transformed day by day in the likeness and image of God. When we supersede our Human Nature of Corruption in to Divine Nature of Love , We become Divine Human Beings. When we die at this stage our flesh have divine nature or particles of Jesus which can not corrupt our bodies and show divine nature of non corruption.

We see in the first reading Lucifer revolting against the love of God  with one third of the the angels, he wanted to compete with Gods power of love with Selfishness and Pride. Lucifer and one third of the angels were thrown down in to Earth. Lucifer was the most powerful Angel who was the supreme most power among  all Creation . God wanted someone from the Creation to take the place of the Lucifer who lost his position in the Kingdom of God . Mother Mary was the perfect Creation who lived in complete obedience of God and chosen by God to become the Mother and co partner in the act of Salvation with Jesus Christ.

The feast of Assumption is the Elevation of the Creation to the Divine position of the realm of the Kingdom of God and also it is a remembrance of the complete destruction of Lucifer the Devil the fallen angel who challenged Gods love and conspired the first Eve to fall in to SIN. Mother Mary destroyed the   power of Evil by saying yes to Gods will and obeyed till the end and hence assumed in to Heaven to receive the reward from the Father , Son and the Holy spirit.  Mother Mary has been made queen of Heaven and Earth to destroy the power of Evil and rule the Earth with her intercession seated at the right side of Jesus.

We the creation must seek the intercession of Mary in times of  Evil Temptation, Evil afflictions , Evil attacks and Mother Mary strikes the head of the Devil and all demons under the feet of her Son Jesus. If we ask who is opposite to Devil or Satan or Lucifer in person  , it is Mother Mary and not Jesus. Jesus is the second person of Trinity and the Creator and God and Mother Mary is the Supreme among all the Human Race who was rewarded with a Reward of Queen ship of Heaven and Earth. Mother Mary has special role in the Salvation Plan which we read in the first reading through conception, Protection, nurturing and make the second person Son of God in to Son of Man and supporting from the yes to the Fathers will till the foot of the Cross , Pentecost and till Revelations of John the Evangelist which gives us a complete vision of the fulfillment of Salvation.

Prayer : Mother Mary , destroy the power of Evil in our life through your Son and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen





Thursday of the 19th Week of Ordinary Time

August 13, 2020

Today’s Readings:Ezekiel 12:1-12
Ps 78:56-59,61-62
Matthew 18:21–19:1
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Let your countenance shine upon your servant
and teach me your statutes.

Forgiveness is divine and only a person who possess the Spirit of God can love and forgive others. Forgiveness is nothing but giving oneself to others or loving others. Jesus gave himself in the Sacrifice of love on the Cross for the Salvation of the Whole World. Human can not forgive others unless they come out from their Animal instinct in to Human image of Gods love. Animals can not forgive but fight and take life of another for gain and selfish desires. In the old testament people believed in the Law ”  Eye for an Eye and Tooth for an Tooth”  but Jesus changed the perception of old Law in to New Law of  Love and forgiveness.

Love and forgiveness was the original Nature of Mankind before they  became rebellious by renouncing the Commandments, which were Commandments of love and forgiveness. Man became rebellious by not forgiving their fellowmen and took life of each other and hence became rebellious generation of hatred, bitterness and revenge and lost the presence of God in their life. Whenever the presence of God was missing in their life the Evil became stronger in their life and Nation in the form of Pagan Kings and captured them as slaves  and took them in to Exile in Captivity.  God speaks through Ezekiel their unforgiveness or rebelliousness. A rebel is an offender of Gods love or miss the mark of Gods love and do just the opposite of love to hate. Hatred is a sign that Holy spirit or Gods love is absent in our heart. It is simple if a person does not forgive then he does not possess the Holy spirit of love but  Evil Spirit of  unforgiveness  and hatred.

Unforgiveness is an offence against the Church or body of Christ because we act as Hypocrites saying in our Sacrament of reconciliation Forgive me Lord but hate our Brothers and Sister who are created in the likeness of God, this kind of repentance is an act of Hypocrisy , these kind of Confessions do not yield any graces though we are absolved by an ordained Priest who represent Jesus himself in the Confessional because our repentance is not genuine like in the story  of the Scribes and the Republican  in the Temple , the Scribe went unforgiven   from the House of God because there was no true repentance in his prayer. Many Scribes and Pharisees came to Jesus in Hypocrite heart but went back unforgiven and empty.

When I reflect upon the Parable in today’s Gospel  , I tremble in fear of the consequences of  unforgiveness. This is the only place in the entire Bible Where Gods Mercy is rejected or closed to a person who has unforgiveness in his heart.  Unforgiveness is not a feeling of our emotion but a decision of our will or heart. When we are angry at a person we are emotional but reacting on this Anger by an act of abuse or manhandling or slander  is the act of  an unforgiveness , so the offence takes place from our will not to love but to hate and hence lose the Holy Spirit from our Heart and spirit of Hatred enters in to our heart. If we do not repent and make peace with the body of Christ then this offence is called unforgiveness of our heart or rebellious heart where love of God or Holyspirit is missing.

Salvation is a message of Hope , forgiveness of our sins is a great hope to live on this Earth. When a Sinner listens to the  Word of God and decides to repent in feeling , they do not repent for their sins in action but relent for their sins but grace does not operate in this act of relenting but true repentance is a decision to love God  with  a testimony of forgiveness.If we take Peter and Judas repentance , Judas relented by emotional weeping but did not forgive himself and took his own life by condemning himself and not believing in Gods forgiveness and love but Peter repented for his betrayal not only in emotional weeping but in a decision to face and follow Jesus at a distance to seek his mercy and love .

Humans require power from above to forgive and love. When we believe in the Gospel of love we get connected to the Holy trinity and the love of God poured in to our heart in the form of Holy spirit and when we receive this grace  and when people offend or hurt us we look at them in the eyes of Gods mercy.  Gods eyes are love and mercy and he wants us to be people of his eyes and ears who can see the people in eyes of Compassion and ears of patient listener.

We have experienced in the renewal Retreats , when people repent in feeling sorry for their sins the Salvation experience do not transform them  but when they decide to forgive themselves and others , there is a great power of the Holy spirit, the Gods love gushing in the heart and a mighty transformation of heart takes place as the first taste of the Salvation. These same people who came with great burden of Sin and forgiveness are able to love and forgive immediately after the retreats. I recall a person who had the transformation experience did not go back to his house after the retreat but went to all people whom he had offended and the people who had offended him asking pardon and sharing his transformation experience.

Where did this strength came to him , this strength is from the Holy spirit who entered in to his heart and convicted his offence and motivated him to ask forgiveness and share Gods love to them as a testimony.

I remember an exercise given to us by the Retreat Preacher , to make list of people from our childhood till date and shortlist it in Hundreds, tens and finally the one most  hurted person  in our life and  forgive them in the name of Jesus and love them in the name of Jesus. We must go through the process of self examination of our Conscience by forgiving everyday and asking forgiveness with God and each other and not to lose the presence and love of God in our heart.

Prayer : Lord pour out your Holy spirit in to my Heart and make us people of love and forgiveness. Amen.


Every Follower of Gods love has full authority to Rule, Judge and Forgive Sinners on this Earth.

Wednesday of the 19th Week of Ordinary Time
August 12, 2020

Today’s Readings:Ezequiel 9:1-7; 10:18-22
Psalm 113:1-6
Matthew 18:15-20
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Then he called to the man dressed in linen
with the writer’s case at his waist, saying to him:
Pass through the city, through Jerusalem,
and mark a “Thau” on the foreheads of those who moan and groan
over all the abominations that are practiced within it.

Thau  is a sign of the Cross and the name of the Lord.  Thau is the last letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Cross is the sign of Sacrifice and  sign of ultimate love. The Lord gives authority to the man dressed in Linen” the Son of Man” Jesus  who has the Book of life and death, the Gospel to mark or anoint with the Holy spirit upon  those who mourn and groan through sighs and cries of intercession through Beatitude of Jesus.

People who believed and lived as a testimony of Gods love were the people who were marked with the Love of God. These people are the real anointed people who have the right to rule over the World because the Creation was subdued to the Human who live in the image of Gods love. What the anointed people who live in Gods love and forgiveness has same heart of God and Jesus gives them the formula to Judge the ungodly and sinners in the Gospel of today. The ultimate instrument of judgement of the Sinners is love, if we judge people in love , the judgement is of love, and in this act of love we do not condemn the guilty but correct them and rebuild them in to love. Church is not a Authority of power but a Authority of love. If our passed on authority gives us authority to forgive sins without love in our heart , is our absolution an act of love or act of Authority of power. Our authority comes from mutual understanding of the heart or seeking the Lord in all things of life , this is Wisdom which King Solomon possessed in his life and judged people in Gods wisdom or Holy-spirit or in Gods love. The Salvation is an act of Gods Sacrifice of love and we must be bearers of Salvation and then the true forgiveness and repentance manifests in the sinners and a transformation takes place in among the Sinners.

Jesus gave authority to Peter saying whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven. Does this statement apply to the Clergy  alone who are ordained as representatives of Gods love , this statement applies to every follower of the Gospel of love. If we live and teach the Gospel of love to others by correcting the sinners by living a life as a testimony of love , our testimony will be recorded in the book of life against those people who rejected our correction or testimony and persecuted us. This act is evangelisation. When people agree anything on this earth in mutual understanding of heart (and not in their individualistic heart ) in love and for love , God of love is among them and with them and grant them whatever they prayed for, because the inspiration and purpose of their mutual prayer is love. Therefore all prayers and intercessions must follow the Charity of love as a testimony of Gods  love.

The name of God is Jesus , the mark of Jesus is the Cross , Cross is the sign of Sacrifice and love. When we carry our crosses of sacrifice and  love we carry God himself in our life and become bearers of Cross and with a mark of cross sealed on our forehead the name of God or Love of God or Jesus or Holy spirit or a Full Christian  or a true Hebrew. This Beatitude is a guarantee that we are in the Kingdom of God and the sons and daughters God who are his inheritance and heir to rule and judge the World in his Justice and love.