When we witness Jesus , we get access to the Father.

This Reflection is written by Ivan Rodrigues  the Chief Editor of Prayer Reflections.

Saturday May 23, 2020

ScripturesActs 18:23-28

Psalm 47:2-3, 8-10
John 16:23-28

“I have told you this in figures of speech.
The hour is coming when I will no longer speak to you in figures
but I will tell you clearly about the Father.
On that day you will ask in my name,
and I do not tell you that I will ask the Father for you.
For the Father himself loves you, because you have loved me
and have come to believe that I came from God.
I came from the Father and have come into the world.
Now I am leaving the world and going back to the Father.”

The Law was given to this World by the Almighty Father God through Moses based on Ten Commandments  and the grace of those Ten Commandments came to us through Jesus Christ. Jesus came in to this World to teach us how to unfold the power or grace , given to us in the Law of Moses.

I have a Professional model of Printer, which I bought in 2010 and I am using it only for print outs , Copy and Scan. Recently I met a techie who showed me all the features of this Printer. Also he showed me how  to use it for my basic functions like Printouts, Copy and Scan. I found out from this Expert that my Printer had a Wireless Connection to my WiFi and to my Mobile. There were functions like A 3 Print outs ,Various Size Photo  Printing option, Auto fax connected to my mail option, self Service and Cleaning option, Enlarging option and he gave me a list of features which consisted of hundreds of features. Over years I was breaking my head over this Printer and get the Work done outside due to my ignorance. When I printed a A 4 Size Photograph of my Mom I was thrilled because in the studio the same Photo costed me 20 Euros. Now I am reading at least one new function and try it on my printer and what a joy when I successfully  complete the function and the life becomes easier and save time and money with less stress.

In the Example of the Printer , the Law of  Moses is written figure God gave Israelite’s so that they have a ready recon-er, where they can tick mark the Checklist called Ten Commandments. God portrayed his love through a poem of Ten Commandments to be specific but people through  ignorance and  for their comfort did not implement and manipulated  the Commandments of God’s love love and Charity. Jesus came on this Earth to teach us how to implement these Commandments of love by witnessing them and correcting them and demonstrating them through his own life.  People wondered at the teachings of Jesus with full of power, grace and miracles and he taught his disciples to do the same as he did while he was living on this Earth. When Jesus completed his witness on this Earth , he ascended in to Heaven to pass on the mission to the Holy spirit.

When Jesus showed us how to live our life through God’s love and Charity and gave access to this way of life to every person who listened and believed in his instructions. The techie in my Printer explained me all features , I came to know the truth and started to use that Printer with every new feature every day,  my life became excited and I was so grateful for the Printer, Techie and the Manufacturer because I was greatly benefited and my life had become full of excitements.

We must believe in him and start reflecting upon his teaching and implement them in our life, when we do this we automatically get access to the Father and he will give us love, joy, peace, Patience, Forgiveness, self control, meekness, gentleness  and the list is unending in this love of God. The power to live our life comes through the gifts of the Holy spirit like gift of faith, Gift of wisdom, Gift of Knowledge, Gift of healing, gift of  Deliverance, Gift of Intercession, Gift of Prophesy, Gift of tongues, gift of interpretation of tongues, Gift of Vision and the list is unending of God’s love. The grace comes through following Jesus or walking through the Words of Jesus.

When Jesus was leaving this World it was sad for the Disciples but when  they started  doing  the things what he told to do , they got transformed and got access to the Father through the Power of the Holy spirit. They marveled at themselves and the Work the Lord doing through them because they were simple , illiterate rough Country men.    Signs and Wonders followed them wherever they went to witness and preach the Word of God. They forgot the Physical figure of Jesus which they saw, lived and touched but started discovering his teaching ,  his Witness , his values through the Cross , Resurrection , Ascension , and started living his life and teaching his teachings by witnessing his life on this Earth. The life of every follower of Christ was full of grace, power, miracles and signs and wonders followed at every step of their life.

The figure of the text of Scriptures must be understood and lived through  the Witness of Jesus Cross, resurrection and Ascension , when we do this we discover the access key to the kingdom of God. Every time we reflect and live the Gospel , a new mystery of the Kingdom of God is revealed the faithful.  Is it not exciting my friends , Christian life is  full of excitements, thrill and  Wonders.




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