By Believing in Lord Jesus , we are gifted with the Holy-spirit.

Tuesday of the 6th Week of Easter
May 19, 2020

Today’s Readings:Acts 16:22-34
Ps 138:1-3, 7c-8
John 16:5-11
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:


And when he comes he will convict the world
in regard to sin and righteousness and condemnation:
sin, because they do not believe in me;
righteousness, because I am going to the Father
and you will no longer see me;
condemnation, because the ruler of this world has been condemned.”

When I was  growing in Christian faith , I used  to ask myself a personal question why did not Jesus live in this World after his resurrection and save the Whole World from the sickness of Sin.  Jesus answers this question in today Gospel readings saying :” Now I am going to the one who sent me”, Jesus mission on this earth completes when he ascends in to heaven and receives his original glory from the Father and Son. The final phase of the Salvation Plan begin with the descending of the Holy-spirit upon those who believed in Jesus. Holy spirit was necessary because he is the original image of God in which man was created at the beginning. Man was corrupted with Sin and had lost his original nature of love and Jesus took our sinful nature upon the Cross and died for the Sin  and destroyed the power of death  in our Body, mind and Spirit. When the power of Sin was destroyed in our life,our life remained empty again we had to be reprinted with the image of God  and this act is called the descending of the Holy-spirit.  Jesus could not have done this without his glorification or ascension in to heaven because he handed over the Cross of Salvation to the Holy-spirit at its finishing point to establish the Salvation on this Earth. I like the feast of ascension in to heaven very much because on this day  grace prevailed over Sin . Jesus was victorious in the Salvation plan and ascension is like a reward ceremony , a reunion with his original family Father and Holy-spirit. This day the power of Satan  was officially destroyed and he does not have any say either in Heaven or Earth. When Jesus ascended in to Heaven, one more activity happened , the Satan and all his angels were thrown in to Hell permanently forever. So Satan and his allies do not have any power over people who are in a relationship or union with Jesus or believe in Jesus either in earth or heaven. This is the reason believing Jesus on this Earth is very important  to keep ourselves away from Satan and his associates.

   Though we may consider death, resurrection,ascension, Pentecost  as separate activities but in action it is one activity. Church calls this all in one activity as Baptism. The Reconciliation, Eucharist and confirmation are the supporting sacraments to Baptism but Baptism itself erases our original Sin and fills the empty soul with the Spirit of God. I had one question in my mind , why we need to believe Jesus to receive Holy-spirit? We can not receive the Holy-spirit without believing in Jesus because Jesus destroyed  our Sin by his death and resurrection and sends the Holy-spirit to make us a new Creation.  Holy-spirit descends in our lives and recreates us or transform us in to people of love and charity.   When Holy-spirit descend upon us , following three things happen as mentioned in today’s Gospel.

  1. Holy spirit convicts the World of it’s sin, because they do not believe in Jesus:

First thing happens when a person encounters Jesus that he clearly sees his Sins and how sin betray Jesus. The original Sin can be recognized only through the light of Jesus because all the other lights of the World may not be able to reveal the complete dark routes of Sin  and hence commit the same sins again and again. When the Holy-spirit comes on us , he not only shows the sins but its routes as well and takes the person in to repentance and to shut the door of the enemy for ever and ever , never to commit the sin again. People who have the problem of a repeated and a bondage in Sin must pray to the Holy-spirit to convict their sins and weakness and humble before God in repentance. This process is the first stage of Salvation and very important to receive Salvation or to Believe Jesus.  There is no example in the whole of the salvation History , a person saved without repentance of his sin, hence repent and Believe in Lord Jesus. In the first reading the Jailer first repents by humbling before Paul in tears,and then Believes Jesus with Baptism. Repentance itself is not enough but must believe in Jesus for their future life. Repentance repairs our old life but believing Jesus brings faith and hope in our future life. We can not live without faith in Jesus and hope of the reward of  Salvation. The people who did not believe in Jesus will be judged on the basis of Holy spirit’s conviction of their sins for not believing in Jesus. Jesus is the light of the world but people preferred to live in darkness so that their Sins may not be exposed to the light. This testimony of the Holy-spirit is scary because after alerting us that it is wrong and loose God’s love and  liberty ,but still in our Pride and self -will decide to go against God’s will and loose the presence of God. 

2. Holy-spirit Convicts  us of our  righteousness, because I am going to the Father:

Holy-spirit is like a check mate , who tells us at every stage how right we are in line with God’s Righteousness. When we talk about righteousness , we come across three kinds of righteousness A. Self  Righteousness B. Worldly Righteous C. God’s Righteousness. The self righteousness comes from Pride and the source of this righteousness is Evil. Many of the time we live a self righteous life and call ourselves Holy. The Holy-spirit  warns us from the counterfeit  in our life with all kind of warning in our life. The self righteous people try to live their Salvation through their own efforts and manipulate God’s Law for their own benefit and glory. These kind of  people seek glory for themselves and not God.  Worldly Righteousness is believing on the Worldly Religions and ideologies. The Salvation can come only from above because no human being  has come from above or  resurrected from death  and gone above in their resurrected body but died like any other worldly man or women on this Earth. There may be many common truths with their teachings , ideologies and life but they themselves require salvation for their souls because these truths are not complete truths and can not reveal  the whole truth but may give some signs to the whole truth. These ways of life are again misleading or the counterfeits. Holy-spirit  recognize these counterfeits and these  Worldly Spirits  hidden in common truths come out of people when they encounter the Holy-spirit. Gods righteousness is Jesus righteousness , in this no one seeks his own glory or believes in the counterfeit  but does the will of each other and live a life of love, charity and obedience. They seek the things from above and believe in the greatness and loving power of the Father and Son. They look for the abundant life eternal which Jesus has ascended in to Heaven and prepared for the one who believe in him and the love the Father. These people live in love and charity and always live the Word of God in love and charity. 

3. Holy spirit convicts of our condemnation, because the ruler of this world has been condemned.”

Holy spirit convicts us that the Evil has been condemned for ever to the eternal fire by the death and resurrection of Jesus.   The evil does not have any power over people who believe in Jesus. When we condemn ourselves with  guilt and fear and timidity , Holy spirit reminds us that the people who believe in Jesus has no Condemnation because the person who condemns the World has been condemned and sentenced to eternal fire. Holy-spirit encourages and fills a believer with zeal, courage and boldness . The old self left behind in us says we are not worthy but Holy spirit renews us every moment  of our life with the love of God and fills us with all gifts and fruits. The Spirit filled people make miracles in the name of Jesus and drive out the demons from peoples lives  because they know that the strongman  of the World has been defeated and bound  and thrown in to the eternal fire. Holy-spirit inspires and guides people with great revelation of the Kingdom of God. 

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