The pilgrim Church saves souls beginning from Earth and ends in Heaven

November 2 , 2019

All Souls Day

Wisdom 3:1-9
Psalm 23:1-6
Romans 5:5-11 or Romans 6:3-9
John 6:37-40

The souls of the just are in the hand of God,
and no torment shall touch them.

Church remembers today all departed souls of this World. When we say all , people who lived a good life and so good life. Today’s readings  say  the souls  of only the  just in the hand of God. What happens to the unjust souls who have not believed in the justice of God and died in their own understanding of life.  As per the Church teaching Purgatory is a place of purification of the souls. There is pain and suffering  in the purification. This pain is greater than the suffering of this World for sure, because when we suffer in this World our body , mind and Spirit , share the suffering and moreover in the world we are not aware of the real meaning of suffering and why we are suffering . In the Purgatory the soul understands the meaning of suffering and  come to know why they are suffering because they see God much more closer than Human being and experience the Heaven in more tangible and realistic manner.  The Church does not say that the people who have not accepted Jesus and die in Sin and absence of love go to Purgatory but those people who started the journey with Jesus and could not finish that journey in this World , gets an opportunity to complete it in Purgatory. So all people who have followed Jesus in Words or deeds , surely enter to Purgatory.

What happens to the souls who have not accepted Jesus or lived a life of Jesus on this Earth. Bible says these souls will go to the Custody  of Satan or to a place where Satan can claim these souls due to their loyalty to him while they lived their life on this Earth. The will of God is not to lose a single soul  or go to the eternal damnation. Jesus mission was to do the will of the Father, that is to save all the souls imparted to him by the Father. Now the confusion is if God’s will to save all souls and Jesus mission is to fulfill God’s will , how can the souls can go to hell? God can not fail or Jesus can not fail to save souls.

God’s spirit is humble and meek who is so much gentle , every moment of our life pleads with our spirit , mind and body to possess him and listen to his inspiration. The spirit of God waiting on the door of our heart through out our life till our death.  If we have rejected him completely through out our life listening to our own self and Evil till our death and died in the absence of his presence then the Spirit of God remains outside of our life.  After our death , we do not have free will or the body to respond to the Spirit of God and hence can not invite him in the soul. These souls can not enter presence of God or even Purgatory because there is nothing purge out from these souls because they have been completely in darkness .  The evangelisation  can not work with these people because  they have been destined for eternal damnation. Their works are fully evil and destruction like people of Sodom and Gomorrah not even one percent of goodness exist among them.

Love is the image of God in this earth, people who live in love despite of their religion or background live in deeds of Jesus. They must not have received the baptism in Jesus name but they have lived the Be attitudes of Jesus by listening to the spirit of God in their heart. These people will go to Purgatory to be purged all those things which have blocked them from the fullness of the Spirit.

As per my personal reflection only few people who have been condemned from the beginning of the foundation of the Earth ,  who are destined to part take with Evil or to be with Evil will go to Hell. But all God’s elect who have been chosen by God in love before the foundation of the World to be saved , will go to the presence of God or Purgatory  because this is the Will of God our Father and the mission of Jesus to save all souls handed over to him by the Father and he can not fail in his mission.

The mystery of saving souls is beyond our imagination , the pilgrim church continues it’s work of saving souls in Heaven as well. Purgatory and intercession of saints with Jesus himself seated at the right of the Father with Mother Mary at his side interceding to the Father for his mercy towards all souls. This is the reason we must intercede for the saving of Souls on Earth and Purgatory. This is real evangelisation which Theresa of little flower did her  life and got awarded the title of doctor of doctors despite she spent her entire life inside the Convent and became a patron saint of Missionaries.


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