Today is the Day of Reward for all those who won the race of faith & mercy of God.

Solemnity of All Saints
November 1, 2019

Today’s Readings:Revelations 7:2-4, 9-14
Ps 24:1-6
1 John 3:1-3
Matthew 5:1-12a
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

“Do not damage the land or the sea or the trees
until we put the seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.”


There is not a single person on this World who wants to do wrong intentionally  but want to be right in their life. The struggle to do right and wrong is our decision because every human has been created in free will. There are two ways to fight this struggle , one with our wisdom  and second with the wisdom of God.  If we choose the first way of life, all the ideologies and Religions of the World, a disciplined life ,Education , good works  and all possible good life styles of the World fall in these category because all these ways teach us do things as per human wisdom.

There is a second way of life , where we rely upon the Wisdom of God , we call this Wisdom as Holy spirit, Voice of our soul , Salvation , Word of God , the Church  so on. In the second way  the reliance  is on God’s Wisdom . There are two  ways  in the second way of reliance on God ,one is the voice of God and second is the promise of the Salvation and all the benefits.  The voice of God or voice of the spirit is the permanent inbuilt Salvation plan built in every human being , this voice of God has been corrupted due to the Evil and worldly voices, and human is confused between the voice of God and other voices .

God gave a checklist the commandments through Prophets to check the voices but these checklist made humans more confused because people started taking this checklist to comparing the other voices and manipulated the checklist and man became more confused and lost  the complete track of truth.

During this confusion God revealed the Salvation plan , the Jesus Christ who came in to this World and took all our confusion and consequences of our confusion  upon himself and gave new and high tech solution that those who believe in him will be saved from all confusion and consequences of all wrong doings and  promised of the fresh anointing of the spirit of God in our heart with a clear voice of his spirit.

Jesus gave us a fresh checklist to check the authenticity of the fresh voice of the spirit  because  man was not listening to the Spirit at every moment of their life.  This checklist is called the Be attitudes. Be-attitudes give us a picture of God’s people on Earth or signs of God’s people. These signs indicate that we are in a right direction.  We need the voice of the Spirit and signs of Be attitudes to lead our life , in ears of faith we must listen to the voice of the spirit and in eyes of faith we must see the signs of the Be-attitudes.

Be attitudes of Jesus are the vocation of our life , we will be judged and rewarded based on the Be attitudes . Man has been created to live a life of Be-attitudes. Be attitudes teach us only one thing in life, to rely upon the mercy and love of God and not to rely upon our self , World or Evil.  Man can not live a righteous life through his Wisdom but must rely upon Jesus the master of Mercy and grace . This is the reason we say Jesus is the only way to Heaven because other ways of life lead man to the wrong destination of life.

God is merciful and want to save everybody on this Earth and put his mark of Salvation on our foreheads so that no one is lost on this Earth. God has his saving ways and Jesus did not come to condemn any person on this Earth but to save everyone , we as children of the same Father must try to save souls on this Earth by proclaiming message of salvation. The more we do , we hasten the Kingdom of God on this Earth.

All  Saints Day is a rewarding Ceremony in Heavenly realm    who have lived the Be attitudes and died for those Be attitudes. It is great day of Salvation and Victory against Evil and all his works. We must see the Devil falling down from heaven to the damnation on this day. All the claims of the Satan proved wrong and he has been thrown out of the presence of God.

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