Fighting for God’s Rights on our Heart.

Saturday November 30, 2019
Romans 10:9-18
Ps 19:8-11
Matthew 4:18-22
How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!

The true follower of Christ engages in Lord’s Business. If someone says I am follower Christ but does not engages in God’s Business then there is a doubt in his beliefe because when a person experiences God’s love then he must be a witness in Words and deeds. The persons transformation can be evaluated only through his witness and not through any other means. Once a person comes in to light, he becomes a channel of light to other people who are living in darkness , infact he automaticaly illuminates in the darkness in the light if Christ. This light is contageous , every person he touches turns in to the light of Christ , just like radium quoted items spread its element to another element in the darkness.

The Evangelisation is not learnt in lessons or trained in Workshops but a automatic process which comes spontaneously from the spirit if God. The Apostles were with Jesus for three years fully trained by Jesus himself but could not witness him in Words or actions until they were transformed on the day of Pentecost.

Evangelisation is purely an inspiration and working of the Holyspirit. If any ministry is not inspired or guided by the Holyspirit , it is just a good ministry of the World but not of the Lord. The main sign of the Holyspirit is love and sacrifice. If any person possess Christ love, Sacrifice and charity then he pours out that love to others.

Christian call is to be a King , Priest and Prophet. The Prophetic ministry is to proclaim the good news. We must imitate Jesus with his three fold ministry otherwise we must conclude that we are not in fullness of his Spirit

True evangelists are saints on this Earth because they have believed in Jesus and accepted him as the Lord and Master of their life and engaged in his Business on this Earth. There is no other ministry which is more holy or angelic than spreading the good news of our Lord to others. We can not be selfish in God’s love, once we experience and saved from the oppression of the Evil, we must feel our other brothers and sisters who live in the oppression to be saved by Jesus and come in to the true knowledge of Christ. If we do not feel this necesity then we must come in to a conclusion that we have not come in to the true Knowledge of God.

Evangelisation is a ministry of love and pity. When we feel people live in the trap of Evil, we must make all our efforts to release them from the hands of Evil and bring them in to light of Christ. We may do it in various ways. The best way to do it through a ministry of Intercession. St.Theresa Child Jesus chose this ministry and has become the Patron saint of missionaries. All Saints, Mother Mary and Jesus himself engaged in this ministry, this is a heavenly ministry to hasten the Salvation in this Earth.When we partake in this ministry we become copartners in the Salvation Work.

Evangelisation is witnessing to Christ in our life, Mother Theresa reflected Jesus and she saw Jesus in every poor person. This kind of ministry require a servant love, today’s world is lacking this servant love and busy in the limelight of preaching and Healing ministries. We must know the burdens of our heart and move according to the Spirit but not imitate other people who are successful in their ministry. We must always listen to the Spirit and not the mind or body which wanders in feelings , emotions and Worldly values.

The most common ministry given to us is the area we were saved from the Evil. For example an alchoholic saved by the Lord must try to save other alchoholics. When we are saved we get equipments of the Holyspirit to save others, it is a package or passing on faith. Every parent by default a witness of God’s love to their Spouse and Children. This is the first responsibilty of every Christian to witness their own family first along with their freinds and Neighbours.If our spouse or Children are still in darkness then it is a indication that we must witness them in to fullness of God’s love and forgiveness than running from one preacher to another to pray over them and expect a miracle. We must pray for our families and Witness Jesus love to them. They must see our actions and be transformed in God’s love.

We must fight for God’s right on every heart first than fighting for other rights, when God is in our heart all the other systems of this earth and Heaven fall in place automaticaly.

Meeting God in our daily life.

No person has seen God face to face because God is a Spirit. Moses is the only person who visited Yahweh on Mount Sinai and spoke to him face to face. We do not have any reference , how God looked like or his shape, height, weight , sex so on. All Prophets , Scripture Writers , Kings , saints saw God in visions or in imagination. The Word of God communicated to humans either through an inspiration or through a supernatural imagination. Prayer or talking to God is the only way of communication between Man and God. The Ten Commandments written on the stone tablets were written by a finger of God. God spoke either through a cloud or through a pillar of fire or through a dove. God uses various natural signs and symbols to communicate with Man.

Relationship with God’s Spirit is possible only through talking to God in Spirit. Moses must have met God in Mount Sinai in Spirit and not in a Human form because God did not reveal himself until God became man in the human form of Jesus. When Jesus resurected in a Divine Human Body, Jesus did not remain in this World but ascended in to Heaven in his Divine Human Body. Jesus is seated at the right hand of God in the glorified divine human body.

Jesus is consumed in the form of Eucharist is again is a form of unification in talking to God. When we communicate with his Spirit we unite ourselves with him in Spirit. We can see God only through talking to him through our Spirit. The spirit of God can be communicated only through our Spirit . Jesus ascended in to Heaven and formed his mystical body on this Earth the Church through descending the Holyspirit.

The people of God or the Church or the people who possess the Holyspirit is the visible face of God on this Earth. The people who believe in Jesus Christ is the mystical body of Christ on this Earth. Jesus came in to this World to create a channel of Communication between Man and God. This reconciliation or Cavanent united Man with God through his cross and resurection.

1.We can meet God through praying in Spirit.

Praying in Spirit does not mean praying in tongues. Praying in Tongues connects us to God’s Spirit but we need to go further in communication with the Spirit. The Human Spirit starts communicating with the inspiration of the Holyspirit to the Spirit of God and God’s Spirit responds to the Human Spirit . This entire communication is mediated by the Holyspirit either to communicate or to receive or understand. This is an art of communication with God. This is called Prayer in general terms in Catechism but Prayer does not mean one way communication but it is a dialogue. We must talk to him in spirit and God talks to us in Spirit. God spoke to the Prophets and saints but God speaks to us daily in our communication with him for our life and life of others. This communication is called our daily relationship with him in talking and listening to him. In this communication we can pour our love and concerns to him and he will pour his love and his plans and solutions to us. If we are a good listener, God reveals great mysteries of the Kingdom of God which we are not able to understand unless we are in the inluence of the Holyspirit. Holyspirit makes our communication easy to undedstand and apply in our lives

2.We can meet God through the Scriptures.

Scriptures are the Word of God spoken to people of God.

When we reflect upon the Word of God spoken to various people in the History , the Word of God becomes alive in it’s message and merit but we must understand it and reflect through the inspiration of the Holyspirit .The normal reflection give us only literary and Intellectual insights but when reflected through the Holyspirit , it takes us to the same insights of the writer who had received this Word of God in his encounter with God. Meeting God with Scriptures is the best connectivity to begin our communication but we can not stuck to the original message of the Word of God but must go beyond the message .Once we encounter God’s spirit we must communicate with him for fresh insights. In this case the written Scriptures become the signs or lighthouse to show the direction and not the Word of God in it’s written form.

3.We can meet God through Eucharist.Though Eucharist is a Sacrament, it has been instituted mainly to comminicate and get united sacramentaly. The unique nature of the Eucharist which is getting united with the Lord in his Body and Blood in the Eucharist and adoration takes us in to the mighty presence of God. This is the best way of communicating with our God without any confusion or art of communication. This is a great gift of Jesus given to his followers to get united with him in his Body and Blood. This is to show that Jesus not only living in Spirit but also in his mystical Body and Blood. Also to show that he is a living and Resurected God who lives among us in our daily Banquets and thanksgiving, sharing his Body and Blood which he offered on the Cross.

4.We can meet God in the Community. Jesus has formed the Church by the descending of the Holyspirit upon the Church. We must communicate with the mystical body of Christ as Christ himself. The fellowship with the people of God is fellowship with Jesus himself. When we communicate with the body of Christ we get united to Christ himself and we are connected or united through out the time with Christ himself and filled with the Holyspirit. Again when we are with our Brothers and Sisters, we must be spiritual beings or spirit led people otherwise our interaction remains mere human and does not connect with Christ. We must ask the Holyspirit to connect us to the spirit of our Brother and Sister in our daily interaction and activity. When we live in these Communities on this Earth, God becomes our everything and rest all becomes secondory.

Emmanuel God us with us…


The Christian Faith is plain and Simple but we have made it Complicated…

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King

Today‘s Readings:

2 Samuel 5:1-3

Ps 122:1-5

Colossians 1:12-20

Luke 23:35-43
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”
He replied to him,
“Amen, I say to you,
today you will be with me in Paradise.”
The Son of God the second person of the Trinity , became man to bring Salvatiion to the whole World. The Salvation was promised through Christ the Savoiur and King of Heaven and Earth through Prophets and the Scriptures. The whole Creation was awaiting for this Savoiur or Christ or the King to save them from the Oppression of Evil and bring Justice and Peace in this World. Jesus born of Mary claimed he is the Christ and did mighty miracles and taught a way of life which did not exist from the beginning of Creation.

People imagined the Kingship of the Savoiur King as of like their ancestor David who was an earthly King but was a resemblance of the Christ the King. The Salvation work began through the anointing of David as King of Jews. Jews even today expect a Saviour King to come in to this World like David to save them from every Oppression and bring Justice and Peace.

Jesus was the promised Messiah who was a servant King. The teaching of a setvant King never existed in the history of Mankind. Jesus taught that Messiah, the Christ the King must suffer and die to bring Salvation for the atonement of Sins of the whole World. The Jews could not understand this truth and were expecting a Worldly King like David and remove them from the oppression of Romans. Jesus was the King of Truth which even Pontius Pilate could understand while sentencing Jesus to death. The servant King or King of truth is in loosing you gain and not gaining you win. This Christian truth is still not understood by the followers of Christ till today. The forceful conversion by the Kings in to Christianity or polarisation or incentive convertion or convertion by advertising and using worldly sales and advertising methods are just the opposite of what Jesus taught as a servant King.

Christianity is not in ascending order but in descending order of the Worldly standards. The early Christians were tortured and put to death but more they were persecuted more people believed in Jesus due to their martyrdom or witness to the truth. The first five Centuries Christians came in to faith just by witness to servanthood and truth and not by force or by intellectual arguements of the philosophers and theologeans. The World noticed maximum Christians in this limited time before Muslim Aggression of forceful convertion made the number of Christians less due to lack of witnessing but fighting through Crusades. Jesus could have fought a Crusade but he preferred to die on the Cross because his Kingdom was not of this World but of Peace and Truth. StFrancis Assisi opposed the Crusades and became a great witness even to the Muslims and won many converts to Christianity.

Jesus is a Servant King and every follower of Christ is a servant of his brother or sister. If someone does not possess this virtue then he or she is not worthy to become the desciple of Christ but only by name or birh Christians which does not take them to the Paradise.

The good robber understood the Servant and suffering King and accepted his kingship by offering or acknowledging his sinfulness or weakness to the Master Cross and in a fraction of a second he was saved due to his transformation from Being sinful in to the mercy of the Savour King. The faith in Savoiur is simple like a Good Robber but we have made it so much complicated with our reasoning and ideas of this World that we are search of Salvation in these Worldly ideologies and possession but on the Contrary loose Salvation in the rat race of Success and gain.

God’s Love is the Centre of our lives.

says the LORD of hosts.
But for you who fear my name, there will arise
the sun of justice with its healing rays.
Today‘s Readings:

Malachi 3:19-20a

Ps 98:5-9

2 Thessalonians 3:7-12

Luke 21:5-19
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

The fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom. The Wisdom of the Holyspirit comes from God alone. All people have God’s image and likeness in them but we do not follow or act or resemble this image of God’s love in our lives. God wants every human to live in love and Justice and nothing else. The worldly prosperity, achievements , responsibilities must be acheived through love and Justice. All our duties done without love of God is a waste and selfish in nature. All these selfish works will vanish on the day of judgement.

The outwardly rituals done in obligation without God’s love will vanish and have no effect at all before the eyes of God. These kind of sacrifices or Sacraments done does not purify us and bring closer to God but makes us selfish and proud.

For the people who love God in their works and lives , God becomes their Justice, healing and vindication. The poor people who can not fight the battle of Justice in Courts or can not afford expensive treatments in the Hispital , God himself comes through Wisdom and rays of healing to these people and bring justice and healing. The Proud and selfish people who only depend upon the riches of the World will be burnt in the fiery rays of God’s anger and vindication.

We see some people do God’s Work in idleness, idleness makes people lazy and takes them to comfort zone. If people do God’s Work in comfort zone , they do not serve God but themselves. These kind of people do not possess the love of God but work for themselves in the pretext of God’s Work. They are like Pharasees of Jesus time, following all external rituals of perfectionism but internaly missing the love and compassion in their heart. St.Paul was the perfect example to these people who was minding his own duties by earning his daily bread and not burdening others with alms and charity. When we live on alms and charity for our daily living , it is a sign of our convenience or living in a comfort zone. Alms and Charity must be given to the poor and disabled who are not able to earn their daily bread and not to people who do God’s Work. Sadly people give more alms to the people who are engaged in God’s administrative Work and not to the real poor people. Due to this the administrative people possess worldly richness and loose the sense of poverty and live in luxury. God’s Work must be done in charity and service then only it has the love of God otherwise it is like any other profession. Tithing has been done to carry on the Work of God and Evangelisation . The Work of God is to love the poor and downtrodden like Mother Theresa did in her life. The Brothers and Sisters in Mother Theresa’s Destutute for the poor are real examples of God’s love. Divine Retreat Centres all over the World work for the Evangelisation to the poor in Spirit are one more example of God’s love in Proclaiming the Gospel of Love.

The Salvation plan is a complete life package in this World

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time
November 3, 2019

Today’s Readings:Wisdom 11:22–12:2
Psalm 145:1-2,8-11,13,14
2 Thessalonians 1:11–2:2
Luke 19:1-10
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

We always pray for you,
that our God may make you worthy of his calling
and powerfully bring to fulfillment every good purpose
and every effort of faith,
that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you,
and you in him,
in accord with the grace of our God and Lord Jesus Christ.

God chose Abraham due to his faith in him and promised the Salvation through Israel. All those who put their trust in Jesus are made right with God and the promise of salvation promised to Abraham to bring all nations under one shepherd is fulfilled through Jesus Christ.  We are called to be right with God through our faith in Jesus Christ our  Savior. The word Salvation is beyond our understanding because the Work of salvation was started before the Creation or before the things which had to be saved  and continues even after we encounter our savior in fullness of his work of Salvation in us and through us in him.

God not only calls people to become his children but also makes them worthy to become his children.  After we are made his children we are commissioned with the authority and power to fulfill the purpose of our calling with all the gifts and riches of his glory. When Jesus is glorified through our life , we are automatically escalated or glorified in him. This is our calling that we are made worthy for the promises of Christ.

If we have experienced the love of Christ , it must grow like a plant grows every day and  become a tree and produce all kind of good flowers or fruit’s . God provides the manure, water, and protects the tree from sickness. The only one thing he expect  us  to do is to  put our faith in his mercy and love in all  things we do and completely deny ourselves and  stop relying on worldly things and evil desires and be in  neutral gear in our life so he can freely drive our life.

The Salvation is not one time activity or experience but a life long process which ends at the crown of glory in Heaven. In this process of purification of our soul , the spirit constantly teaches, purifies our thoughts and motives and reveals us the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. We must live our Salvation in tremble and fear because the Creator of Heaven and Universe lives in our heart as a guest , he is our destiny so speed or always busy life or drawing  high goals in our life is foolishness because he is our destiny, goal and eternal life. If we live his life , he will live our life on this Earth.  If we have a plan as per our mind, we must discard that plan and concentrate on the reality of our life despite of the nature of life by fully relying on his mercy and love in all things. When we live this kind of life the Spirit of God takes complete control of our life and leads our life in his fullness with Glory and might. This is the real walk in the Salvation Plan .


The pilgrim Church saves souls beginning from Earth and ends in Heaven

November 2 , 2019

All Souls Day

Wisdom 3:1-9
Psalm 23:1-6
Romans 5:5-11 or Romans 6:3-9
John 6:37-40

The souls of the just are in the hand of God,
and no torment shall touch them.

Church remembers today all departed souls of this World. When we say all , people who lived a good life and so good life. Today’s readings  say  the souls  of only the  just in the hand of God. What happens to the unjust souls who have not believed in the justice of God and died in their own understanding of life.  As per the Church teaching Purgatory is a place of purification of the souls. There is pain and suffering  in the purification. This pain is greater than the suffering of this World for sure, because when we suffer in this World our body , mind and Spirit , share the suffering and moreover in the world we are not aware of the real meaning of suffering and why we are suffering . In the Purgatory the soul understands the meaning of suffering and  come to know why they are suffering because they see God much more closer than Human being and experience the Heaven in more tangible and realistic manner.  The Church does not say that the people who have not accepted Jesus and die in Sin and absence of love go to Purgatory but those people who started the journey with Jesus and could not finish that journey in this World , gets an opportunity to complete it in Purgatory. So all people who have followed Jesus in Words or deeds , surely enter to Purgatory.

What happens to the souls who have not accepted Jesus or lived a life of Jesus on this Earth. Bible says these souls will go to the Custody  of Satan or to a place where Satan can claim these souls due to their loyalty to him while they lived their life on this Earth. The will of God is not to lose a single soul  or go to the eternal damnation. Jesus mission was to do the will of the Father, that is to save all the souls imparted to him by the Father. Now the confusion is if God’s will to save all souls and Jesus mission is to fulfill God’s will , how can the souls can go to hell? God can not fail or Jesus can not fail to save souls.

God’s spirit is humble and meek who is so much gentle , every moment of our life pleads with our spirit , mind and body to possess him and listen to his inspiration. The spirit of God waiting on the door of our heart through out our life till our death.  If we have rejected him completely through out our life listening to our own self and Evil till our death and died in the absence of his presence then the Spirit of God remains outside of our life.  After our death , we do not have free will or the body to respond to the Spirit of God and hence can not invite him in the soul. These souls can not enter presence of God or even Purgatory because there is nothing purge out from these souls because they have been completely in darkness .  The evangelisation  can not work with these people because  they have been destined for eternal damnation. Their works are fully evil and destruction like people of Sodom and Gomorrah not even one percent of goodness exist among them.

Love is the image of God in this earth, people who live in love despite of their religion or background live in deeds of Jesus. They must not have received the baptism in Jesus name but they have lived the Be attitudes of Jesus by listening to the spirit of God in their heart. These people will go to Purgatory to be purged all those things which have blocked them from the fullness of the Spirit.

As per my personal reflection only few people who have been condemned from the beginning of the foundation of the Earth ,  who are destined to part take with Evil or to be with Evil will go to Hell. But all God’s elect who have been chosen by God in love before the foundation of the World to be saved , will go to the presence of God or Purgatory  because this is the Will of God our Father and the mission of Jesus to save all souls handed over to him by the Father and he can not fail in his mission.

The mystery of saving souls is beyond our imagination , the pilgrim church continues it’s work of saving souls in Heaven as well. Purgatory and intercession of saints with Jesus himself seated at the right of the Father with Mother Mary at his side interceding to the Father for his mercy towards all souls. This is the reason we must intercede for the saving of Souls on Earth and Purgatory. This is real evangelisation which Theresa of little flower did her  life and got awarded the title of doctor of doctors despite she spent her entire life inside the Convent and became a patron saint of Missionaries.


Today is the Day of Reward for all those who won the race of faith & mercy of God.

Solemnity of All Saints
November 1, 2019

Today’s Readings:Revelations 7:2-4, 9-14
Ps 24:1-6
1 John 3:1-3
Matthew 5:1-12a
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

“Do not damage the land or the sea or the trees
until we put the seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.”


There is not a single person on this World who wants to do wrong intentionally  but want to be right in their life. The struggle to do right and wrong is our decision because every human has been created in free will. There are two ways to fight this struggle , one with our wisdom  and second with the wisdom of God.  If we choose the first way of life, all the ideologies and Religions of the World, a disciplined life ,Education , good works  and all possible good life styles of the World fall in these category because all these ways teach us do things as per human wisdom.

There is a second way of life , where we rely upon the Wisdom of God , we call this Wisdom as Holy spirit, Voice of our soul , Salvation , Word of God , the Church  so on. In the second way  the reliance  is on God’s Wisdom . There are two  ways  in the second way of reliance on God ,one is the voice of God and second is the promise of the Salvation and all the benefits.  The voice of God or voice of the spirit is the permanent inbuilt Salvation plan built in every human being , this voice of God has been corrupted due to the Evil and worldly voices, and human is confused between the voice of God and other voices .

God gave a checklist the commandments through Prophets to check the voices but these checklist made humans more confused because people started taking this checklist to comparing the other voices and manipulated the checklist and man became more confused and lost  the complete track of truth.

During this confusion God revealed the Salvation plan , the Jesus Christ who came in to this World and took all our confusion and consequences of our confusion  upon himself and gave new and high tech solution that those who believe in him will be saved from all confusion and consequences of all wrong doings and  promised of the fresh anointing of the spirit of God in our heart with a clear voice of his spirit.

Jesus gave us a fresh checklist to check the authenticity of the fresh voice of the spirit  because  man was not listening to the Spirit at every moment of their life.  This checklist is called the Be attitudes. Be-attitudes give us a picture of God’s people on Earth or signs of God’s people. These signs indicate that we are in a right direction.  We need the voice of the Spirit and signs of Be attitudes to lead our life , in ears of faith we must listen to the voice of the spirit and in eyes of faith we must see the signs of the Be-attitudes.

Be attitudes of Jesus are the vocation of our life , we will be judged and rewarded based on the Be attitudes . Man has been created to live a life of Be-attitudes. Be attitudes teach us only one thing in life, to rely upon the mercy and love of God and not to rely upon our self , World or Evil.  Man can not live a righteous life through his Wisdom but must rely upon Jesus the master of Mercy and grace . This is the reason we say Jesus is the only way to Heaven because other ways of life lead man to the wrong destination of life.

God is merciful and want to save everybody on this Earth and put his mark of Salvation on our foreheads so that no one is lost on this Earth. God has his saving ways and Jesus did not come to condemn any person on this Earth but to save everyone , we as children of the same Father must try to save souls on this Earth by proclaiming message of salvation. The more we do , we hasten the Kingdom of God on this Earth.

All  Saints Day is a rewarding Ceremony in Heavenly realm    who have lived the Be attitudes and died for those Be attitudes. It is great day of Salvation and Victory against Evil and all his works. We must see the Devil falling down from heaven to the damnation on this day. All the claims of the Satan proved wrong and he has been thrown out of the presence of God.