A Christian is a part of Physical Body of Christ.

Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ
June 23, 2019

Today’s Readings:

Genesis 14:18-20
Ps 110:1-4
1 Corinthians 11:23-26
Luke 9:11b-17
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

The Plan of Salvation is to create a New Creation in Jesus Christ in love. Jesus the second person of Trinity becomes man and dies for the sins of the mankind and resurects by the power of the Holyspirit. The work of Salvation is not complete with resurection, it is over only from God’s side but the real implementation starts on the day of Pentecost. Jesus ascends in to heaven with the resurected human body and unites with the Holytrinity.

Jesus connects every human Body with the Holytrinity on the day he Ascended in to heaven to receive his position as second person of Trinity. Jesus was received in Human Body as the second person of Trinity and united the whole mankind to the power of God. This process passes the power of God on the day of Pentecost, all those united with Jesus and automaticaly receive the power from the Trinity and fill with the Holyspirit.

This activity is not of the past but every time a human unites with Jesus , he or she receives the power and fills with the Holyspirit. This is the act of Salvation for which every man or woman created on this Earth to unite with God in body, mind and Spirit and become a new Creation in Christ.

Jesus knew he can unite people in one Spirit by pouring out the Holyspirit but he could not be physicaly present to be united with one body. The Corpus Christi or Holy Eucharistic is the process of uniting Human Body in to the Body of Christ by becoming one flesh and one Blood.

In the Holy Eucharist the body of Christ or the Community or Church comes together in mind , body and spirit and Jesus transforms himself in to body and blood and unites with his extended body the Church. This is the time , the heaven unites the Earth and humanity becomes divine and divinity becomes human.

Transsubstancian is nothing but Jesus transforming himself in to a human body and blood. This activity happens when we unite with him by remembering his Commandment of love. God does not have time , God directs the Salvation once for all but we take part in the Solemn Sacrifice every time we celebrate the Eucharist in thanksgiving.

Corpus Christi , the Holy Eucharist is also is a celebratiin of Pentecost, the time we are united with the Physical Body and Blood of Jesus , we by default become the part of Holytrinity and the power and gifts passes to our body, mind and spirit through Holyspirit and the People become a new Creation in Christ through the power of the Holyspirit. This is New Heaven and New Earth , the Purpose of every human Vocation on this Earth, the plan of Salvation.

When we celebrate the great act of Salvation in unworthy manner or as a formality or as routine Sacrament , it is an insult to our own Vocation and sin against the Holyspirit. When we are not Worthy , Church gives us the Blessed Sacrament , so that we may repent and purify ourself in the presence of his human Body and accept him physical in the form of Holy Eucharist to become one with him.

Self Righteousness is not God’s Righteousness

Wednesday of the 11th Week in Ordinary Time
June 19 Wednesday

Today‘s Readings:

2 Corinthians 9:6-11
Ps 112:1b-4, 9
Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Jesus said to his disciples:
“Take care not to perform righteous deeds
in order that people may see them;
otherwise, you will have no recompense from your heavenly Father.

When I met Jesus for the first time , I was so careful in my actions that I may not hurt Jesus in every small things of my life. Freinds and family of mine gave me many names but I knew by doing this the joy and peace and consolation which I was receiving from the Lord was abundant and he was faithful in every area of my life.

As I was growing in my spiritual life, the first love started fading without my knowledge but some kind of self righteous behaviour started developing in me. I was doing same things like before, but at first I was doing it for love of the Lord but later I was doing it to become righteous and holy.

When we focus our life on Jesus and live for him , our righteousness or holiness becomes his righteousness or his holiness but when we focus our life to ourself and try to copy him or his words literally like a Worldly model then our righteousness turns out to be a false righteousness or self righteousness. This is the reason we repeat prayers, bye heart the Scriptures, increase our alms exactly as per the writren Word of God, fast meticulously, attend Mass, bury the dead so on.

God looks at our heart and not what we have done in action. If we have done all the above in the love of God and our Neighbour , then the Lord will reward us in hundred fold. But if we have done these things to become self righteous or ritualistic or on compulsion or as an obligation or formality then we will not be compensated..because Compensation is given to a person who has lost something and not for the person who invested his talents to add more for his selfishness.

The ways of the Kingdom of God are not in ascending order but in a descending order, if someone wants to gain ,will lose his life but if someoone loses something for the Kingdom of God will be compensated in measure he has sown or lost for the God’s love. It is strange but it is a fact , the entire Bible or life of Saints is the testimony of losing oneself and gaining the Kingdom of God.

I always sing the folliwing song when I am a complete failure and lost in this Worldly life.

Lose yourself in me and you will find yourself
Lose yourself in me and you will find new life
Lose yourself in me and you will find yourself
And you will live, yes you will live in my heart.

God Loves All so that All may love like him.

Tuesday of the 11th Week in Ordinary Time
June 18, 2019

Today‘s Readings:

2 Corinthians 8:1-9
Ps 146:1b-9a
Matthew 5:43-48
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

As per today’s Gospel reading God loves equaly every one and does not looks at his status of holiness or actions. We think God loves those who are good people, and try to be good so that God will be pleased with us and invite us to live with him forever. Why God loves dictators, abusers of Children, Murderers of weak people and persecutors of our priests and church the body of Christ.

God knows all these sinners do not do things knowingly but under the influence of Evil.These people are sick with a sickness called SIN. When God blesses these people , these very sinners experience the love and mercy of God and change their life. We have many examples in the history of the Church, St.Augustine &St Paul were among these category. If God do not take any offence upon tge evil doers or our so called enemies, why do we need to have enemity on these people. Jesus says in the Gospel love your enemies and bless or pray for our persecutors. Today’s reading gives a new dimension to the approach of Christian life. This teaching is the paramount and foundation of Christianity or Christian love. Christian love is God’s love , it has only one way and that is giving or forgiving or loving without any conditions or limit.

The human love is not God’s love or Christian love at all. All animals also show this type of love. We humans need to be something better than these animals. The animals do not forgive but snatch and fight for their catch. The people who do not believe God also do not care about divorce or Abortion or the gift if life. The Non beluevers believe in their God and way of life but none of them love one another in God’s love.

We can call in Worldly point of view God’s love as stupid love, it does not make any sense, no logic and no reasoning or a sign of weakness. But for people who live in this love, it becomes their power and satisfaction of life. They do not expect anything more than to embrace this love and share this love with one another. This very power or peace is God himself.

Whoever embraces this love , resembles God’s image in this World to be perfected in the image of God.

Common Truths of the World lead us to the Eternal Truth – Jesus.

Epiphony – Revelation

Human Desire to seek God is Natural because all humans are created in a Human Conscious which always draws a person towards God. When we say Human , they can be anybody , so God’s Spirit is constant and Spontaneous for those desire God.

Jesus is Love and truth, those who seek love and truth despite of their religion, Caste, Colour, language, class , status , sinfulness , Nationality , God reveals them a Bright star of common truth in their own beliefe and leads them to Jesus.

The Spirit of truth transform these people in the Name of the Father , Son and the Holyspirit and inspire them to live the Beatitudes of Jesus. These people are under cover Christians on this Earth. They do the Will of God without knowing the Historical Jesus and his written teachings but inspired by the Spirit of Truth , Jesus himself.

This is the reason we can not understand God’s ways of Salvation. Jesus died for the Whole World. Jesus infact did not form a Church but the followers of Christ identified themselves as Christians. This identification was followed by only those people who listened to the preaching or life of Jesus. But Jesus did not reveal to people who could only see and listen but even to deaf, dumb and mentaly challenged people as well. God reveals himself first and foremost in the Human Concience, which every human listen according their own will and understanding.

The Epiphony or story of three Wisemen was not a chance or coincident. Holyspirit inspired the Gospel writers to tell the story to the whole World that Jesus is not only the God of Jews or Christians but of the whole World.

The feast motivates us to seek, believe and Worship our Lord. Jesus’s Universal Kingship manifested on this feast of Epiphony through the Kingly gifts of Gold, Incence and Myrh.

The Epiphony is giving us a message to Enhance or Elevate the Ecumanical and inter religious Common truths and goodness. Moreover the result of the Christian living has been answered through the Beattitudes of Jesus.

We must enhance the Common truth and goodness of other beliefes and deminish the darkness of Evil in the Common good of the Whole World.

St.Paul understands this truth and receives a great Revelation and lives and eats with the Pagans like pagans and does not condemn their superstitious believes but uplifts the goodness in them and introduces the source of that goodness Jesus Christ.Jesus did not condemn anybody but loved them in God’s love.

We see many Christian missionaries working in the tribal areas do the same . They have adopted their Cultures and traditions as part of the Church and given a new meaning and name through Jesus.

For Example , there us culture among on of the Non Religious Community , the bride wears a Black Beads Neck lace to bind in the marriage, just like Western Culture of exchanging rings, when they were converted to Christianity the church kept the tradition as it is but added a Cross on the Necklace. To be very frank the tradition of wearing a black beads Necklace is superstitious. The meaning is to protect the bride from the Evil lustful Eyes of other men. The beliefe is black colour protects the bride from Evil. There is a mythology behind these practices. Jesus Creator of Heaven, Earth , Man and even Evil and has power to deminish the darkness. When Jesus gives new name and memaning to the same Old Evil name and meaning , the whole purpose changes in to God’s purpose.

Our Evangelusation must focus on love and not hatred, Mother Theresa did not evangelise to Baptise people but converted them in to people of love, truth and self dignity. Mother Theresa Care Homes have Worship places for all religions but we see all the people are crowded in the Chapel of Mother Theresa and many of them want to be Baptised through their transforming Experience of God’s love in the Human form. Divine Retreat Centres all over the World have people serving as Volunteers of all faith with Jesus experience in their life or some of them are just want to understand the meaning of their life.We need these kind of Evangelization Centres more and more, where Jesus is proclaimed as he is to the World in love and truth.