Gifts & Fruites of the Holyspirit

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Release of the Holyspirit

When Paul asked the first Baptised Christians, Have you received the Holyspirit? They replied we have not even heard about the Holyspirit. Though they were Baptised and listened to the Gospel, they did not experience the Holyspirit. This can happen in our lives as well, though we are Baptised and received the Sacraments of iniciation , we may not feel the power of God in our life. When we attend special retreats of Renewal and repent for our sins and forgive others and prayed over by the anointed people, the Holyspirit is released instantly with all gifts and Charisms. The life of the very infant Baptised people changed for life time. The sicknesses are healed instantly and Bondages are broken . When we accept Jesus in our free Will with Repentence and forgiveness the grace is released to the Body and soul. This grace brings healing, deliverance and transformation.

If we do not release the grace , we become powerless and weak Christians. At the time of temptations, a powerless week Christian falls in to temptation because he is carnal and fighting with evil unseen force. We need supernatural power to fight the Evil. Holyspirit is the love of God to his Children. When we are filled with the Gifts and Fruites of the Holyspirit, we become power Christians. It is like Spirit of God walking or living on this Earth. When we believe in Jesus and Repent & forgive others , a gushing force of the love of God manifests our life. It is spontaneous because God’s mercy waiting to enter our life 24×7 365 days , we need to open the door of our heart by acknowledging that we have sinned against Jesus and ask for mercy. We need to acknowledge that we have sinned by our self will and offended God through immorality.

God has created us in free will because God has made us in his own image of love. God has trusted us fully by giving us full freedom to choose right and wrong.When we sin we mususe our freedom and betray God by corrupting the image of God the love. When we do any activity which is against love is SIN. This is the definition of Sin, so we need not to search for the list of Sins in Catechism book. Catechism lists some general and major offences seen in the general World. But what is important to understand in our life is that to identify those areas where love is missing and something else has taken it’s seat. When must ask forgiveness for inviting the Counterfeit of love in those areas and offset love.

Most of the Catholics still stick to the written Sins in the Catechism book but we offend God and our Neighbour literaly every moment or every minute of our life. Our entire life is full of SIN so we need transformation and not Confession. Confession is for the people who transformed and made Jesus or love in each and every area of their life. But for people who do not have transformation experience of Baptism, need to attend Jesus Encounter Retreat or Life in the Spirit Seminar in any Retreat Centres in the Season of Lent.

Life transformation experience is the Exoerience of Salvation and freedom in our life. When this happens all gifts , fruitea, Charisms, Virtuedms of God gush in to our life and we become the Children of God. We resemble God like and do the things God does who is love and wants his children to love. God empowers us with his power of love and teaches us to love and make us stewards of love to carry out his Business of love and mercy.