Repent and Pray for the fresh Anointing of the Holyspirit in 2019

One more New Year has aporoached and an old year has gone. The time comes and goes but the purpose of new time is a mystery. If we run short of time , that is the end of time and end of Age. The new time and a new day or a new year is a grace from God to change our life and be filled with his goodness. Man is trying his level best to run with the time but every time he fails miserably , it is not because he is not trying but because of the nature of time. Time and speed have no shape or specification and if a person tries to run behind the time , it is foolishness because no man on Earth have overtaken the time. If we see the Time Wheel of our life we may think we have succeeded in one of the Spikes of the Wheel but when we see overall , Our Balance Wheel of time has struck in one of the areas of our life and not moving forward at any direction. To overcome the time we need to be perfect in our life. No man on this Earth is perfect, if at all someone thinks he is a liar.

Man can not run against time, but We have Jesus who is the Author of time , gave us Holyspirit to supersede the Time. When we Repent & believe Jesus and get anointed with the Spirit of God , our journey ends on this Earth. By default we reach the end of time and Age and we leave behind all the Worldly Calender years much behind. Holyspirit is a Thriller who transform us in to Super Human beings in reality. Children may be watching movies on Super Human Beings or Aliens or Starwars but those who are filled with the Spirit of God move thousand of Ages in a moment of time. This is the real truth but how many believe in today’s World. People believe in the fiction stories which is a lie but no one wants to experience the reality the Holyspirit.

All people must experience the Holyspirit , the Spirit of Jesus and Almighty atleast once in their life. The Curiosity to know God’s Spirit must emerge in our young generation just like they want see new things and experiments in their life.

We call all the people who have experienced Jesus and lived in his Spirit to Repent on behalf of all the People who have not experienced the love of God and pray for the mighty anointing of the Holyspirit.

When spirit filled people pray in faith and Sacrifice , the face of the Earth will change. This is the work of the Holyspirit who transform the People, Church, Companies, Socities, Nations in to a place of love and Charity. Repent & Pray..

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