Worldly meaning of Love is Caring & Sacrifice.We can see this love all over the World. The intensive example of caring love is love of a Mother. Mother’s sacrifice their life in upbringing & caring their Children. Animals also Sacrifice their life and take care of their little ones. All families also sacrifice their life and take care of their Children well.I do not see much difference in Animals and Humans. Animals leave their partners and go after other Animals, Humans also do the same things. Animal young cubs leave their parents and live on their own and Human youth also do the same.Is there any difference between these two type of Animals? Frankly speaking, looking at the nature , we do not see much difference. Then what is in Human so special? Is it because he dominates the nature & other people with force and power?

In the beginning Human was resembling in the image of God. But as SIN and disobedience matured the image of God suppressed under the selfishness. Human was created in the image of God , and the image of God is love. God is love. Man has lost the image of God and turned in to a rational Animal. This is the reason we can not see much difference in Animal love and Human love.

Human himself is love because he was created in the image of love. But Human lost his nature and became an Animal. We see the love of the Human Mother is a love of a Rational Animal, just like love of the mother of Animals.

Human love is Christian love because human was created in the image of God’s Word , who was God, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ the Word was with the humans through out the history of Salvation. Finaly the Word became flesh and recreated the humans, all humans ( not only Christians) in the image of God or the love of God.

Then what is this image or love of God. Love of God is the Holyspirit. A person who is born of the Holyspirit or image of Jesus or love of God is a true human being, we call them Christian. Jesus was anointed with the Holyspirit at the day of Pentecost and every person who was believing Jesus automaticaly anointed with the Holyspirit. There were many zealous Scribes and Pharisees who were priests and High Priests but they were not anointed on the day of Pentecost, only Mother Mary, Apostles and the desciples of Jesus.

Christian love is God’s love, every person who truly gets connected to the Master Switchboard Jesus receives Holyspirit in their life. When we receive the Holyspirit , we change from our Animal instinct to human nature. We shine like God himself because God’s power is in us or God himself lives in us.

A person who has not experienced the Holyspirit in his life, can not say he is living in love. Christian love is beyond Sacrifice , Caring or giving but living in the presence of God. To live in the inspiration of the Holyspirit is living in love. Holyspirit is love, joy, peace, gentle, humble, patient, desciplined, Kind, goodness & faithfulness. Holyspirit is beyond human interpretation of love because he is God himself.

It is impossible to forgive our enemies through our self will unless it is inspired by the Holyspirit. When we love a person through the Holyspirit , we reflect Jesus to that person. Mother Theresa loved the poor and sick through the power of the Holyspirit and they saw Jesus in her and she saw Jesus in them. This is Receipe of Ultimate love of God the Holyspirit more precious than the whole World a free gift from God.

The love of God the Holyspirit opens the eyes of faith in a person and reveals the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. The love of God spreads light on the Word of God and we see Jesus speaking to us through these words.There is no powerful thing on this Earth than the love of God.

The families must live in the love of God.Parents must share the love of God to their Children by loving them in the inspiration of the Holyspirit. The pampering love is a selfish love, which a animal does to her cubs. This love is basicaly done for pets. We need to differentiate the love of pets and our children.When we witness our Spouse, Children, Mother, Father, Freinds in God’s love by forgiving, gentle, patient,joyful,peaceful, faithful, kind, good and desciplined then we can say that our love is routed in the Holyspirit. Our Children will see Jesus in us and we in them.Many parents complain about Children that they do not pray, do not go to church but if you witness them,your home will be teansformed in to a living church of God.

These are the Beatitudes Jesus wants us to live on this Earth , our Vocation or our calling to be true Humans of love on this Earth.This is the Destination of the Salvation plan to live in God’s love Father, Son and the Holyspirit a petfect Holyfamily living in us.

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