After the resurection of Jesus , Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene and to two of his desciples on the way to Emmaus but both of his appearance were not recognisible to his close desciples. The Resurected Body of Jesus had Divine & Human spiritual nature , it had human and spiritual properties and not subject to time and space. This is the reason his Body was just like a human body. After his resurection for forty days ,Jesus lived like any other human being, eating and drinking and being with his desciples. After his death , Jesus body transended in to the body of thr First Adam who was created in the image and likeness of God. When Adam sinned he lost the image of God . When Jesus was incarnated as Man , Jesus was made in the fallen image of God. Jesus had to give up his original image and live a life of a Sinner but without Sin.

At the Resurection Jesus was transformed in to the original image of Adam but not his original image of God. Jesus transformed the Curse of death by dying on the Cross and rising from his death in to a Divine Human Body.

Jesus did nit finish his complete plan of Salvation in resurection but removed man from the curse of death.

Jesus was glorified when he was ascended in to Heaven and got united to Abbah Father on Completion of his mission of Salvation. Jesus ascended in to Heaven in a glorified or honoured Human Body who was accepted by the Father in his glorified Human Body. Thus Jesus unites the entire mankind to the Holy Trinity by seated at the right hand of the Father to complete the construction of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Once the completion of his Work, Jesus will come again in his same human body upon this Earth .

Every follower of Jesus , who has renounced this World and Sin and flesh and accepted Jesus as his Saviour gets transformed with Jesus to the same Divine Human Body .They leave behind the time and space in faith and live the life of Jesus in faith and inspiration of the Holyspirit.

All Humans who believed in Jesus will rise again with their Human Body and ascend in to Heaven with their glorified bodies with Jesus Christ. All humans get united to the Holy trinity through Jesus Chrust.

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