Beatitudes are the qualities of person who has been saved from his Human nature of Sin and selfishness. The person who experience the saving action of Jesus Christ instantly renounces the World, Evil and Flesh and delights and lives for the Kingdom of God.

Beatitudes of Jesus are the Will of God or Vocation of God or the purpose of Man’s creation. Many people live in a fancy idea of heaven and the Will of God in their life. But the will of God or purpose of Man’s life on this Earth has been already revealed by Jesus through the teachings of Beatitudes.A follower of Jesus must check his life with the Beatitudes and understand the real truth of Divine life.

Beatitudes are not Worldly but Divine and only can be lived by the power of the Holyspirit or by God’s love. Every person who lives these Beatitudes gets a title Blessed on this Earth. The title Blessed was given to God alone but Jesus shares his title with who follow his teaching .

The Beatitudes are the Jesus translation of the Natural Law and the Ten Commandments. Whoever follows the Natural Law and the Ten Commandments must meet the Saviour Jesus Christ who transforms their understanding of the Law of Old and puts the new Law the Gospel of Beatitude. The purpose of Human life was given from the beginning of the Creation by creating the human in the image of God but the SIN and selfishness manipulated God’s goodness to a lie and fear. So a person who follows the Beatitudes of Jesus is confirmed to be in Heaven because Jesus gives them the Title Blessed which has been given to God or the Sons and Daughters of God.

As per my reflection a person who follows the fullness of truth of life who is Jesus himself meets the Salvation of their Soul unknowingly and follows the Beatitudes of Jesus. The person of Jesus need not be experienced only through Scriptures and traditions but also by listening to our Concience and the Parellel Gospel values which reflect in other ways of life.

The important fact of meeting the Saviour of our Soul Jesus is through the Word of God of the Past or Present or the Future. It is very unjust to say to the Non Baptised or an Athiests as unsaved or deserve hell becuse the Checklist of Beatitudes which alone reflect Heaven in this World. We must make an effort to seek the real image of Jesus which reflect only in the Beatitudes. So the Beatitudes become the Answers to the test of our Salvation, it is for us to check the test of our life and decide the merits of our life. If we pass tge test of life we are in the Kingdom but if we fail , it is a time reexamine our concience and retally our lives with the Beatitudes of Jesus.

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