Evangelisation is Witnessing Jesus in our life.


May 10 2018


Daily Readings


Daily Readings- Audio



but to wait for “the promise of the Father
about which you have heard me speak;
for John baptized with water,
but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.”


Todays reading focus on the proclamation and life of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is life in the Holy spirit. Jesus proclaimed the Gospel: Repent & Believe in Jesus. This Gospel was not something new but carried out from the Old testament & Prophets. Jesus fulfils his Physical mission on this earth and hands over this mission of Proclamation of the Gospel to his Disciples.

Jesus was not retired from his mission but creates a community of People and empowers them with the power of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, gives them a mission to proclaim the good news the Gospel  of truth.  Believing in the Gospel of truth saves people from the clutches of the Evil , World & Flesh. People who do not believe in the truth are liars because these people did not accept the truth but chose the darkness of this World by their own will. This is the reason they are condemned by themselves by refusing to believe in the truth.

Jesus is the truth and gives us spirit of truth the Holy Spirit. Those who believe in the Gospel are Baptised by the Holy Spirit , this is one activity . Faith opens the door to the love of the Father. The Baptism for infants is a process of the Church for people who are born in the Catholic Church and this Baptism followed by sacraments of reconciliation, Holy communion and confirmation. The parents nurture God’s love through faith in Jesus & his teachings and raise children in faith. If someone is baptised as an infant but parents do not bring them up in catholic faith, then this Baptism can be called a ritualistic ceremony but no faith or the Holy Spirit seen in these types of people.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit has been mis understood by many people, there is only Baptism for Christians, that is Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Some receive in advance and then grow in faith and its fullness, but some receive after they believe in Jesus.  The fullness of the Spirit is a process, it is a journey of life in the Holy spirit. What is important in our life is the beginning or the presence of the Holy Spirit. In the journey of life, if we stop walking in the steps of Jesus we will lose the Holy spirit and the Baptism will only remain in our names & Birth Certificates and not in the Book of life.

Evangelisation is continuing our Fathers Business, if we do not Evangelise then we are not faithful to our Father or to the Gospel. If we experience God’s love, we need to witness and testify that love to others. When we do this our Works will be accompanied with signs and Wonders.  The best evangelisation is to make our children a true disciple of Christ, we need not to go to the end of the Earth.  If we evangelise the whole World and absence of Jesus in our own Children, then we need to ask a question to ourselves how our own witnessing of Jesus love to our Children is.  In the family evangelisation is 90% in Witnessing and only 10% in Words and study.

If we do not have God’s love the Holy Spirit in our life, then it is better not to preach because we become bad ambassadors for Christ and this does not build the Church but harms the Church. We see many preachers and priests live a Bad life and preach God’s word to people who do not know Jesus. Mother Teresa did not preach but 100% Witnessed Jesus to the poor. These people saw Jesus in her and believed in Jesus. This is the best way of Evangelisation in today’s  World.


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